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San Francisco Looks to Bar Chains from Operating Food Trucks

Success is evil!


San Francisco's formula retail ordinance — a.k.a the chain-store killer — continues to deter large and growing retailers interested in opening shops or restaurants in the city. Soon, it could put the brakes on food trucks, too.

As part of Supervisor Scott Wiener's recently proposed legislation to amend the city's Public Works, Planning and Transportation codes, mobile food vendors that are owned or operated by a restaurant group with 11 or more locations will be prohibited from serving in neighborhood districts where the formula retail law applies.

In other words, if La Boulange with its 20-something locations and now endless Starbucks kiosks wanted to take its crispy croissants on the streets, it would be severely limited.

(Hat tip to Keep Food Legal)

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  1. It’s behind the paywall, but there was an SF Chron article on (hated!) chain stores earlier in the week, with bullshit quotes from the renk-seekers: ‘Preserving the neighborhood!’.
    Anyhow, one snuck in, as the current limit is 11 US locations. This was a Euro chain and no one knew it until one rent-seeking sleaze saw an ad at a Euro tennis match and looked it up. In his Encyclopedia Britannica, I hope. The HORROR.
    So the twits on the SF BoS are going to change it to 11 outlets, world-wide. What happens if a store opens here and gets successful? Will it have to close if it opens outlets later?

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