Wisconsin Lawmakers Try to Boot Journalists Group from College

The Center for Investigative Journalism in Wisconsin doesn't receive any state funding


Joint Finance Committee lawmakers voted at about 6 a.m. today to add a provision to the state budget expelling the "Center for Investigative Journalism" from University of Wisconsin offices. The vote was 12-4 on party lines, with Republicans in the majority.

Lawmakers are not defunding the Center. The Center receives no funding from the University of Wisconsin.

Its $400,000 budget is supported by private foundations, individuals and news organizations. It operates in two small offices in Vilas Communication Hall — used by its four-member professional staff and four UW-Madison reporting interns — under a Facilities Use Agreement (see Documents) that requires the Center to provide paid internships, classroom collaborations, guest lectures and other educational services.

(Hat tip to Radley Balko)