Civil Liberties

Officers Assault Innocent Man With Police Dog

Kept him handcuffed and bleeding even after the crime victim cleared him


Police sicced a dog on a man walking home from work, mauling him with 56 bites, and kept him in handcuffs even after the crime victim told them he was "the wrong guy," the man claims in court.

Daniel Rodriguez sued Contra Costa County, the cities of Oakley and Pittsburg and their police departments, and Oakley police Officer Roger Canady, in Federal Court.

Rodriguez claims he was walking home from the motel where he worked as a handyman when Officer Canady pulled up in a police cruiser, got out with a dog and ordered him to the ground.

"Officer Canady was, at this time, in pursuit of an armed robbery suspect who had robbed a liquor store a short distance away," the complaint states. "Rodriguez asked the officer why he was ordering him to lay down. Officer Canady did not respond and instead took the police dog out of the car.