Man Sues Police After Multiple Traffic Stops, Taser Assault

Says the officer had it in for him


The incident occurred on Dec. 27, 2012, when the Rev. Charles Gillespie and three members of his family were pulled over by Aberdeen police officer J.D. Branson. Gillespie was hit with a Taser three times following the stop. A Taser is a nonlethal stun gun officers routinely carry to subdue individuals. …

The lawsuit alleges that Branson told Gillespie that the reason he pulled the vehicle over was for "dead tags" due to a "lapse in insurance."

The plaintiffs offered to show Branson proof of insurance, but he allegedly said, "I don't want to see it," and "Take it up with your insurance company."

The suit alleges that Branson has stopped Gillespie three times on similar charges and that all three had been dismissed in court.

The lawsuit alleges that Branson "knowingly fabricated a scenario in order to harass, false arrest, falsely imprison and inflict emotional distress on the Plaintiff and family."