John McCain

John McCain Promises "Most Militarized Border Since the Fall of the Berlin Wall"

Bad political pitches, part XCVIII.


Bear in mind as you read this: John McCain is trying to argue for the amendment.

I don't want a holiday in the sun.
James Gill

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Tuesday said that an amendment advanced by the Senate would leave the U.S. with the "most militarized border" since the fall of the Berlin Wall and pave the way for the passage of comprehensive immigration reform.

"The legislation concerning beefed up border security removes any validity to the argument that border security is not sufficient," McCain said of the amendment from Sens. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) and John Hoeven (R-N.D.) in an interview on CNN.

"I mean this is not only sufficient it is well over sufficient. We'll be the most militarized border since the fall of the Berlin Wall. That's why I think this amendment was very important," he added.

I realize he's saying this with a bit of exasperation. (You want a goddamn Berlin Wall to pass this bill? Fine! Here's a Berlin Wall!) But that doesn't make it more acceptable—just more cynical.

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  1. Mr. McCain, tear down this wall.

  2. “John McCain Promises “Most Militarized Border Since the Fall of the Berlin Wall””
    World wonders why this man isn’t under care.

    1. Because the Sun City elderly demographic around here would vote for Karl Marx if he ran under a Republican ticket and made appropriate noises about border security and immigration. See also: that corrupt shitheel Arpaio.

      1. IOWs the opposite ‘team’ process compared to CA.
        Got it.

      2. Most Republicans are Marxists. See SS, Medicare, and Medicaid.

        They just hate on little old $75 billion SNAP (which is also Marxist – but the wrong kind).

        1. Don’t you have someplace else to be stupid? Wall street maybe!?


        2. Marxism: a theory and practice of socialism including the labor theory of value, dialectical materialism, the class struggle, and dictatorship of the proletariat until the establishment of a classless society

        3. “See SS”
          Most of your braincells fell out years ago; see FDR.

          1. and for some reason, LBJ comes to mind with the other two.

            1. Well, yes. And “stupid” comes to mind every time shreek posts.

      3. Spent the weekend in Scottsdale. Nice place. Good food, great bars. Hot as a motherfucker.

    2. Joe Miller is outraged because making the U.S. border into the Berlin Wall was his idea first and he got slammed by the party establishment for it:…..03544.html

  3. The Cold War was for what?

    1. It wasn’t about removal. It was about replacement.

    2. Sarcasmic, you of all people should know that different stripes of socialists often vehemently hate each other.

  4. Can’t we just pay illegal immigrants undocumented workers new Americans to hold hands along the border? It’d probably be less expensive and provide more jobs.

  5. Well, if that’s not something to eagerly look forward to, I don’t know what is!

  6. The wall is to keep us in.

  7. Does this mean we’ll just shoot dead anyone caught crossing it? Can’t wait.

    1. Only if they are leaving. Can’t be losing any revenue from the slaves.

  8. I am not sure which is more pathetic; that McCain wants that or that he actually thinks it would ever happen. None of the border security measures promised in this bill will ever happen. It is a total sham. This bill is about amnestying illegals and turning them into Dem voters as quickly as possible; and of course stealing. There is a huge stimulus package in it that has nothing to do with immigration because Obama would never let an opportunity to steal go to waste.

    I think people like Rubio and Graham are just that vile and dishonest. They know the security provisions are a sham and they don’t care. Rubio is a flat out racist who looks at American workers as inferiors who need to be replaced by the better races of Hispanics and Graham is just greedy and in the pocket of the industries who want the workers. But I think McCain is actually dumb enough to believe all this shit.

    1. But I think McCain is actually dumb enough to believe all this shit.

      Immigration bill…no immigration bill ….it’s just sad to see an old feeb completely outfoxed by Charles Schumer. The GOP should worry about the “brand” a little more.

      1. What makes you think he was outfoxed.

        He looks like the evil puppetmaster in this pix.…..20×413.jpg

        1. Yeah, I wouldn’t trust any man who can stand that close to Schumer without a look of disgust on his face, let alone whatever the fuck that is.

          1. …..let alone whatever the fuck that is.

            Hey! Can’t a guy fill his Depends on stage without criticism from the commentariat?

        2. What? He’s got his finger up Lyndseys ass…they do that all the time. Granted not in such a public setting!

    2. I’m surprised to see this coming from you. Why not take a free trade approach to labor? Let anyone who isn’t a criminal or threat to security, and who wants to work and can find work, work?

      1. Because if history is any indication once the bill is passed they’ll start pulling all the enforcement teeth from it and it will wind up costing you money immediately instead of 10 years from now.

        See Schumer v McCain to know where this is headed.

      2. I do support open immigration. I just think this bill is horrible. It does nothing to fix the problems for people getting VISAs. All it does is amnesty a bunch of illegals so they can vote Democrat. That is all well and good, except the price of that is E-verify which will make every American into a resident alien requiring a permit from the government to work. No thanks.

        1. That is all well and good, except the price of that is E-verify which will make every American into a resident alien requiring a permit from the government to work.

          Dude…we haven’t been citizens for a long time!

        2. We already can’t work without a SS card. Didn’t we already lose that battle?

          1. No. E-verify is much worse. No one checks the validity of your SS card. All you need is to know your number and or have your card and that is it. If the government has fucked up and lost you in the system, that won’t matter to your employer because he just checks the card. He never sends the number into the government.

            But Everify is much worse. It is not enough just to have an SSN number or a card. Your employer has to go and ensure you are on this giant database in the sky or he can’t hire you. If there is a glitch and you are not on the database, fuck you, you can’t work. The default goes from “American citizens have a right to work” to “only those on our list can work”. It is horrible.

            1. Got it. Agreed.

            2. Is E-verify in the bill? Agree that is is horrible.

              1. Yes it is.

          2. And think about this for a moment. How long before someone gets the bright idea of using E-Verify as a way to keep track of criminals and such? Why mess with sex offender registrations when we can just note the conviction on the person’s E-verify record? That is where it will start. And within a few years it will become a way in which the government can keep anyone it doesn’t like from legally holding a job. The old Soviet Communists would be envious of such a system.

            1. This alone should stop any libertarian from supporting the bill. Think of all the fuckups and abuse of the no-fly list. Now apply that to a “no-work list” instead.

            2. No -it’s like your SSN. It will never be used for general ID purposes.

            3. Add debtors to the list of people who will be tracked. Particularly if those people owe money to the feds (at first), and then the states will clamor to be able to use the Scarlet Magic Marker of Shame. Got a parking ticket you forgot about? (Or one that you never knew about, Mr. Buttle?) Well, here comes the mark on your E-verify record.

              I am amazed that it took so little for this country to utterly lose its shit. I guess 20 people can change the world.

              1. That is a good one. Looks like you won’t be working until you get that little parking ticket fixed.

                And we both missed the really obvious one; child support. I give it a year before they start noting child support delinquencies on the record and make it illegal to hire someone with such a mark.

                What a nightmare.

      3. That would be fine. That has nothing to do with the bill being discussed.

    3. Hey, isn’t Rubio one of those up and coming stars that serious libertarian voters are suppose to take serially?

      1. I don’t know if you intended to type “serially” but I like that word choice.

    4. They know the security provisions are a sham and they don’t care.

      Yep, they lied about border security in 2006, but we should totally trust them this time, because they really mean it or some such bullshit.

      Then you have the CBO saying the bill will reduce illegal immigration by only 25% over the next couple of decades.

      But I have no doubt that the fascist fucks will make sure they get their facial recognition db and enforce the permission slips to work provisions.

      1. Just like the CBO told us Obamacare was going to save money.

        1. I can’t blame the CBO on that one, especially since the director wrote an appendix as long as the analysis detailing why the analysis is terribly, horribly wrong.

    5. Don’t forget E-Verify. Furthering the gaze radius of the eye of Sauron is the worst part of this to me.

      1. never mind …. I see you didn’t forget it.

  9. Who would have ever thought seven years rotting in a shithole would prove an unsatisfactory degree of penance for such an evil man.

    1. I know. I felt sorry for him at one point. No more.

    2. Prolly, they don’t want him back either, but isn’t worth asking?

  10. Jeff Flake voted for the “Rio Grande Wall” too, right?

    Tell me again how he is more “libertarian-leaning” than Sarah Palin.

    1. Flake is opposed to earmarks – Sista Sarah campaigned for the Bridge to Nowhere.

      That’s one.

      1. CHRISTFAG!!! BUSHPIG!!!

        Looks like little skreek is off his medicine again. He is hitting all of the ticks.

        1. I imagine as we roll up on a long holiday weekend shreek is “pregaming” a bit more with his meds.

          That’s cool it’s safer than letting him play with fireworks.

        2. I provided a factual example again.

          You yell incoherently again.

          Not all of us are Team Red, pal.

          1. Sorry shreekpuppet it needs more CHRISTFAG.

            PS: CHRISTFAG

  11. Is that picture supposed to be the Hypno-Toad version of John McCain? Let’s call it Hypno-Choad.

    1. Hypno-Choad thinks you plaster on the makeup like a trollop.

  12. Makes ya proud to be an American, don’t he?

  13. At least they didn’t add Flava Cain’s “electrified fence” part.

  14. I could support a fortified border if it had automatic flamethrowers that randomly shoot moving streams of cleansing fire and robot guards patrolling the border. Oh, and a moat. Has to have a moat.

    Also, the border wall should be self funding, selling sponsorships, ad space on the wall, and operating food trucks on both sides of the border. Possibly a reality show based on the border as well.

    1. Can we also have it make Mexican food for us? It could be delivered anywhere in the U.S. via drone!

      1. That’s the spirit!

        Also, Mexico should make all of its citizens and resident terrorists wear unremovable neckbands that explode when the border is crossed without permission. Or, if that’s a violation of some obscure international law, an unremovable shock collar.

        1. What about something that takes away their ability to do backbreaking manual labor for low pay? Sort of like those collars the mutants were forced wear in Genosha. Come to think of it, why not just make those robot guards Sentinels?

          1. You’re right. We should spend $1,000,000,000,000 on a crash program to develop migrant farm robots. The Mr. Majestyk Project.

          2. I was thinking New Vegas with PLs remark, but I guess X-Men works too.

        2. We can rename the border guards The Brotherhood of Steel.

        3. Build two walls, and stock millions of genetically altered chimpanzees that have developed a taste for human flesh.

          1. That seems dangerous. Let me suggest instead gorillas armed with high-powered fire hoses.

            1. And the fire hoses develop a taste for human flesh?

              1. Hey, no sentient fire hoses!


                  Not safe for non curse tolerant environments!

                  1. Hmm, that wasn’t as funny as I remembered.

                2. Can the firehoses incorporate and become legal persons? Then we can regulate them and they’ll do exactly what we want without any unforeseen consequences!

                  1. Only if they’re citizens.

                  2. You all have it wrong… What we need is called the Americana Trench. We hire only illegals to dig it by hand, pulling them out of the labor market so that Americans can take the jobs “Americans don’t want”. The trench is 200ft. wide by 500ft deep, and runs the entire southern border. The entire bottom will be covered in industrial meat grinders. The illegal crossing issue is gone. McDonalds gets a constant supply of grade F ‘beef’ to make their happy meals even happier, and we have the option to flood it if the economy goes bad, making El Paso the newest sea port.

    2. I could support a fortified border if it had automatic flamethrowers that randomly shoot moving streams of cleansing fire and robot guards patrolling the border.

      When they talk about 20,000 more border quards they really mean 20,000 more bureaucrats with phat pensions.

  15. is McCain’s new Berlin Wall for keeping Mexicans out or Americans in?

  16. In the alternative, we could issue a warning to everyone near the border to clear out, then we could nuke the entire border with dirty bombs, making it an impenetrable radioactive dead zone.

    1. Sadly, I think this would be cheaper and have less negative economic effects on both nations.

      1. See? Sometimes the nuclear option is the most peaceful solution.

        1. If not the most peeable solution. Syphilis has nothing on radiation.

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