"No Spy Should Have That Big a Tell": Daily Show on Clapper's Senate Testimony Lies


"No spy should have that big a tell," notes John Oliver, the temporary host of The Daily Show, in a very funny bit about recent revelations about state surveillance.

Didn't James Clapper get the Costanza Memo?

Watch and laugh (before you cry).

Via Instapundit via Althouse Blog.

Also notable from Instapundit recently, this thought on "unmediated man":

When David Brooks complains that Edward Snowden is an unmediated man, I must note that in the civil society Brooks invokes, Presidents and other leaders were also mediated; they were not merely checked by Congress, courts, etc., but they were also checked by themselves, and a sense of what was proper that went beyond "how much can I get away with now?" Obama, too, is unmediated in that sense. That Brooks couldn't see beyond his sharply-creased pants to notice that when it was apparent to keen observers even before the 2008 election is not to his credit. If the system of civil society has failed, it is in no small part because its guardians — notably including Brooks — have also failed.