Chris Christie

Chris Christie Sets Senate Election Primary Date in August, General Election in October

Says he'll make a decision on a Senate appointment relatively soon


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New Jersey will hold a special primary election for the Senate seat vacated by Frank Lautenberg's death on Tuesday, August 13, with a special general election to follow on Wednesday, October 16, the state's governor, Chris Christie, announced in a press conference today. It'll be just three weeks before the gubernatorial general election in which Christie is running. Answering questions from the media, he said he's restricted by statute on the dates, and said it was "irresponsible" to wait even a few weeks to time it out so the special election would be held on November 5. "I'm not going to play politics with this," Christie said. He says he deemed it advisable to hold a special election, as permitted by statute, and says he doesn't care what the costs of the election will be. The state will cover the cost of the primary and general and said anyone who doesn't have time to get the signatures for the special election isn't a viable statewide candidate anyway. Could he be sued? "In New Jersey, people sue over everything," the governor said.

He hasn't named his appointment yet, but said it "wouldn't be right" for his appointment to serve for 18 months, which appeared to be the recommendation of the Office of Legislative Services earlier today. "I'm going to pick the person I believe to be the best person, then that person will determine whether they want to run for election or not," Christie said, saying he's setting no "pre-conditions," though pointed out it wasn't a shock Lautenberg died and says he has a list he'll go through and make a decision relatively quickly, though he wouldn't give "any indication" of who's being considered. "I can't worry about some of the nonsense that gets written," he says, anticipating a backlash for holding a special election a few weeks before his own.

"You got something else to cover and something else to do," he said at the end, addressing reporters on the guberntorial election beat.

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  1. “I can’t worry about some of the nonsense that gets written,” he says, anticipating a backlash for holding a special election a few weeks before his own.

    All bluster aside, I guaraneffingtee you he worries very much about the “nonsense” written about him.

  2. You just called him a fat fuck! You just called him a fat fuck!

  3. Wow is he right that he has no choice but to have the special election 10-16 instead of waiting to 11-05. Because that extra election is going to have effects beyond the cost that he says he doesn’t care about. I suppose it should be good for the GOP, which I might like, except that it’s baloney.

  4. Wonder how much “the state” (i.e. the taxpayers) are going to have to shell out for a special primary that maybe 10% of registered voters will turn out for? It is time for political parties to pay for primary elections if they don’t want to have their registered members select delegates to a convention.

    1. It’s time for political parties to pay for their own primaries, period.

      1. Indeed. I’d be all for a law that absolutely prohibits public dime one being spent on the parties and, by the way, also makes completely illegal any law favoring in any way a political party. Part of the reason third parties spin into a death spiral is that there are built-in protections for the majors.

        1. I’m sure the two parties that benefit from this situation and have a complete lock on every legislature in the country will get right to work on said law.

          1. Which is, of course, precisely the problem. We could make a lot of noise about such things as voters, but we don’t do that much anymore.

    2. It’s time to ban elections, and stop governments from stealing from us.

  5. Draft Chris Cullen now!

    Give New Jersey a Senator they deserve!

    1. CHARLES Cullen.

      Time for me to fuck off and start drinking.

      1. Snooki? The Situation? The star of Made in Jersey?

  6. he doesn’t care what the costs of the election will be.

    Of course not. Why would he? If I were running against him, I would be putting that quote in ads tomorrow.

    1. What a fucking jackass.

      So 2 elections less than a month apart? Asshole.

  7. Christie couldn’t be any more of a scumbag. If there’s any sort of government spending to which the statists in New Jersey are opposed, it’s extraneous elections.

    1. Especially extraneous elections that their supporters will be too dumb to turn out for.

  8. The GOP primary presents Christie with a real challenge. Who will he hurl his weight behind or under?

    Smart Money is on either State Representatives StayPuft MarshmallowMan or Aunt Jemima.

    1. Well, since the latter is racist, my money is on the former.

  9. Hey, what does the fat fuck care? He gots lots of Obamacash, he’s doing okay.

  10. He’s a shoe-in for GOP nomination to run against the Biden/Clinton ticket in ’16. And if history is our guide, the GOP will throw everything they have behind him.

    1. If the GOP wants to throw all its assets into the gaping maw of doom that is Christie’s ass, that’s up to them.

      1. Personally, I can’t wait. The GOP needs another Romney-esque loss. I don’t see any evidence they’ve gotten any messages.

        1. Maybe Christie really is the logical choice. He could conceivably deliver a 49 state landslide to the Democrat Party.

          Nah, the GOP would explain that by saying they are not pro gay and pro illegal alien enough and that they need to embrace gays and aliens.

          1. “they need to embrace gays and aliens.”

            The Greys are gay?

            /Art Bell

            1. Why do you think they engage in anal probing?

          2. Fat guys aren’t cool so the GOP shouldn’t nominate him. They need to nominate someone cool like…Rand Paul? Nothing says “cool” then “NO FREE SHITZ!”

          3. What about gay aliens?

            1. Is that going to be in the new Superman movie? Jon Peters will be pleased.

    2. No, I think he’s burned some serious bridges with the party.

      Not long ago, it looked like a possible Christie-Clinton general. Now I think neither can win the nomination, mostly thanks to their own stupid moves.

      1. Hillary doesn’t make stupid moves. Every move she makes has a carefully calculated endgame.

        How many former first ladies ended up being Henry Kissinger? Exactly.

  11. In 2004 MA Democrats passed a law that would prevent Gov. Romney from appointing a (Republican) senator because they’d hoped that Kerry’s seat would have been vacant. MA would have no senator until the special election. Then in 2009 Kennedy died and MA Democrats immediately changed the law of 2004 by giving the Democratic governor the right to appoint an interim senator because the Obamacare had to be passed and the Dems needed every single vote in the Senate. Now I cannot even bother to get outraged if NJ schedules two elections within three weeks. I guess they didn’t even have to pass a new law to do it.

    1. hmmm, I wonder if maybe the DOJ should review all of their election laws. You know to make sure everybody is getting equal protections under the law.

  12. “I’m not going to play politics with this,” Christie said.

    That’s insulting.

    What horseshit!

    1. This is precisely the kind of rage that B. Clinton would inspire. This cunt just fucking lies and sells it like he’s Paul Newman.

  13. You know which other New Jersey governor was in charge during extra Senate elections?

    1. Adolph Hitler?

      1. Bad form, Ken. Tut, tut.

        1. I’m pretty sure he was referring to the fascist fuck Woodrow Wilson.

    2. Gay-American McGreevy?

      1. AKA Dead Fish Handshake
        AKA Captain Pink Shorts
        AKA Sham Marriage
        AKA Handsy Jim
        AKA Mayor McCreep

    3. Liberace?

  14. And special elections have much lower turnouts than regular elections. So, basically NJ’s next senator will be selected by the politically active, and old people bussed in from nursing homes.

    1. HA! In IL, we are more efficient – we have “helpful” younger people go to the nursing homes and “assist” with absentee/mail-in ballots.

      1. The horror…

      2. And the voters in the graveyards ALWAYS turn out.

    2. You forgot about all the dead people votes in Hudson County.

      1. I’m sure there are spirit mediums who divine the voting preferences of the deceased and “help” them vote.

    3. Based on my experience running elections, there’s not much difference between those two demographics.

    4. New Jersey’s next Senator will be Corey Booker. And all of those old people and politically active will be less interested in showing up two weeks later to vote Fatso out of office.

  15. Basically fatso is spending 24 million dollars of taxpayer money to have an election as soon as possible so he can avoid offending his Dem donors.

    1. He is also having a special election two weeks before the general election to keep Booker off the ballot. What a fucking scumbag. God, I hope he loses.

  16. Christie clearly wants to prove his NJ slimebag bonifides.

    Christie wants to avoid the Cory Booker turnout in the general election. It’s that simple and that’s what makes his claims of “not playing politics” so Ludacris.

    If there is any Karma in this it will be that whoever the Dems put up against him trounces him in the General in November.

  17. So he could have added a new GOP senator for 18 months, but deliberately chose not to?

    He may as well get his stomach unstapled because there’s no point to his running for President.

    1. It is better than that. He also scheduled the election at the earliest possible moment, so that it wouldn’t coincide with the general election in November. That means that makes it impossible for the GOP to even put up a credible candidate against Booker. But it also means Fatso goes for re-election without having to face a wave of Booker voters.

      Unless he plans to run as a Dem, he needs to forget running for President.

      1. Or is it the other way around, that he scheduled the special election to give the GOP a turnout advantage?

        1. Why would it give them a turnout advantage? Booker is a known commodity. He doesn’t really need time to campaign. Any Republican will need time to get some name recognition. And won’t have it thanks to chubbs.

    2. Fluffy, I didn’t know that you were so insensitive to those who are horizontally challenged.

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