What P.O.S. Politician is Complaining About Public Urination, Fare Jumpers, and the Kids These Days?


What P.O.S. politician said the following during a bitch session about the kids these days?

"It is not acceptable to equate vulgarity with modernity, sloppiness and negligence with progress…. Living in society entails, in the first place, accepting rules that preserve respect for decency and the rights of others."

Other horrible, horrible displays include:

— Graffiti and vandalizing of parks, monuments, trees and gardens.

— Loud music that disturbs neighbors' sleep.

— Fare evasion on public transportation.

— Children throwing rocks at cars and trains.

Hmm… who could it be?

Hint: It's probably not who you think it is.

The answer is after the jump:

It's the totalitarian world's answer to Keith Hefner: Raul Castro.

According to the AP, the 82-year-old wheezed

"All this takes place right in front of our noses without inciting public condemnation and confrontation," Castro said.

To his credit (I guess), Raul Castro also denounced official corruption (less money for the Castros) and dinged the continuing use of Cuban pesos, which are worth less but more abundant than toilet paper in the island prison.

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