Congress Expresses Bipartisan Concerns About Surveillance, Juror Wanted More Laws So She Could Convict Zimmerman, Cuba Claims Arms Found in Ship Bound for North Korea: P.M. Links


  • Who is going to pitch a reality show about hunting drones?
    Source: A&E

    Top Obama Administration officials from the Justice Department and National Security Agency received tough questioning about the extent of their surveillance systems from members of both parties today at a House committee hearing. But will anything come of it?

  • One of the jurors in the George Zimmerman trial told CNN that she wants new laws that would have allowed her to convict him.
  • Cuba claims the weapons seized in the Panama Canal on a North Korea-bound ship were theirs. They are obsolete Soviet-era arms being sent to North Korea for repairs, allegedly.
  • The small town of Deer Trail, Colo., is considering an ordinance that would license bounty hunters to shoot down drones that intrude on its airspace.
  • Nelson Mandela's daughter says the man's health has improved dramatically and hopes he'll be home soon. He has been in a hospital for more than a month and turns 95 tomorrow.
  • A republic – if you can keep it. A poll has one-third of Americans saying the First Amendment goes too far. Last year the number was 13 percent.

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