GOP Nominee for Governor in Virginia Wants To Revive Bans on Oral, Anal Sex

Says bans makes it easier to put child molesters in jail


Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, the GOP's nominee for governor, filed an appeal on Tuesday asking the Supreme Court to revive the state's law banning oral and anal sex. In a statement, Cuccinelli claimed that the law, which the US Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit ruled unconstitutional earlier this year, is "an important tool that prosecutors use to put child molesters in jail." 

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  1. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what the GOP is reduced to.

    Also, if Virginia elects this dumb fuck, I hope they all rot and burn in hell.

    1. 24/7 is great for giving quick news blurbs, however look at the source of the article anon. The mother jones article neglects to mention that the law is almost exclusively used to prosecute statutory rape cases. Yes its dumb and if they want to try and prevent statutory rape then their better ways to do it. However claiming “this is what the GOP is reduced to” is idiotic.

      Use your brain next time please.

      1. So the GOP is reduced to using dumb and suboptimal ways to go after statutory rape cases. I think his point stands.

        1. NO, a politician is trying to posture and look tough on something, in this case, crime. Gee, I wonder where I’ve seen that before….

          Christ some of the commentators here are almost virginal when it comes to what politicians are actually like.

          1. So he’s doing something dumb and supoptimal in order to posture and look tough. Yeah, that’s great. In the meantime, rightly or wrongly, he feeds into the meme, accurate or not, that Republicans want to regulate your sex life. There’s plenty of downside to doing this and you’ve stated that it isn’t even the best way to address the issue it purports to address.

            I think most commentators here understand quite well what politicians are actually like. I don’t think anyone is saying it’s unexpected, just that it’s asinine.

            1. he feeds into the meme, accurate or not, that Republicans want to regulate your sex life.

              Yes, and its a stupid idea and it does look bad. But for anon to extrapolate from a intentionally misleading article is just plain stupid. Next time their is an article about Charlie Rangel I’ll be sure to keep anon’s standard in mind.

            2. Did we get amnesia and forget that Ken Cuccinelli is a rightwing crazy person?

  2. Once again, there’s a REASON it’s called the Stupid Party.

  3. If he really wants to ban oral and anal sex why doesn’t he just make marriage compulsory? Problem solved.

  4. This dude is a DICKHEAD and very evil. He has not dealt with his sexuality and is in in all odds a Pedophile Dad. Watch out kids.
    Long Thin DADA is persuing you.

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