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Video Shows Acquitted Cop's Assault on Teen

A controversial video that shows a St. Louis police officer striking a teenage suspect has been released publicly, following the former officer's acquittal on a misdemeanor assault charge last week.   

Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce's office has said the video, recorded from a police cruiser, clearly shows Rory Bruce beating the teen without provocation. 

Bruce's defense attorney, Joe Hogan, planned to argue Bruce acted in self defense. But he never had to.

Because of legal obstacles, prosecutors were unable to bring the footage into evidence at Bruce's trial before Associate Circuit Court Judge Theresa Counts Burke on Thursday.

Source: Post-Dispatch. Read full article. (link)

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  • AlgerHiss||

    At least the cop didn't shoot someone's pet.

  • Jim in Denver||

    Lunging at him... with what his breath?!

  • AlmightyJB||

    Salute our heros.

  • JD the elder||

    Don't you just hate it when some criminal scum is set free to walk the streets by some liberal judge because of a legal technicality? (That's how that playbook goes, right?)

    Seriously, what the hell? "To introduce the video, they needed someone who could testify with personal knowledge that the video was an accurate depiction of events."