Matthew Feeney Discusses the Decline of Christian Communities in the Middle East on RT


I recently appeared on RT's CrossTalk to discuss the decline of Christian communities in the Middle East with Michael Maloof of WND and Sabah Al-Mukhtar of the U.K.-based Arab Lawyers Association.

At the beginning of the 20th century Christians made up about 20 percent of the population in the Middle East. Now, Christians make up 5 percent of the Middle East's population.

The segment includes discussions on the situation in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq, the Arab Spring, and the role U.S. foreign policy has played in the changing demographics of the Middle East.

Watch below:

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  1. Of course, there also used to be huge Jewish populations throughout the same area.

  2. So U.S. policy should have stuck behind the despots of the Arab world, like Mubarak and Saddam Hussein, because their despotism was stabilizing and that kept Christian safe? Man, that is some kind of brilliant libertarian foreign policy position.

    Vague accusations against U.S. foreign policy explain jack all Matthew Feeney.

  3. Foreign policy, blah blah. Let’s get to the substance here: If Feeney is going to make public appearances, he shouldn’t allow his mom to cut his hair. Good grief.

  4. Could someone remind me why we should care about the Middle East? At all?

    1. Depends if you care about Israel, Syria and Egypt then you are a Muslim hating neocon but if you care about Jordan and the Palestinians then you are an anti-war anti-imperialism type.

  5. Could someone remind me why we should care about the Middle East? At all?

    1. Because if we don’t we’re supporting terrorism! Duh!


    2. Because most politicians refuse to follow the prime directive.

      1. They didn’t even in Trek except for when they did.

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