China Shuts Down 31 News Sites



Chinese authorities have shut down 31 news websites because they were allegedly editing false information for blackmail, conducting interviews in the name of news organizations, and operating without the necessary permits. According to officials the sites that were taken down "disrupted order in the dissemination of online news information, undermined the reputations of licensed Internet news organizations and damaged the legal rights of individuals and legal entities."

From China Daily:

BEIJING—Thirty-one news websites have been shut down for operating without permits, conducting interviews in the name of news organizations and editing false information for blackmail and extortion, the State Internet Information Office said Thursday.

These websites include Ren Min Nei Can Wang, an unlicensed website that specialized in publishing false information and blackmailing companies and individuals by threatening to release false information about them, and, according to a statement issued by the office.

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  1. Gee, I’d trust the Chi Coms just about as much as an Obozo “promise”.

  2. What neocon propaganda. Would the USG not engage in similar behavior? What is libertarian about attacking the heroic defenders of Snowden for attacking vile unlicensed media who lie all the time and are American puppets. The Amoronikkkan Empire and its presstitute media lie all the time. China is run by the Right Top Men. They are supportive of Peace, Justice and Civil Rights. They have more economic growth then the US after all. So I believe in China and I agree with licensed media provided the Right Top Men (eg independent opponents of Yankee Aggression like Hitler and Stalin) are in Charge.

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