Liveblog: Military Ousts Morsi, Declares Suspension of Constitution


Credit: Egyptian Defense Ministry

Morsi is no longer the president of Egypt and according to one of his aides has been moved to an undisclosed location.

Gen. Abdul Fatah Khalil al-Sisi, head of Egypt's armed forces, has announced that the Egyptian constitution is suspended and that a technocratic government will be put in place until early elections are held.

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UPDATE: 3:58pmET—According to the BBC's livestream Morsi has denounced the military's announcement and has called for the constitution to be restored. 

UPDATE: 4:07pm ET—The Associated Press has released footage of protesters reacting to the military's announcement. They seem pleased. 

UPDATE: 4:17pm ET— NBC News has profiles on the major players involved in Egypt's crisis. 

UPDATE: 4:57pm ET—Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, has said in a statement that, "Morsi was an obstacle to the constitutional democracy most Egyptians wanted.  I am hopeful that his departure will reopen the path to a better future for Egypt, and I encourage the military and all political parties to cooperate in the peaceful establishment of democratic institutions and new elections that lead to an Egypt where minority rights are protected."

UPDATE: 5:04pm ET – A State Department spokeswoman has said, "We're not taking sides in this."

We will have more on the situation in Egypt later this week. 

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  1. Hey, does anyone have al-Sisi’s e-mail address? I’m going to send him the U.S. Constitution and suggest he use it as a starting place. Also, he should legalize drugs and prostitution while also inviting Disney in to run the pyramids.

    1. Shit, he can have our Constitution. It’s not like our government is using it.

      1. Yeah, no kidding. Maybe I’ll redline the slavery bits. No point confusing him.

        1. Make sure to take out everything passed post 1900.

          1. I should say amended, not passed.

            1. I might leave it the term limits for president. And I think women should be able to vote, even in Egypt.

              1. And I think women should be able to vote, even in Egypt

                Can you make an exlusion for soccer moms?

                1. Look, if Illinois Nazis can march in Skokie, soccer moms can vote.

                    1. why a link to myspace? there’s literally nothing on the page you linked to and literally nothing else on myspace. if we stop talking about myspace, it will eventually die. shape up and do your part.

      2. The Swiss have managed to use it pretty well.

    2. So you’re saying you’re a counter-revolutionary?

    3. Great plan. Of course it’s not going to happen.

      People don’t want freedom, they want free shit and someone to control them from cradle to grave.

      It seems the entire planet is like that now.

      What’s the chance that there’s a lot of sectarian violence leading up to the elections, and then the elections get postponed.

      Want to see the new President Dictator of Egypt? We’re looking at him.

      1. See, that’s why I think he should do it. I mean, talk about an opportunity! Look at what the U.S. gained being the freedom capital of the world for so long. He could do the same with Egypt. Of course, his own people would likely rebel over that, but I’m sure he could trick them into accepting it for a while. Until they were addicted.

        1. Muslims don’t like to be free. I read that in People Magazine, the world’s foremost authority on people.

  2. Gen. Abdul Fatah Khalil al-Sisi, head of Egypt’s armed forces, has announced that the Egyptian constitution is suspended and that a technocratic government will be put in place until early elections are held can be rigged to install him as Egypt’s “democratic” leader.


    1. The military leaders of Egypt don’t want to be burdened with a low-power position like president of the country.

      1. Yeah, that’s a demotion. So they’ll find a chump to serve as figurehead.

  3. In other fall-o-government news: the Belgiumite King has abdicated.

    1. Shouldn’t he have tipped over and fallen to the ground?

    2. FTA: “I realise that my age and my health are no longer allowing me to carry out my duties as I would like to,” he said in his address.

      Duties? What, like walking around waiting on your “subjects” to bow to you?

      Seriously, I just don’t get how any person would bend his knee to another man because they are their better. Fuck that shit. I’d die before I bent my knee to a king or queen.

      1. So, you’ll wait until a cop pulls you over?

      2. I doubt a lot of Belgians were bending knee before this guy. But I know what you are saying. I always think it’s funny when QE2 or some monarch visits the US and everyone goes all out on the royal protocol. If I were in charge, I’d just say that we live in a republic and there is no such thing as royalty here, so the fact that you are a queen in other parts of the world is irrelevant.

        1. …when QE2 or some monarch visits the US…

          I first interpreted that to stand for Quantitative Easing 2: Die Harder, and the sentence still made a bit of sense. I just don’t know what to think anymore.

        2. Royal Protocol is very important especially when it comes to gynecology.


      3. KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!!

      4. A hereditary monarch is as absurd a proposition as a hereditary doctor or mathematician.

        –Thomas Paine

        1. More absurd, because sometimes you actually need a doctor or mathematician.

          1. Are you saying that you don’t need a king? How do you expect to quell peasant uprisings or execute poachers of the royal forests? They’re not going to draw and quarter themselves. I bet you never considered that.

        2. Using that line of thinking, a democratically-elected mathematician or doctor is quite nonsensical, as well.

    3. It’s more a retirement.

      Besides the Dutch did it first.

    4. This would be a great time for Fleming succession.

      1. *secession*

      2. Its trying to prevent that, somehow.

    5. What, in favor of Philippe? I object and demand trial by combat.

      1. Chimay beer is the champion of Philippe. You will be forced to drink a whole barrel.

  4. How many more coups until we see some nutball attack Israel the minute he gains power?

    1. Attack Israel with what? I think the military controls all the planes and missiles and shit and they don’t look like they are about to let that happen.

      1. I’m just saying, nationalistic fervor has been used in the past to sway a military into unwise actions. I can recall one particular instance 80 years ago or so…

    2. The “red line” according to the military was that Morsi was going to drag Egypt into the Syrian conflict.

      1. This is the Army, my good man! We’re not going to fight anyone!

  5. Great news, we can use this as an excuse to cut off aid to Egypt and save a few billion.

    1. Apparently, we’re continuing to give aid to the Egyptian military to ensure stability, regardless of which faction is running the government.

      As nuts as this sounds and even may be, there is precedent–Turkey.

      1. So we are back to calling the overthrow of a democratically elected government by the military, stability. The same military which was driven from power by the same protesters that are pushing the present government from power.

        Lets just cut our losses now and get out because the problems of Egypt are far bigger then what government is in power.

        1. I’m not agreeing with the policy, just stating it. Frankly, I’d stop giving any of them money and would leave the whole region to itself to work out its troubles.

        2. When was the Egpytian military ever driven from power?

          1. The Persians did it.

            1. As did the Hyksos, Nubians, Assyrians, Romans, and others

  6. Remember, the Egyptian people elected Morsi. This isn’t “the triumph of democracy” anymore. These people don’t want (western-style)democracy. One would have thought we would have figured that out by now.

    1. Someone should have told the Bushpigs that in 2002. We could have saved a couple of trillion.

      1. No coups in Iraq lately.

        1. Wow, that does sound vaguely human and almost like it’s trying to communicate something.

          Oh, and the goats are cool too.

          1. They’re crying out for help because they fear that Warty is coming back.

            1. RUN!

              1. Don’t bother, you’ll only be tired while you get raped to death.

                1. It isn’t the death they fear. They welcome the death. It’s the friction burns that they fear.

    2. These people don’t want (western-style)democracy

      Maybe they took a look at the direction the US is headed in and decided that it’s a bad idea.

  7. I’ve been seeing Morsi’s name spelled “Morsy” pretty frequently lately. That sounds like an adjective describing something unpleasant, doesn’t it? “Holy shit, dude, that skank’s vag was morsy as hell!”

    1. Oh, Morsi. I thought they meant Morrissey.

      1. Aw, dude, I won’t go anywhere near a morrisey vag. That’s too much even for me.

      2. And heaven knows he’s miserable now.

        1. He was just the last of the international playboys.

    2. How is your mom, by the way?

      1. You should know, Dad.

    3. It smelled like pelf!

  8. Obama: Hey Mohammed great to hear from you! Was afraid your head might be rolling in the gutter by now. You know, getting them to leave you in one piece cost me four F-16’s and twelve M-1 tanks. (Just between you and me I would have gone as high as 6 F-16’s and 15 tanks).
    Anyhoo, remember how we laughed last year when when I hung Mubarak out to dry? Remember how you laughed when the Brotherhood took over the Parliament? Well, we got a nice condo in Yemen lined up for your immediate use: indoor plumbing, wifi, the works.
    Smell ya later.

    1. Haha, the dropped the banhammer on Antiwar Libertarian and now it looks like everyone is ganging up on Tim.

    2. Dammit…now it looks like we’re all being rude to Tim.

      1. Man, fuck Tim. He’s due for a verbal raping.

        For that matter, we all are from time to time.

        1. Well, we ALL know about your duck problem.

  9. All freedom lovers should celebrate and give thanks to Egypt’s heroic military. There should be caution in our outlook but no reticence in our happiness of the moment.

  10. And the Egyptian Rape-a-palooza is up to 91 sexual assaults in just four days! Can they break the 100 vicious gang-rapes-in-a-week (and the resulting 100 rectovaginal fistulae) mark? Or will they get distracted from their goal with all the Jewish-American ESL teachers to stab to death?

    The world waits with baited breath.

    1. Any word on those guys who were going around beating up the gropers and rapists?

      1. I think they got raped.

        1. Or they were too busy organizing the laser show

          Seriously, all revolutions should include a laser show.

          1. Pretty much everything should include a laser show.

            1. Great now Warty is going to add a laser system to his basement.

    2. Sorry to be a Spelling Nazi, but it’s “bated breath.”

      1. Yeah, good catch!

        mea culpa!

        1. Did you mean my cuppa?

  11. Morsi has denounced the military’s announcement and has called for the constitution to be restored.

    Maybe if you stomp your feet and pout a little…

    1. … you’re doing the Egyptian Mistake!

  12. UPDATE: 3:78pmET – According to the BBC’s livestream Morsi has denounced the military’s announcement and has called for the constitution to be restored.

    3:78 PM ET? What kind of new EDT tyranny is this?

    Anyway, wow, I wonder if they’ll kill him because he ‘resisted arrest’?

    1. It’s only 3:77 on the east coast right now.

    2. Metric time.

  13. Morsi has denounced the military’s announcement and has called for the constitution Shariah law to be restored.


  14. We would also have accepted “Coup got another thing coming”

  15. Anyone know what the helicopters are dropping on the crowds? Everyone was rushing in to grab it as it landed. Egyptian Bernanke stimulating the economy?

  16. If the military ends up having to arrest Morsi, maybe they’ll televize the capture so the whole world can see him perp walk like an Egyptian.

    I’m so sorry for that joke.

    1. You’re a peer amid many.

    2. You go sit way-o-way-o-o-o-way-ay over in the corner for that.

  17. Morsi is no longer the president of Egypt

    Johnny Marr could not be reached for comment.

  18. These new countries like Greece and Egypt just need a few more years to figure out how to things and they can join the world of grown-up countries.

  19. Note to Morsi: the classic “Oh yeah? You and what army?” retort doesn’t work when the person you’re using it on actually has an army.

  20. What happened to “Antiwar Libertarian”? He was just being a troll showing how stupid Reason/Rockwell articles and positions are.

    1. How the fuck are you equivocating Reason and Rockwell? They’re bitter enemies within the libertarian community. Go to LRC and you won’t find many kind words for Reason. AWL was a hyperbolic parody of Rockwell and Raimondo (though he was getting annoying)

  21. Anti-Morsy rally has fireworks and laser pointers. Pro-Morsy only has giant photos of Morsy.

    Anti-Morsy wins.

  22. This Arab Spring thingee is going real swell.

  23. Seemed like a really good guy.

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