Matt Welch Talks Over-Classification and Government Snoopery on Cavuto


Last night, June 12, I appeared on Fox Business Network's Cavuto to discuss the controversies over outsourcing intelligence, Amazon.com's foray into the cloud-intelligence business, the Consumper Financial Protection Bureau's database-compilation of consumer records, and more:

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  1. Welch tries to derail the convo by talking shit about domestic intelligence gathering. He apparently didn’t understand the topic was how private sector contractors aren’t automatically trustworthy like government employees.

    1. that’s funny, because you are right. The blonde (long hair) woman essentially makes the point that when you contract stuff, you are opening access to all these ‘other’ people. Somehow the security clearance process works differently for non-Governmental employees. Maybe cause they contract that out too?

  2. Anyone else having problems downloading that video?

  3. In my experience US Govt. contractors do a better job handling Govt. classified material than Govt. workers do. The contracting company does not want to lose the Govt. contract so they do a better job making sure employees follow the rules. But if someone wants to leak and is willing to risk incarceration, doesn’t mater if he is a contractor or Govt worker.

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