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Police Sic Dog on the Wrong Guy, Hang Around for Laughs


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It's simply not fair to say that police-canine encounters always end with the use of a weapon against the dog. Sometimes, the police use the dog as a weapon against people — innocent people. That seems to be the case in the matter of Daniel Rodriguez of Contra Costa County, California. In a lawsuit filed after the fact, Rodriguez says he was walking home from his handyman job, when officers looking for a robbery suspect decided to let a police k-9 use him as a chew toy.

From Courthouse News Service:

Police sicced a dog on a man walking home from work, mauling him with 56 bites, and kept him in handcuffs even after the crime victim told them he was "the wrong guy," the man claims in court.

Daniel Rodriguez sued Contra Costa County, the cities of Oakley and Pittsburg and their police departments, and Oakley police Officer Roger Canady, in Federal Court.

Rodriguez claims he was walking home from the motel where he worked as a handyman when Officer Canady pulled up in a police cruiser, got out with a dog and ordered him to the ground.

"Officer Canady was, at this time, in pursuit of an armed robbery suspect who had robbed a liquor store a short distance away," the complaint states. "Rodriguez asked the officer why he was ordering him to lay down. Officer Canady did not respond and instead took the police dog out of the car.

The incident apparently occurred on a residential street in full view of homeowners.

When witnesses complained that police let the dog attack Rodriguez though he was cooperating, the officers "told the witnesses to 'Shut up' and go back inside their houses. The officers allegedly took all the names of the witnesses, and the witnesses left," according to the complaint.

Mr. Rodriguez would like a little compensation for his pains.

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  1. After learning that they had the wrong individual, none of the officers left the scene to look for the suspect who was armed and dangerous and instead chose to remain at the scene and call Rodriguez insulting names and continued to illegally detain and taunt him.
    But the ordeal wasn’t over. Rodriguez claims that paramedic whom police called “laughed at him and said, ‘He looks like a criminal.”

    Galt bless those heroic first responders.

    1. So I guess American is actually a paramedic in the East Bay?

  2. One of the homeowners should have shot the worthless mutt, and then the canine.

  3. Fucking peasant got to keep his life, what more payment does he think he deserves?

  4. When witnesses complained that police let the dog attack Rodriguez though he was cooperating, the officers “told the witnesses to ‘Shut up’ and go back inside their houses…

    Allow me to insert a bit of wishful fiction:

    at which time one freedom-loving homeowner pulled out his Benelli Super Black Eagle II and shot the costumed-attacker with Remington 3 inch magnum #6 shot high brass. This stunned the costumed attacker until the local heroes could free the victim from the attacker’s dog.

    1. Thank you Duke.

      I’m seriously depressed about this shit and your post certaily let me dream again.

      1. That’s why I’m here man. To help other live the dream.

    2. Nah. I’m more inclined to wishful think a sick-of-it judge orders Officer Canady doused in pigs blood and ordered to spend the night in a pen of pit-bulls…that haven’t been fed in two days.

  5. I almost cannot visit this site anymore. BP is spiking higher every day it seems like.

    Fuck cops. Fuck cops.

  6. Police sicced a dog on a man walking home from work, mauling him with 56 bites, and kept him in handcuffs even after the crime victim told them he was “the wrong guy,” the man claims in court.

    This is all too typical. I’ve personally witnessed cops’ reluctance to stop a detainment even when the victim or evidence indicates the person they’ve identified is the wrong guy.

    It’s like once the ball is rolling, the cops are reluctant to stop it out of some weird thought process of not wanting to admit a mistake.

    Victim: The guy who attacked me had red hair and was clean shaven, this guy has a dark beard and is easily a foot shorter.

    Cops: Could you please stand over there and let us do our job while we run this guy?

    1. Witness: Wait, that’s not Chris Dorner! that’s two hispanic women in a completely different make/model/color truck!


    2. They all just want to go back to the precinct to fill out paperwork because they’re too scared to be on the streets. So, arrest whoever and let the judge sort ’em out!

  7. My aunt and uncle live in Pittsburg and this definitely does not surprise me

  8. I’m guessing from the story that when the witnesses were told to go back inside and mind their own business that they complied? That’s the sort of people you are asking to give a shit about the government looking at your e-mails.

  9. You know what would make a great spinoff from Dexter? A serial killer who works for the police department as a forensics specialist and only wacks cops.

  10. The cop obviously should be fired, fined, arrested, tried and imprisoned, and feel fortunate that punishments like being thrown to the dogs are unconstitutional. But of course he won’t.

  11. If I understand the recent kerfuffles correctly, Rodriguez had nothing to fear because he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

    1. Don’t worry. I’m sure we’ll find something.

  12. When I was a little kid (and I mean real little), I got lost in my suburban tract. An older boy sicced his dog on me. Just for shits and giggles. I was afraid of dogs for years after. It’s pathetic that so many in law enforcement have mentalities not much different from that prepubescent dick.

    1. I didn’t know Joffrey lived in the suburbs.

  13. If only the government had MORE POWER, these sort of things wouldn’t happen.

  14. OK wow that jsut makes a ll kinds of crazy sense. Wow.


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