Pew: Democrats Suddenly Cool With NSA Data-Diving Now That a Democrat Is President

The same goes for Republicans.



When the pollsters at Pew asked Democrats in January 2006 how they felt about the NSA's surveillance programs, 37 percent labeled the programs "acceptable," while 61 percent said they were unacceptable. Today, those numbers are exactly the opposite: 64 percent of Democrats now think the NSA's surveillance programs are acceptable, while only 34 percent say they're not. 

Republicans polled much the same way (in reverse, obviously). Back in 2006, 75 percent of Republicans supported the NSA "scrutiniz[ing] phone calls and emails of suspected terrorists." Today, only 52 percent of Republicans say such actions are acceptable. 

Could it be that sharing a party ID with whoever's in the White House is a better indicator of one's opinion on major civil liberties issues, than, say principle? I AM REALLY STARTING TO THINK SO. 

Whole damn poll–including the frightening statistic that only 12 percent of 18-29 year-olds are following the NSA story–right here