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Paterson Cops Accused of Beating, Robbing Two Men in Gang-Like Activity


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It's not for nothing police are sometimes called the largest gang in America. A federal civil rights lawsuit accuses Paterson, NJ police officers of arresting, beating, and robbing (apparently in that order) two men after a confrontation between the two and an off-duty cop at a local sports bar.

From the Star-Ledger:

A group of Paterson police officers repeatedly punched and kicked a handcuffed, nearly unconscious suspect during a 2011 arrest, according to a civil rights lawsuit filed in federal court last week.

Captured on a surveillance video, the beating goes on for more than three minutes. The video shows officers surrounding 30-year-old Alexis Aponte and repeatedly kicking him while he's restrained on a Paterson sidewalk.

One officer on the video takes a running start and drives his foot into Aponte's ribs.

Out of the camera's view, 32-year-old Miguel Rivera was knocked unconscious before he was handcuffed, similarly beaten and robbed by the officers, according to the lawsuit filed on behalf of Aponte and Rivera. The suit, which names the city, the police department and nine officers, is seeking an undisclosed amount of money in damages.

And here's the video of the Aponte beating:

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  1. Would it kill ’em to put a simple “NJ” behind the city name?

    1. Better? 🙂

      1. Some people need stuff to whine about Ed.

        1. On the other hand, I like the alt-text.

      2. Better? 🙂

        Yes, thank you, sir.

        I find a lot of stories that don’t reference the state. And the stories they link to don’t. Sometimes even the original local newspapers are shy about what state they’re in.

  2. Anybody wondering whether dunphy will proclaim “that was an excellent UOF” by the Patterson parasites?

    1. “not fully aware of the whole FACT PATTERN (what did the perps say/ do prior to provoke the UOF) b/c the video clip was edited to start at the begininning of the altercation, not capturing the TOTALIT OF THE CIRCS. hth” /dunphuck

  3. But what the camera didn’t capture was the near total lack of respect the perp showed toward hero LEO.

  4. This is a dangerous group of officers. Obviously they need the most severe punishment a police department can give out: A two week paid vacation. Maybe that will teach them right from wrong.

  5. Somewhat Related: There is no way the FL Prescription Drug database, created to protect people from opiate addiction, would be leaked. Some DBA, probably someone I know, is getting his ass chewed as we speak.

    TALLAHASSEE ? Sometimes it takes a large net to catch a few wrong-doers. And that’s one of the concerns when it comes to large government databases that are searched to find smelly fish.

    But that’s exactly what happened when 3,300 Floridians recently had their private prescription-drug information turn up in the hands of Volusia County criminal attorneys.

    1. HIPAA was never intended to keep one’s medical information private from the government.

      And as Dunphy will tell you, it’s not as if the police need a warrant to get this stuff.

  6. Oh, and by the way, unless you’re a masochist or feel like putting a fist through your monitor, do not under any circumstances read the comments to the Star-Ledger article.

    1. Actually the one posting as “Sir Galahad” seems pretty good. Unfortunately I fear he’s a fighting a loosing battle against the cop/ authority fellaters.

      The dipshit posting as “clint85” OTOH needs to be handcuffed and kicked repeatedly so he can find out what’s it like. What a douche nozzle.

  7. In Paterson, that’s just the way it goes.

  8. Just imagine the anarchic horrors visited on the residents of Paterson, NJ if police officers were held personally (criminally) accountable for their actions.

    1. There is no one more honorable and valuable then a first responder.

  9. “Gang-like” activity? Wouldn’t just plain old “gang activity” be a more accurate description?

    1. Gangs don’t normally have or use handcuffs.

  10. Just imagine how much worse it would have been if most of those fatass donut munching pigs hadn’t had to stop every fiew seconds to pace around and catch their breaths.

  11. Ah, yes, Paterson, famous as the place where Hurricane Carter grew up, and later was railroaded.

    1. Shit, dude, I was born in Paterson. It is a total shithole. And my grandfather’s store there…let me just say he has some stories about the cops. Luckily his brother was a judge so he could fuck with them with impunity, and he did.

      1. Paterson is blessed with a beautiful natural feature, the Great Falls on the Passaic, which unfortunately is situated in a gorge such that only about a dozen people at a time can get a good view of it. Fortunately there are never more than a dozen people there.

  12. It’s terrible how 99% of cops give the other 1% a bad name.

  13. “Get out of the way! I want to get a few kicks in! C’mon! It’s my turn you guys! How come I never get a chance to beat people up! That’s not fair! Please! Only a couple kicks to the head! Yay! Oh that feels so good! I think I’m gonna come! Oh! Oh! Yeeeaaaahhhh!”

  14. Finally, an allegation of excessive force that appears bona fide excessive force. Cheers to reason, because so many are weak as fuck. This one appears to be pretty blatant. Joyzy boyz need to chill

    1. because so many are weak as fuck

      Citation needed.

      1. Don’t worry, when the next videotaped beating that can’t possibly be justified by any level of bootlicking comes out, this will fall back into the category of “weak as fuck” too.

    2. The “Joyzy Boyz” need to hang, along with every other oath-breaking pig who betrays the public trust.

      Their sycophantic colleagues and enablers need to be put in pillories and liberally horse-whipped for helping perpetuate a dishonest, corrupt culture.

      200 lashes, Dunphy. 200 lashes.

  15. I strongly suspect that this is a regular occurrence. What was unusual about this incident is that it was caught on camera. Not that nine cops all participated in assault and battery on restrained civilians. Beating the fuck out of people is just a perk of the job, like never having to obey traffic laws.

    1. “Professional Courtesy”

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