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Defiant California Bakery Gives Away Foie Gras–Filled Donuts


foie bomb donut
Credit: Psycho Donuts

Tomorrow is National Donut Day and one California bakery will be thumbing its floury nose at that state's ban on the sale and manufacture of foie gras:

A doughnut filled with foie gras mousse will be given away for free at two bakeries in San Jose and Campbell, California, on Friday, also known as National Doughnut Day.

The unusual treat, which is topped with a sprig of sage and injected with a pipette of fig, honey and balsamic gastrique, has attracted a lot of attention since Psycho Donuts announced its arrival—both positive and negative.

The bakery, Psycho Donuts, calls its creation the Foie Bomb.

Notably, Psycho also sell vegan products–letting customers, not legislators, decide which tasty treats also meet their ethical standards. Delicious!

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  1. I want to remember it. I never want to forget it. I never want to forget. And then I realized. . .like I was shot. . .like I was shot with a sugar glaze. . .a glazed doughnut right through my forehead. And I thought, my God, the genius of that! The genius! The will to do that! Perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure.

  2. Why ruin perfectly wonderful foie gras by wrapping it in flour and sugar? How disgusting. Doughnuts are nasty.

    1. Yeah, I don’t get the combination. I would try it but it doesn’t sound all that great.

      I had this at Park Cafe in Nashville last weekend, speaking of Foie Gras-
      Cast Iron Duck Breast-
      foie gras & cornbread puree, kale, wild mushrooms, huckleberries, sherry vinaigrette..

      It was amazing. The only complaint is that there wasn’t ENOUGH Foie Gras. I WANT MOAR.

      1. That’s why you double order. Noob.

      2. Now that sounds pretty fucking good.

        1. The Duck breast was cooked perfectly. Med rare of course, and perfectly tender. I’m not a big Kale guy but it worked really well with the vinaigrette and the juice from the Duck. I could’ve eaten a whole meal of just the foie gras & cornbread puree.

    2. nicole was wrong about you, Epi, you’re not worse than Hitler. You’re even worse than that. You’re literally Adolf Hitler.

      1. Literally?!?

          1. He’s not Hitler. That’s ridiculous. He’s a clone of Hitler.

            1. Yeah, seriously. His pizza preference is simply asinine, but hating donuts (or doughnuts) is just fucking horrific. Monster.

              1. I just realized, he must be trolling on this topic. No one can hate donuts.

                1. No one can hate donuts.

                  SF and donuts are mortal enemies.

    3. You just want to hoard them all to yourself.

      Next up? Black truffle doughnuts.

  3. Don’t they know that true freedom means freedom from the hardships and consequences of individual choice?!?!?!

    1. This is the sentiment of a friend of mine from college. He appreciates Obamacare because a free market in health care and/or health insurance would require him to think about things he doesn’t want to think about. Those pesky needs…always interfering with his free time.

  4. “Tomorrow is National Donut Day”

    So like all cops have the day off then, right?

    1. No, they’ll just lock down whole cities except for the donut shops.

  5. ” letting customers, not legislators, decide which tasty treats also meet their ethical standards.”

    What if I my ethical standard allows for force fed human child liver, do I get to decide that as well, or do those meddling legislators get to make the call.

    1. Shut up, moron.

      1. To be fair, saying “ethical standards” was pretty retarded. I think Mangu-Ward meant “preferences”. Those preferences still have to conform to the ethical standard, the NAP.

        1. To be fair that was a much more eloquent and well thought out response than we would typically see from epi.

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