Fourth Amendment

Ohio Cops Set Up Fake Drug Checkpoint, Search Those Who Turn Around

Actual drug checkpoints are illegal


An Ohio police department have come under fire for setting up fake checkpoints to search drivers and their cars for drugs.

Police in the city of Cleveland recently posted large yellow signs along Interstate 271 that warned drivers that there was a drug checkpoint ahead, to be prepared to stop and that there was a drug-sniffing police dog in use.

There was no such checkpoint, just police officers waiting to see if any drivers would react suspiciously after seeing the signs.

Authorities say that four people were stopped, with some arrests and drugs seized. They declined to be more specific.

The Plain Dealer in Cleveland reports that some civil rights leaders and at least one person pulled over by police are questioning the tactic, wondering if it could violate the Fourth Amendment against unlawful searches and seizures.

(H/T sarcasmic)

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  1. Fishing expedition? Well, I guess!

  2. This is news? I've seen these occasionally since the early 80s. Don't slow down, don't throw anything out the window and NEVER turn around if you have anything illegal in the car. If you're on a limited access highway do not cross the gore to exit just as you see the sign. Gore-crossing gives them a legit reason to pull you over.

    If there really is a roadblock/checkpoint you'll see traffic stopped ahead.

  3. Rule #1 in drug mule driving: ALWAYS obey the current driving law. Never do anything to make your vehicle to get picked on.

    This only weeds out the stupid drivers.

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