Anyone Who Thinks There Isn't More Govt Spending to Cut Should Watch This Freaking Video of "The Vice President and Dr. Biden in Trinidad"


I stumbled across this piece of junk video (uploaded May 29, 2013), "A 60 second recap: The Vice President and Dr. Biden in Trinidad" while doing actual work.

I realize that the time and money that went into creating this minute-long toothache (with a steel-drum band soundtrack, naturally, since it's set in the Caribbean) is miniscule, but it still puts the lie to the idea that we are in any way, shape, or form in an age of tragic, suicide-inducing austerity. Any government that is churning out stuff like this hasn't even scraped the frosting off the cake yet, much less starting digging into essential services.

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  1. Nick, sorry, but today, its all about the VINDICATION OF THE DECISION, not the jacket.

  2. Any government that is churning out stuff like this hasn’t even scraped the frosting off the cake yet

    “Let them eat frosting.”

  3. Fire the firemen. That’ll teach ’em to ask for spending cuts.

  4. I guess Julia Louis-Dreyfus was too busy to shoot the video?

  5. (with a steel-drum band soundtrack, naturally, since it’s set in the Caribbean)

    Well, that and that the steel-drum is the national musical instrument of Trinidad and Tobago. Nevertheless, the fact that Biden didn’t visit the Angostura factory after having an authentic Bake and Shark is cause enough for impeachment.

    1. Pitch Lake trip would provide more potential for entertainment.

  6. You expect the Emperor to go without pageantry? Preposterous! And IRS employees can’t function without retreats to Boca Raton.

  7. Is Jill Biden the “doctor” to whom the Doobie Brothers were suggesting we all listen to?

    Because for the life of me, I have never come across a community college instructor who was constantly referred to in this way.

    Hell, I don’t even think my freaking podiatrist insists in being called “Doctor” anything.

    1. How dare you minimize the accomplishments of a highly educated woman!

    2. She has specifically “demanded” that nonsense but beyond that the press really laps up the “Dr. Biden” bit. Here’s a question: Why didn’t they call the Cheneys “Vice President and Dr. Cheney”? Or why didn’t they call the Quayles “Vice President and Dr. Quayle”?

      1. Few people refer to Rand or Ron Pauls as “Doctor Paul” either, despite the fact they’re both actual fucking medical doctors.

    3. IIRC, music itself is the “doctor”.

    4. Interesting pattern: the New York Times always refers to PhDs as “Mister” or “Ms.” Except… if they’re black.

  8. The funny thing is that if the pageantry went away, the average serflike citizen would have a sad.

    The very first thing I would cut if I was President was spending on the President’s entourage and accoutrements. I would never travel (too expensive, and too inconvenient for people whose cities I imposed myself on), there would be no Rose Garden ceremonies, etc. I wouldn’t even drive up to Arlington.

    And Joe Citizen would mournfully sigh and tell the networks, “I don’t know, I just don’t feel like the President cares about the people. Like when that school shooting happened and he wouldn’t go to the memorial service.”

    Fucking public.

    1. This would be a great country if it wasn’t for all the fucking citizens.

    2. Back in the days of pedestrian and equestrian transport, the King would travel throughout his realm with a large and costly retinue demonstrating to the untravelled peasantry his existence, wealth and power.

      Same thing happens today. The more a President thinks he’s royalty, the more he travels with an impressive retinue. See, for example, Obama’s peregrinations, especially the current one to Europe and Africa. Cost estimate: from 60 to 100 million$.

      When we can’t afford to have people visit the White House, we bring the White House to the people.

    3. Peasants require pomp and pagentry, otherwise, how else to do they recognize their betters?

  9. OT: Paula Dean is in some deep doodoo.…..slurs.html

    Celebrity chef Paula Deen was to appear on the Today show this morning to answer questions from Matt Lauer about her past use of racial slurs – but she pulled out just before the show started.

    The no-show came after she was found in contempt of court in a $1.2million sexual harassment lawsuit for refusing to turn over a reel of ‘obscene and vulgar video outtakes’ in which she is said to cuss up a storm and simulate a sex act on an eclair.

    Lisa Jackson is suing the Food Network star and her brother Earl ‘Bubba’ Heirs amid claims she was routinely exposed to racist slurs and sexual harassment while managing Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House in Savannah, Georgia.

    She also performs a sex act on a chocolate eclair and says: ‘My a** ain’t pretty no more,’ according to court documents obtained by RadarOnline.

    She went down on an eclair. Big fat hairy deal. She’s a dirty old woman. So fucking what?

    1. That sounds like it could be hilarious.

      1. I bet she could suck all the cream out in one go. And I bet she swallows.

        1. She’s a dirty old SOUTHERN woman. Sucking a Chocolate Stuffed Eclair is just one of her many tricks.

        2. Women in the food world ALWAYS do. I’ve noticed the pattern and when it came time for me to find my Wife #3, I stopped doing what brought me the first two losers and looked on cooking/food forums.

          That marriage worked.

    2. She went down on an eclair

      I think you have the nouns reversed.

  10. Too bad a modern successor to the calypsonian “Attila the Hun” [Raymond Quevedo] hasn’t done a tribute to Biden like the Hun’s “When Roosevelt Came to Trinidad”.

  11. How are we going to tell places like Trinidad exactly how important the United States thinks they are if we can’t send Biden?

  12. I’m kind of disappointed. This video doesn’t include any of Biden’s off-the-cuff remarks.

  13. That trip doesn’t really offend me – forgien relations is one of the actual roles of the Executive branch. There are places to cut far more money that would improve our lives – like $2 Billion right here:…..atacenter/

  14. Nick, this just proves there was money to cut. Now there isn’t anything left to cut.


  15. Sounds like Biden is grooming Jar Jar Binks as his running mate .

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