A.M. Links: Morsi's Ouster Provokes Mixed Reactions, French Officials Are Really Snoopy Too, Prosecutors Release Video of Acquitted Cop Striking Teen


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  1. The U.S. government sent an arrest warrant for Edward Snowden to Ireland, on the off chance he passes through the country on his way to his final destination.

    The world, including Russia, is America’s bitch. That’s got to feel good for them.

    1. my co-worker’s half-sister makes $76 every hour on the computer. She has been out of work for 5 months but last month her pay was $18019 just working on the computer for a few hours. Here’s the site to read more…. http://www.cnn13.com

        1. You’re saying that to the bot in a $4,000 suit? C’mon!

          1. So this is the magic trick, huh?

            1. It’s an illusion. Tricks are what whores do for money. Or for candy

              1. Uh, where’s the twenty?

  2. the unemployment rate stayed at 7.6% vs. expectations that it would fall to 7.5%.

    I initially had expected it to fall to 6.8%; but my third revision was right on the money!

    1. I expected it to be worse than expected. Works every time. Well, unless there’s a presidential election next month, and a Democratic incumbent needs his ass saved.

      1. Whenever that ploy is invoked, think “So-called ‘experts’ fuck up again.”

    2. That’s okay, you can revise it back two months from now, when no one’s watching.

  3. That adds “Third Amendment” to the officers’ lifetime achievement list of constitutional violations.

    But police don’t look anything like soldiers!

    1. They tend to be fatter and bluer – but they make up for it by being quicker to use violence.

    2. Jesus. We used to joke about how at least we still had the 3A. FML.

    3. But police don’t look anything like soldiers!

      Nope, they sure don’t

  4. The Atlas of Prejudice is satire, but some day taxpayers’ dollars will be used to create one for realsies

    1. That’s great, ifh! Thanks!

      I suspect the “satire” could prove very useful to the traveler, like those guides that tell you about gestures that are insulting to certain nationalities.

      1. “gestures that are insulting to certain nationalities”

        Where can I get one of those.

        1. Let Cracked get you started.

        2. They were giving Frenchmen the two-fingered salute?

    2. Interesting that the Europe-by-Penis-Size graphic uses darker and darker browns to indicate larger and larger penises.

      1. I do hope the women here realize those measurements are in metric and not inches. We don’t need what few libertarian women we have in this country moving to Europe.

        1. I have it on good authority that bathing regularly is worth 5 cm.

    3. I love how practical the German one is. Gas is produced here. Gas travels through here. That’s what matters.

  5. The French government is creepy and intrusive?

    Mais oui!

    1. Being part of electing the first mixed-race leader of the free world was an electrifying experience,

      Stupid ****.

      This would be like IFH voting Labor at the last election only because their leader had a vulva.

      1. There are more single issue voters than you may think.

      2. But it was historic!

    2. Being part of electing the first mixed-race leader of the free world was an electrifying experience, and one I hope to tell my grandchildren about as many times as they will hear it.

      Science H. Logic!

      1. Because it is his world. We just live in it. The whole point of the 08 election was not to elect the best qualified person. It was to give douchebags like this guy the thrill of being part of history. We are all just actors in his personal drama.

        1. It was to give douchebags like this guy

          Woman of color, as she claims later in the article to be.

          1. My mistake. Douchebags like this woman of color then.

            1. Actually, you should read the article. She’s the classic liberal mugged by reality. You should be welcoming her with open arms. She actually read something by the other side (The American Conservative) identified with it, and decided to change.

              1. Wow. I will read it. After the cop story below, I need something to make me feel better.

              2. You should be welcoming her with open arms.

                Agreed. While her reason for voting for Obama was asinine, it took some critical thought to reach her conclusions. Good for her. Now if she’d only read some libertarian philosophy…

                1. The reasons that most people vote for anyone are asinine. Identity politics trumps reasoned decisions for 29 out of 30 voters.

            2. “Douchebags like this woman of color then.”

              Now you’re just being redundant.

              1. I don’t know what you mean by this, but it sounds pretty fucking racist.

                1. Anyone who identifies themselves by the term “woman of color”, rather than as, say, by ethnicity or nationality is a douchebag.

                  1. Okay. I was hoping you meant her word choice and not the fact that she’s, you know, a black woman.

                  2. I agree that the “person of color” thing is fucking stupid (what color? am I a person of white?). But I like to know at least one more thing about a person before deciding they are a douchebag.

                    1. That’s because you’re a fucking douchebag yourself and nant people to give you more slack on it.

        2. Wait, was there a decent candidate in 08? I mean yeah we had Ron Paul in the primaries but even as much as folks here would have liked him he has some serious foibles that would probably have made him a bad presidental choice.

          Outside of that as bad as Obama has been it is still entirely arguable that he was in fact the best choice from among a VERY bad lot.

      2. I hope to tell my grandchildren about as many times as they will hear it.

        And *they* hope you will change.

        1. I predict much yelling at her grandkids. “If you keep doing that with your eyes, they’ll get stuck like that!”

    3. As a woman of color, the Democratic Party is more of an inheritance than a choice.

      Whoa. I thought the Democratic Party was a *donkey*.

    4. Every president has been mixed race.

      One drop rule, right?

      1. Apparently the one drop rule is flexible; just ask George Zimmerman.

        1. Zimmerman has more white drops. That makes him guilty, no matter what the evidence says.

        2. No, no – the one drop rule applies to Zimmerman also. One drop of white means that you’re racist.

      2. Go back far enough, and we’re all African-Americans.

    5. I’m guessing I’m going to get a lot of horrified looks in the coming weeks and months when I tell people I’m a conservative. That statement does not go over well in a city as liberal as New York, but I can’t hide who I am.

      That’s a load of shit. I have plenty of friends- New Yorkers- who know me as a libertarian. I’ve never had people actually not want to hang out with me or meet with me or do business with me because of it.

      1. If nothing else, she’ll find out who her real friends are.

      2. Sampling bias, broheim.

      3. She was probably hanging out with an “everything is politics” crowd – normal people aren’t like that.

  6. Woman gets hit in head by frisbee; bitches to media about it.

    Sorry for the Google translate link; it’s not as if I speak Finnish well enough to translate the whole thing (and the comments) myself. Suffice it to say that the amount of “we have to punish somebody” butthurt over what was really a freak accident is saddening.

  7. Cops in Henderson, Nevada commandered private homes as lookout posts and arrested the residents when they objected.

    Not a bad deal if they washed my windows, I suppose.

    1. But they’ll confiscate all your porn.

  8. …St. Louis prosecutors released the footage to news organizations.

    Someone’s going to have an icy reception next time their office has to deal with city po-po.

    1. I doubt it. Releasing the video after the cop was acquitted and can’t be tried again is saying, “See what our boys can get away with because FYTW?”

  9. “Arab leaders are happy about Morsi’s ouster as president of Egypt, but the African Union is bent out of shape over the whole coup d’etat thing.”

    There simply are not enough words to detail the vasty size and massive weight of the irony in the AU’s butthurt.

  10. Is it bad that I half expected Obama to intervene and put Morsis back in office? You know because we just haven’t given the Egyptians enough reason to hate us and Obama never met an Islamic fascist he didn’t like.

    1. Nah. We’ll just keep the MilAid flowing so the canal stays open… While Cairo burns and Obama fiddles.

      1. And the Egyptians starve. Who would have thought that letting a bunch of religious fanatics take over a country that depends on tourism to keep from starving would turn out badly?

        1. Given that they were already importing several billion dollars worth of food… everyone? I’m not saying the US should do anything different, except follow their own guidelines on MilAid and cut it off until Congress has reviewed the new reality on the ground. Fuck it. Let them sort themselves out. I’m glad I got to see Cairo in 2010.

          1. I have never been. But I have known a fair number of people who have and who lived there. All of them loved it. As crowded and dirty and crazy as it is, there was something about it they loved.

          2. There were plenty of idiots around here, including a few of the Reason contributors, who thought that this revolution would be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

            1. Reason’s naivety about the Muslim Brotherhood was embarrassing.

            2. Sliced bread is an abomination before the Lord! Knives are for beheading infidels, not for cutting up bread.

              1. Sliced bread is an abomination before the Lord

                Apparently, AGW has been fucking the Egyptians since the fall of Carthage, because the Breadbasket of the Mediterranean during Alexander’s time wasn’t worth shit between the fall of the Roman Empire and the invention of the telegraph.

            3. Getting rid of tyrants is always worth the gamble.

              Egypt handled it right. That got rid of one, got another, got rid of him.

              If they keep it up until they get it right, good for them.

              1. Nothing wrong with getting rid of Mubarach. But Reason did a lot of pretending that the Muslim Brotherhood really wasn’t that bad, when it it was obvious they were horrible.

                1. Yeah, well to be fair – so did pretty much everyone else, especially our government and its ‘experts’.

                  You’d think the long string of screw-ups over the last decade would give these people some sort of humility when it comes to thinking about interfering in someone else’s revolution.

              2. Or even after they get it right – even good governments morph into tyranny if left in place long enough.

                1. even good governments morph into tyranny if left in place long enough.

                  Its almost like something Jefferson and Franklin warned about.

                  1. Something, something “Tree of Liberty periodically refreshed” something something.

                    1. Something, something “Tree of Liberty periodically refreshed” something something.

                      That and something something “if you can keep it”.

          3. Egypt is likely to get Saudi and other money, now that the Islamists are back out of power, so money from us won’t be as urgent for them.

            1. I think I read they were getting $8B from Qatar before. How much do they need if that wasn’t doing it?

    2. Given the close ties between the Egyptian Miitary and our Military I’m thinking that there are some folks in the Pentagon who would have put the kibosh on that idea

  11. It’s a stupid question, but… why was the video in the police beating case excluded?

    Was it an invasion of the cops’ privacy to show their images as they sat there in open court?

    1. The cops kept letting the teen suspect victim go, and then claiming they couldn’t find him to testify and authenticate the tape.

      1. I would think there would be other ways to do so. Some things speak for themselves. The video is one of those things. Let the jury decide if it is in fact the cops in question on the tape.

        1. Any technical reason they could find to not use this tape was going to be used.

          Come on, man, you know that.

          The judge tried to suppress the tape and prevents its release to the media, too. He just made a mistake in filling out the gag order.

          1. It is a put up job no doubt. In all seriousness, some things are self authenticating. If fluffy is on trial for murder and we stumble on a video tape of him committing the crime, the prosecution would not have to produce the guy who shot the video to get it in court. All they would need to do is get someone who knows fluffy and the victim can look at the tape and go “yeah that is fluffy shooting Joe alright.”.

            What a joke.

  12. France, unsurprisingly, turns out to have a program of Internet and phone surveillance, too.

    Can sneering be compressed to save database space?

  13. Vice Cry-Baby of the Week: A penis-biter vs will.i.am

    1. That is either complete horseshit or the Secretary of State just told the world the US will refuse to wage war in the future. You can’t wage war without collateral damage.

      I am thinking it is the former so I am not worried. If there is one thing you can trust these people to do is lie.

      1. Didn’t we nuke some kids a couple of times? And firebomb cities? I rather suspect killing kids is something we do intend to do, even if it’s not the reason we blow them up.

        1. It doesn’t matter really which it is but Kerry is appallingly stupid or appallingly dishonest or both.

          1. Wasn’t he supposed to be brilliant or something? What is it with the left always saying that about not-very-smart politicians?

            1. And they are obsessed with how everyone else is “compensating for something”. It never dawns on them that maybe their insistence that every single one of their politicians is brilliant might be compensating for something.

            2. He was smart enough to marry a lot of money. That appears to be about the extent of it.

              1. Free ketchup for life. Not a bad gig, really.

    2. Oh, John Kerry. The guy who lied about his own war experiences? I trust him.

      Seriously, he’s the worst SecState since… I dunno. Who was SecState during the SpanAm War?

      1. On the other hand, it allows me to dust off this gem from the 2004 elections.

      2. John Sherman, author of the Sherman anti-trust act.Though he was replaced as soon as the war started.

    3. Perhaps, the solution to the problem of killing innocent people, is to not be fighting wars against insignificant threats?

      Just a thought.

      1. If you are not willing to or don’t like killing people, you probably ought to avoid fighting wars where you can.

        1. This is inevitably true. The only way to truly win a war is to be able to show that you are willing to take it all the way and give your enemy the same treatment that Rome gave Carthage.

          The problem here is this limited asymmetrical war BS is not really a war, it is random assassination at best

    4. No, we send a drone.

    1. The world would be a terrible place without sharks.

      1. Actually, it likely would be.

  14. http://www.cnn.com/2013/07/04/…..?hpt=wo_c2

    I don’t like Morales. But holding up his plane in hopes of getting Snowden is epically stupid even by Obama’s standards. My God these people are stupid.

    1. Obama administration officials declined to comment

      Hang on, John. They may yet compound the situation further by calling Bolivia a banana republic or something.

  15. http://www.courthousenews.com/2013/07/03/59061.htm

    I know this got posted already. But this is bad even for cops. They are just animals.

    1. What’s funny to me about this story is that these guys were SO BOUND AND DETERMINED to pull this stunt that they shot the occupants of the house with non-lethal rounds to get their way.

      It was so incredibly important that they have this surveillance point to investigate run of the mill domestic violence that they ran a tactical op to wipe these homeowners out David Koresh style.

      I’m surprised they didn’t use an armored vehicle and helicopters.

      1. At least the animals in Boston could say they were looking for a terrorist. But domestic violence? They really are always on 11. Total violence is all they know now.

      2. Nah, they just wanted to use it. Once the owner said no, then they wanted to punish him. And anyone else they could.

    2. I know this got posted already.

      So post it again and again!

    3. Well, I see no reason that 3A shouldn’t get violated along with the rest of them.

  16. http://pjmedia.com/eddriscoll/…..el-moment/

    Chris Matthews is still appallingly stupid.

    1. I have some other people that have different views too.

      He has people? Fuck off, slaver

      1. He has them in a binder.

    2. Yeah, expressing the slightest doubts about the immediate canonization of St. Trayvon is one of the fastest ways to work people up into a lather, I’m finding. And my position is merely “reasonable doubt exists”.

      1. Yep. Brace yourself for the riots.

        1. People like Matthews are having orgasms at the thought. It is so pathetic. They picked that case to publicize for the single purpose of creating a good race riot.

          1. It’ll be, um, interesting when Matthews or someone “like him” gets the Reginald Denny treatment.

            1. That’s what’s so stupid about self-flagellating liberals like Matthews encouraging this. If blacks do end up rioting in the wake of any kind of non-conviction, they won’t distinguish between honest-to-goodness racists and the limp-dicked SWPLs that constantly try to pretend how “down they are with the brothers.”

              1. their decoder rings won’t protect them?

                1. their decoder rings won’t protect them?

                  They all say “Be sure to drink your ovaltine.”

              2. The sad fact is, other than catching a few white people at the wrong place at the wrong time, any riots will harm black people. If there was a race riot in Washington, the cops and National Guard would basically barricade in the black neighborhoods, let them run rampant for a few days, go in and shoot a few of them and arrest a few thousand, and that would be it. The overwhelming majority of people harmed by such an event would be black people.

                Not that it would be any better if they harmed white people. But people like Matthews claim to be on the blacks’ side but would love nothing better than to see a mob burn down of a bunch of black owned businesses and homes.

                1. Jello Biafra had some wise words to say on this subject before terminal Bush Derangement Syndrome consumed his brain.

                  1. Jello Biafra had some wise words to say on this subject before terminal Bush Derangement Syndrome consumed his brain.

                    California Uber Alles ranks up there with Moon is a Harsh Mistress in turning 13 year old me into a libertarian leaning punk. In a better world, Jello would have continued down the path of questioning all authority, rather than becoming a boot licking lefty. Alas.

                2. But people like Matthews claim to be on the blacks’ side but would love nothing better than to see a mob burn down of a bunch of black owned businesses and homes.

                  It’s a lot easier to agitate for “social justice” when the Aggrieved Minority Du Jour is tearing their own neighborhoods apart.

          2. Well that would distract from the Creased One’s scandals nicely.

          3. I’m guessing that that’s why the MSM is making the prosecution’s case sound a lot more damning than it is. If/when GZ is acquitted, anyone who’s not paying close attention will assume it was racism, straight up.

            1. That is what they are doing. If you just listen to the news, which a lot of people do, you would have no idea what a joke this trial is. You will logically conclude that acquitting Zimmerman is a miscarriage of justice. Thank the lying media for anything bad that happens after this trial.

        2. Yep. Brace yourself for the riots.

          If African Americans riot against Hispanics, which side does the democrats support for political advantage?

          1. They’d blame white people for making minority groups that should find common cause in shared oppression fight each other.

      2. Everyone Matthews knows thinks Zimmerman is a “bad guy”. That clearly is enough to convict him. What a piece of shit Matthews is.

        1. I thought Matthews was acknowledging that there’s bias against Zimmerman.

          Which would be a rare thing to see from a pundit anywhere.

          1. Maybe. I didn’t look at it that way. I looked at it as him saying all right thinking people know he is a bad guy. I thought to point was to say that anyone who took Zimmerman’s side is some kind of mysterious other. But I can see where he might have been saying there is a bias against him now that you say that.

  17. http://www.slate.com/articles/…..uture.html

    Progs, now that we won “gay marriage” it is time to do something really revolutionary, throw more money at the educations system. If it wasn’t so pathetic, it would be funny.

    1. I did not click on the link but I am guessing they want billions for gender neutral bathrooms in schools. Or is that next weeks agenda?

      1. They are ready to admit that maybe four year degrees in puppetry isn’t such a good idea. So there is that. But mostly it is the same old shit.

        1. “””‘We also should quickly and dramatically reform our red-tape-filled work and tax laws, so ordinary households can employ immigrants and see they get the Social Security they deserve.”””

          Sounds like the Slate crowd is having trouble getting someone to clean their toilets and their illegal alien who was doing the job is now too old and they need to dump her onto Social Security..

          1. Do you think his failure to mention that the employer has to pay half of the employees social security taxes was intentional or is he just that stupid and has no idea how social security actually works?

            1. He writes for Slate, that means he does not have a clue.

            2. Um, the employer does not pay any of the employees Social Security taxes, they just hide half of the social security taxes that the employee does pay from him

              1. Yes and no. Strictly speaking the employer pays. How much of that cost he is able to pass onto his employees depends on the labor market and where the employees’ wages are on the demand curve. Just because the employer no longer has to pay, doesn’t mean he will pass the entire amount on to the employees. Some of it sure. But likely not all of it.

          2. so ordinary households can employ immigrants

            WTF? How many “ordinary households” have EVER had the means to employ servants?

            1. In places like El Paso they do. If you just import enough really poor desperate people, most people with a good job can hire a servant.

              1. I guess if the immigrants didn’t mind sleeping in the Tuff Shed in the backyard they could afford it. But hell, the median income is only about $40K and most people are living paycheck-to-paycheck as it is.

            2. I’m pretty sure he means the guy that cuts your grass for $40 / month and the gal that cleans your house a couple of times a month for $60/day.

              Not a live in valet.

              1. I’m pretty sure he means the guy that cuts your grass for $40 / month and the gal that cleans your house a couple of times a month for $60/day.


              2. $40 a month?

                Where the hell can you find someone to mow your lawn that cheap?

                Even when I was in Louisville the cheapest I could find was $60 a week

            3. How many “ordinary households” have EVER had the means to employ servants?

              I have a number of middle class friends who bring in a housecleaner one day a week.

              1. I have a number of middle class friends who bring in a housecleaner one day a week

                Which should really be a refutation of the leftist meme about how tough the middle class has it these days.

                If you can afford to hire a grown-ass person to mow your lawn and clean your house, you’re not suffering.

            4. In places like the US, house servants are rare.

              In Brazil, if you’re a woman, you either have a maid, or you are one.

        2. They are ready to admit that maybe four year degrees in puppetry isn’t such a good idea.

          Right, everyone knows that good puppetry requires at least six years of edumacation.


          1. In our graduate program we have had students with undergraduate degrees in English Literature, Music, Acting, Technical Theatre, Graphic Arts, Sculpture, costuming, Political Science and Religion/Philosophy.

            What, no IT graduates, lawyers or nurses want a MFA in Puppetry? Colour me astonished

          2. The state universities in FL are fighting tooth and nail against having to tie into Department of Labor statistics like FL community colleges have done because their outcomes will be no better and they know it.

    2. “Let’s dedicate the next four years to doing for education what Congress and the president did for health care.”


      1. Why does that guy hate children so much?

      2. Who knew the end was coming so quickly?

      3. Make it less effective and more expensive? Aw, they shouldn’t sell themselves short, they’ve already been doing that for years.

    3. Well, the gay activists are about to join the deaf activists and the MADD people as people who have triumphed so thoroughly that they no longer have any reason for founding non-profits and talking to important people. I expect full-retard to follow anon.

      1. It will morph from “give us equal rights” to “use the power of law and the gun to ensure no one objects to us or in any way makes us feel uncomfortable”.

    4. Yeah it is actually kind of funny, ask anyone, especially those wishing the Air Force had to hold a bake sale to buy a bomber which the US spent more on, the Military or Education and you’d get about 100% agreement that it was the Military and yet every year from 1990 through 2010 Defense Spending was greater than Education Spending with defense only slightly overtaking education in the last 3 years thanks to the combination of the recession hitting state and local budgets harder and the Feds funding 2 wars.

      Here is the chart showing it…


    1. “the chancellor” enforced a policy against wearing religious items.

      Fortunately, “Fuck The Chancellor” T-shirts are not religious items.

      1. They’re heretical, aren’t they?

    2. Remember, leftists don’t want to ban religious expression. They just want to ensure no one ever does so in public and that is different.

      1. Look, you’re free to *believe* whatever you want. And you’re free to get together each week in a house of worship to ritually affirm your beliefs. But if you insist on *acting* on your beliefs in public, then of course you have to be subject to legal restraint. What are you, some kind of fundamentalist?

        1. And there damn well better be transgendered bathrooms wherever you have this little meeting of yours.

    3. “It’s possible that political correctness got out of hand.”

      Fuck these people. Anyone with a bit of common sense could see that implementing policies like campus speech codes in an environment steeped in Marxist ideology would eventually lead to a reactionary culture of inverted puritanism, only with whites/males/Christians marked out for ridicule and ostracism.

      This is why when people like Tony assert how much more enlightened the university environment is, incidents like these need to be thrown in their face.

      Nuke universities today.

  18. Mitchell claims that defendant officers, including Cawthorn and Worley and Sgt. Michael Waller then “conspired among themselves to force Anthony Mitchell out of his residence and to occupy his home for their own use.” (Waller is identified as a defendant in the body of the complaint, but not in the heading of it.)
    The complaint continues: “Defendant Officer David Cawthorn outlined the defendants’ plan in his official report: ‘It was determined to move to 367 Evening Side and attempt to contact Mitchell. If Mitchell answered the door he would be asked to leave. If he refused to leave he would be arrested for Obstructing a Police Officer. If Mitchell refused to answer the door, force entry would be made and Mitchell would be arrested.'”


    Those motherfuckers should be making license plates from now until the day they die.

  19. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/…..-soars-143

    Labor force participation rate still sucks and under employment is still appalling making the unemployment rate one of the more meaningless statistics there is.

    1. The labor market is in a catch-22 right now: the participation rate has dropped so low that large increases in the rate will inevitably lead to increases in the U3. Theoretically, more people entering the workforce is good, but a dramatic increase in that figure would catapult the U3 back into the 8s or 9s.

  20. http://www.slate.com/blogs/beh…..hotos.html

    God the 70s were ugly. But I still remember it fondly.

    1. What’s crazy is looking at photos from my own family.

      In the 60’s, they were somewhat poor, but if you look at their photos everyone looks dignified and well-dressed. Like photos of the audience at baseball games from the 50’s.

      Then the 70’s come, and suddenly they have a lot of money, but it’s the 70’s so they all look like fucking hobos and backround extras from Boogie Nights. It’s weird.

      1. It is. My father was the third of a single mother. His dad died in a construction accident when he was five. Back in those days a woman losing a husband meant poverty. But you see pictures of my dad and his brothers and mother from the 50s and they look like something out of Leave it to Beaver even though they really didn’t have a pot to piss in as my father says.

        In contrast, I see me and my nice middle class siblings in the 70s, and my sisters looked like groupies at a Led Zeppelin concert and my brothers looked like Mexican banditos. Wow did the world change quick.

    2. They were, and I don’t. I often think of the 70’s as the “ugly decade.” It doesn’t help that I was far too young to enjoy the good stuff.

      1. I was too young too. Maybe I just remember my childhood fondly.

    3. It’s sobering to realize that the bride in that pic from Minnesota is probably my mom’s age.

      1. Isn’t it? Whenever I see pictures of hippies and rock concerts and such from the 60s I can’t help but think “that is probably someone’s grandmother standing there smoking that joint yelling “we love you Mick”.

    4. I loved being a kid in Rochester, MN in the 70’s. We ran all over the place, from dawn til dusk. My Ma had a coach’s whistle she would blow at dinnertime so we would know it was time to come home. Lemonade stands weren’t required to be licensed. And I had cute clothes, so there!

      1. My neighbor had a huge piece of iron beam that he would smack with a sledge hammer when it was time to come home. You could hear that thing from 1/2 mile away.

  21. What’s funny to me about this story is that these guys were SO BOUND AND DETERMINED to pull this stunt that they shot the occupants of the house with non-lethal rounds to get their way.

    Because it never, ever, occurred to them that forcibly removing those people from their homes was outside the bounds of their authority. Because they have been reliably assured there is no limit to police authority, and no constraint on their actions.

    1. Pretty much. The worst part about the story is not what happened so much, thought that is bad. The worst part is that so many cops were involved and apparently thought it was a good idea. No one stood up and said stop. All of them apparently thought this was perfectly legal and okay.

      If it were the product of a few bad cops, that would be bad. But it seems to be a product of an entire culture and that is a lot worse.

  22. The worst part is that so many cops were involved and apparently thought it was a good idea. No one stood up and said stop. All of them apparently thought this was perfectly legal and okay.

    Exactly. Was there even one guy, ONE SINGLE GUY, who said, “What the fuck do you clowns think you’re doing? You can’t do that.”

    What’s next, just randomly take people into the back yard and put a bullet in the back of their heads?

    1. Whatever is done in an “emergency” will eventually be SOP. Really this is nothing that different than what the baboons did in Boston. So what starts as an emergency measure quickly becomes how cops deal with every investigation.

  23. Even though unemployment stayed the same, I notice that labor force participation went up 0.1%. I assume the talking point will relate to the fact that increases in labor force participation are good, despite the fact that the media chose to ignore LFP for 5 years when it didn’t help their talking points.

    1. So a bunch of people who have been on the bench for more than 52 weeks took the jobs kids used to get in the summer.

      1. That’s likely. My son could barely get any interviews until he was 18 and out of high school.

        1. The other thing that has screwed teenagers is the lawsuit industry. If one of my employees slaps some woman on the ass or breaks out with a racial slur, I am in for a world of litigation and hurt. Given those stakes, is it a smart idea to hire a teenager who has never worked before?

          1. I thought you could only be found liable if you knew about the harassment and did nothing about it. Obviously they could still sue you, but I don’t think you’d be liable for an employee busting out a racial slur.

            1. You still have to pay a lawyer to petition to dismiss with prejudice.

              1. They should come up with a rule that allows judges to dismiss cases with extreme prejudice.

                1. When they dismiss with extreme prejudice, the theme from Shaft starts playing, the judge calls you an ignorant mother fucker, and the bailiff kicks you in the balls for “wasting the court’s sweet ass time.”

                  1. I endorse this comment. The original theme, though, no covers.

                    The only enhancement is that the jury should say “Shut your mouth” after the judge calls the loser an ignorant mother fucker, then the judge says, “But I’m talking about giving him the shaft!”

            2. True, you can’t. But did you train? Did you create a hostile environment?

            3. The question is not what the law says, the question is how much it will cost you to defend yourself from it and the risk that the “aggrieved” party can sell a good enough sob story to a jury that they find you liable anyway

  24. Iowahawk explains the unemployment numbers.


    David Burge

    Unemployment report in a nutshell: the Taco Bell that had 30 40 hour workers now has 40 30 hour workers.

    Reply Retweet Favorite More

    1. He is just great.

  25. And America’s greatest ally is….

    no Denmark

    1. And he didn’t even mention that Denmark’s PM is cute for a politician.

  26. http://gawker.com/man-hogties-…..-664129688

    Man hogties burglar, leaves him in the front yard for police and goes to work.

    Just Awesome.

    1. “That’s just the type of person he is, you know? That’s just the type of person he is. Business is business. ‘I got to take care of business, he’s safe, the police are coming, I got to go,'” Houston said.

      Too cool.

      1. As much as I hate Oklahoma, I have to admit that this is very much in their nature. Drunken criminals or incredibly competent and very little in between (except John).

    2. Useful note: In NJ, if you hogtie someone and leave them it’s kidnapping. If you hogtie and gag someone and leave them in that position it’s attempted murder.

      1. More evidence New Jersey is not a civilized state.

  27. A few weeks ago I was mowing a pasture when I scared a mother duck off her nest. When she didn’t come back I gathered up her ten eggs and stuck them under a broody hen in the barn. They hatched on the fourth and now we have ten confused little ducklings. I wonder how many federal laws I have broken by doing this.

    1. Let me know if they take to swimming “like a duck to water” regardless of their “mama”. I’ve always wanted to know.

      1. Ducklings and chicks are raised together regularly, and don’t have a problem with swimming.

  28. I wonder how many federal laws I have broken by doing this.

    You may as well go whole hog; start force feeding them, to make their delicious little livers grow big and strong.

    1. Pate-riarchy!

    2. You sick libetarian gourmand bastard.

  29. Which one of us is this?

    Police in Seattle are investigating a Nevada man arrested near the University of Washington in a stolen pickup truck filled with weapons, body armor and suspected explosive devices.

    University of Washington police chief John Vinson said at a Thursday afternoon news conference that the man was driving a stolen truck out of Montana and had with him a scoped rifle, shotgun and fewer than 10 Molotov cocktails.

    The suspect is 21, but Vinson declined to identify him.

    1. Well….only one of us is from Montana…..

      1. Brooks just took a wrong turn. Doesn’t everyone in Montana keep weapons and explosives in their pickup?

        1. Maybe he reported it stolen after a night of carousing with Epi… who actually got arrested.

    2. “and fewer than 10 Molotov cocktails.”


      Fewer than 10?, Why the hell didn’t they just give the actual damn number? I mean I know being cops they are intellectually challenged when it comes to logic so math is extra hard for them but they could have at least held up the right number of fingers and said “this many” or something.

      1. Also, scoped rifle and shotgun? So fucking what? There are 3 of each of those in my house, plus two unscoped rifles and a grab-bag assortment of pistols.
        No molotovs, though. I prefer bathtub semtex.

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