Protests Continue in Brazil

Most peaceful protesters not happy with public services and corruption as well as plans for the soccer World Cup and Olympics


Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of several Brazilian cities for a second night of largely peaceful protests over poor public services, high prices and corruption.

In Sao Paulo, an estimated 50,000 people participated in Tuesday's demonstration lasting hours and concentrated along Avenida Paulista in the centre of the city of 11 million, police said.

A vehicle belonging to a television station was set on fire in front of the mayor's office. Windows of the building had earlier been smashed by rioters, and police withdrew into the building.

Thousands of people also demonstrated in Sao Goncalo near Rio de Janeiro, as well as in Belo Horizonte, amid a large police presence.

Protests a day earlier saw an estimated 200,000 people in the streets across the country, around half of them in its second-largest city of Rio de Janeiro.

The unrest first broke out in Sao Paolo last week against an increase in public-transport prices.