Kenyan Police Among Those Terrorizing Kenyan Citizens

More turning to life of crime


Police officers are among criminals terrorising Kenyans, a report released by the Kenya Police Service Wednesday has revealed.

The report also says murder and robbery cases are on the rise. A lot of the crimes involve the use of firearms and ammunition held by criminals.

The report, which compares the first five months of the last three years, says there was a threefold increase in the number of officers reported to have been involved in various crimes. Between January and May 2011, 18 officers were charged with various crimes, but in 2012, only 14 officers were charged. However, the number increased to 48 this year, representing a 243 per cent increase.

Following the increase in the number of errant officers, Inspector-General of Police David Kimaiyo has said that specialised teams like the Special Crime Prevention Unit (SCPU) and crime intelligence personnel will be deployed in affected areas.