Rand Paul

@reason Chats with @SenRandPaul on Twitter. Right Now!


Reason conducts a live 15-minute Twitter interview with Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), the leader of the "Wacko Bird" caucus and the person we've called "the most interesting man in the Senate."

The interview's hashtag is #randchat

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  1. If I name my daughter the “at” symbol, will that cause her Twitter problems later in life?

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    1. it might, if she can’t come up with anything more clever than her name for a handle.

  2. I’m submitting questions through coveritlive since I don’t have a twitter account. Is anyone getting them?

    1. I’m doing the same thing. I think the honchos at Reason are getting the queries and then they ask Sen. Paul.

      1. If that’s the case they must think our questions suck.

        1. I think I got one in.

  3. Rudely OT: Zumba instructor gets busted for prostituion.

    If there were any profession that would field damned fine prositutes, I’d put Zumba instructor at… the top.


    1. It isn’t off-topic if you ask Senator Paul what he thinks about Zumba prostitution.

      1. I give it two enthusiastic thumbs up!

    2. The former single mother was accused of conspiring with insurance business owner Mark Strong to run a prostitution business in which she videotaped clients without their knowledge and kept detailed records over an 18-month period indicating she made $150,000 tax-free. She also collected more than $40,000 in public assistance.

      Everything but the public assistance is cool. They better that back with interest and a penalty.

      1. She should have billed herself as ‘green energy’.

      2. She gets 10 months in jail and a $57 grand fine. Her partner gets 20 days.

      3. You’re cool with being videotaped without your knowledge?

        1. Fuck, this is a trick question.

          Tulpa answers: Yes

          Libertarians answer: No

  4. Goddamn Monsanto-obsessed shithawks shitting up the joint.

    1. Paultards always find a way.

      1. And reason asks Rand Paul if he saw a friggin’ Jane Fonda movie.

        At least ask him who his favorite Game of Thrones character is, if you’re going to do fluff questions.

  5. Gah


    1. I agree! It’s got me totally twitterpated

  6. What the fuck is up with the word cloud as a background image?

  7. That chump barely answered anyone’s questions.

  8. Darn, too late. I was going to run my idea of renaming the Department of Justice to the Department of Oppression.

    My followup idea was to have the NEA commission a pornographic sculpture of Uncle Sam taking a shit on Lady Liberty’s chest and install it in place of DOO’s statue of blind justice that caused John Ashcroft so many problems. Then, when liberals bitch about us blaspheming their god, we can call them NEA-hating, John-Ashcroft-like prudes.

    But now, we’ll never know whether Rand could get that through the Senate.

    1. Yeah, I was too late, too.

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