Snoop Lion Lights Up a Blunt and Offers Life Advice on One Life to Live

A snapshot of American culture in 2013.


And in the year 2013, this happened:

That's Snoop Lion (né Dogg) smoking a blunt and doling out life advice on the venerable soap opera One Life to Live. If you're wondering what the stay-at-home parents of America thought when they tucked their toddlers in for an afternoon nap, turned on their TVs, and saw that, the answer is that they didn't: These days One Life to Live is a Web-only series, and I wouldn't be surprised if this scene gets more attention from Snoop fans than from soap fans. Which, I suppose, just makes it weirder—especially since the series' untelevised status means the guest star can say "shit" without attracting the anger of the FCC: