Matthew Feeney Talks Privatization and the NSA With Thom Hartmann Today at 3pm ET


Credit: Gnarlodious/wikimedia

I will be appearing on Thom Hartmann's radio show today at 3pm ET to discuss whether privatization is responsible for the NSA scandal and who should be running our national security.

I can't help but feel that the NSA scandal is a good example of how dangerous big government is and the dangers of expensive and secretive intelligence agencies. I'm looking forward to hearing what Thom has to say on the matter.

Read more from Reason.com on the NSA scandal here.

Click here at 3pm ET to listen.

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  1. Privatization or not, what Top Men or important politicopaths are going to take real responsibility and lose their jobs for allowing Snowden access and ability to leak such hysteria-producing bs?

    Incompetent mafia gang leaders blame lack of faith of a foot soldier for embarrassing exposures of their incompetence.

  2. Hartmann is easily the stupidest sack of shit ever allowed to use a microphone. He had me in hysterics during my drivetime yesterday, talking about Leon Foucault (whose name he couldn’t pronounce), clearly mistaking him for Michel (whose soi disant “philosophy” he also got wrong). “It’s all about Foucault’s Hypothesis, which I’ve read very carefully.”

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