Matt Welch Gets a Bit Testy Over 'High School Dropout' Edward Snowden on MSNBC


On Sunday, June 16, I appeared on MSNBC's Sunday Live program with host Craig Melvin to discuss NSA surveillance and Edward Snowden, alongside Washington Post congressional correspondent Ed O'Keefe and WBAI radio host Esther Armah. I confess to airing out a bit of frustration:

The day before, I talked about immigration reform on MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry show:

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  1. That Ed O’Keefe guy has some scary-ass eyes.

    1. Also, YOU GONNA GIT PAID!!!

      1. Yeah, I loved that.

        Make it rain, Matt!

        But seriously, glad he voiced our frustrations about the high school dropout thing.

    2. Not many people ever really look in his eyes. Lawmakers typically only see the top of his head. If they can see his face, he’s usually got his eyes closed so he doesn’t get any in them.

    3. Want to look into my deadlights? We all float down here!

    4. Good God this Snowden guy must be really pissing off the MSNBC flunkies if they are using video clips of Cheney to bolster their side without bringing up Haliburton or some stupid shit from 10 years ago!

  2. I would object to being grouped into that “Brain Trust”.

  3. This might be M.Lee Welch’s finest TV appearance, except for his failure to reach over and crack Esther in the mouth, then explain to her that Congress’ approval rating has fuck-all to do with a program initiated and executed within the dark heart of the Executive Branch.

  4. Cheney is suspicious Snowden is a spy because he went to China, and, according to Cheney, China is not where you want to go if you’re interested in freedom and liberty?

    What the fuck does that even mean?

    1. Ok, now I’m angry. Are spies in the business of complaining about how powerful the security apparatus is in the country they’re spying against?

      Is this a common tactic by a spy?

      God Cheney is so dumb, I honesty don’t see what Shrike has against him!

    2. It means pay all of your attention to the smear job and no attention to the man behind the curtain.

  5. OH, phew, I thought to myself, “Is no one going to mention BOOOOSH!”? Go WaPo!

    1. If there are any elderly members of the commentariat out there, could you shed some light on how many years the Dems were shouting HOOVER everytime someone criticized FDR, Truman, Kennedy, or Johnson? What’s the statute of limitations on that stuff – 8 yrs? 80 yrs?

      1. There is no statute of limitations with Bush. Bush is like murder.

      2. They may not be using Hoover’s name but they do allude to his presidency from time to time even today.

      3. They were still making the occasional HOOVER reference when Reagan ran in 1980.

        1. Reagan? I’ve gotten in arguments with people in the last few months who thought Hoover was a laissez-faire President.

          FDR’s smear campaign against him has been one of the most effective in modern history.

      4. how many years the Dems were shouting HOOVER

        Try Googling “George Herbert Hoover Bush” in quotes and Democrat. They are still at it.

  6. Video two: The GOP, Your Uteris, and YOU! And OBAMA FTW!


    1. OH jesus. He’s actually going through the bullet points of just how great Obama is. Wait… that’s a guest host on MHP… is that Shrike? Did Shrike step in for Melissa Harris-Perry?

    2. God, skip to the end! Where Welch at? Oh, there at 5:39. Thank me later for saving y’all from the Obama Dear Leader North Korean Newscast.

      1. I gave up watching Reason people on MSNBC – especially MH-P’s show. The stale talking points & stupid from the other commentators just wasn’t worth it.

  7. Unless you graduated with honors from Hogwarts or Xavier’s School for the Gifted, a high diploma doesn’t mean anything.

    1. ….even Hogwarts has been in decline since admissions has been opened to Mudbloods.

      1. Next year, I’m transferring to Pigfarts!

      2. The No Wizard Left Behind act really screwed them over. All they do is teach the standardized spells anymore. How are kids supposed to learn critical neuromancy skills like that?

        1. Their defense against the dark arts program was in trouble for years before the Ministry intervened, and then it really took a turn for the worse when Umbridge showed up.

        2. I hear so many teachers complain about having to just “teach to the spell”.

      3. Oh well. There’s still the Jedi Academy.

        1. alas, we’re all too old.

    2. Where’s the love for Miskatonic?

  8. Good job, Matt. No sarcasm. Good job.

  9. Wow man, lets roll that beautiful bean footage!


  10. You and the gentle lady to your right did give the Washington Post stooge mouthing off pure pravda a whooping there, Matt.

  11. If Matt Welch had a PhD in English from a decent State U he might be editing the popular electronic media version of tReason and not some college-dropout “editor” mired in the dead tree legacy media print edition.

    1. He might also be saying shit for brains things like Chris Christie should make libertarian leaning voters hopeful.

      1. Yeah, Gillespie’s shine has really worn off.

        It’s like he went retard over guns a few months ago and has continued down the road to full retard ever since.

      2. Wait, someone thinks Christie is libertarian-friendly?

        1. Nick Gillespie

          I’ve been warning y’all about the cosmotarian menace for years.

          1. Another Prophet of Disaster
            Who says the ship is lost,
            Another Prophet of Disaster
            Leaving you to count the cost.
            Taunting us with Visions,
            Affecting us with fear,
            Predicting War for millions,
            In the hope that one appears.

  12. They may not know everything, but they are kept in the loop. Really, what more assurance could you possibly want?

  13. Anyone know why videos posted by Matt Welch never show up on my iPhone app? Real strange because its consistently only the Welch posts.

    1. I dunno why it would only be Matt’s posts, but these particular videos use Flash (which I hate).

  14. Esther had Matt’s back.

    1. Youtube stalker alert:

      7 hours ago

      FUN FACT: This is the video that a certain libertarian obsessive-compulsive commenter links to with his internet pseudonym–500+? times a day–on his favorite site, Reason.com’s Hit & Run (The Official Chat-Room of the Reason Foundation?). “Fist of Etiquette”‘s claim-to-fame is his Quixotic attempt to be the first commenter on every Hit & Run post! Is he a dedicated and drooling stimulus-and-response pooch of Reason.com, or just another internet crackpot? Visit Hit & Run. The answer is obvious.

      1. My girlfriend tells me that FoE has a tiny, tiny penis.

      2. Somehow that got flagged as spam.

  15. I wish I could have watched it, but the MSNBC servers buffering every 2 seconds was a bit much. It was like standing in a shuffling bread line.

    Next time, MSNBC, try capitalism.

  16. Sounds like a plan to me dude.


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