Vid: Anti-Monsanto Speaker Rants Against GMOs, Vaccines…and Fast and Furious?


In Los Angeles, Reason TV checked out Saturday's "March Against Monsanto," which took place all over the world and attacked genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as supposedly unhealthy and unfit for human consumption.

We'll have more footage from the LA rally, but here's a clip of a speaker ranting against GMOs, chem trails, vaccines, the Fast & Furious gun-walking program, and just about everything else under the sun.

About one minute. Shot and edited by Sharif Matar and Patrick Bowers.

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    1. And the tin-foil lids are on aisle 6.

  1. More Mencken quotes:

    Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who would want to live in an institution?

    All government, of course, is against liberty.

    It is impossible to imagine the universe run by a wise, just and omnipotent God, but it is quite easy to imagine it run by a board of gods.

    Puritanism. The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.

  2. I’m always dismayed by the amount of nuts who come out to decry the Reason videos on subjects like this.

    1. Weekends and holidays tend to bring out the crazies.

  3. If you drink two dozens sodas a day you will become obese and diabetic, EVEN IF they are sweetened with sucrose from all-natural from organic heirloom Indian corn.

    1. Or carbon free sugar.

      1. I really like carbon-free, organic mangoes.

        I get them at Whole Foods.

        1. Wait how are the organic if they’re carbon-free?

          Forget that how are they mangos if they have no carbon?

          1. They’re organic because there’s no chemicals in them.

            1. Didn’t you hear? On analysis, DHMO was found in them! Time to burn down Whole Foods!

  4. Sometimes man you jsut gotta roll with it.

  5. What are chem trails, I mostly see that referenced here but never up.

    1. You know contrails, the cloud trails that form behind aircraft? Well some people believe these are trails of chemicals being sprayed into the air for clandestine reasons, either by the government, or some other sinister entity.

      1. That’s not as sinister as I thought it would be, I was afraid to look it up cause I thought it might set off my anxiety.

      2. Though you wonder how they can be considered clandestine when everyone can see them for miles and miles.

  6. Moonbats of a feather…

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  8. Chem trails?

    He forgot Bush, Haliburton, Weather Machines, and the Tea Potties.

  9. Longtime libertarian activist Ralph Fucetola spoke at the rally in New Brunswick, NJ —

    1. I didn’t see any speech, but I will say that demanding that the government intervene to label (totally safe) produce, kinda-sorta makes you not a libertarian.

      Kinda like Tulpa, who as far as I know holds no libertarian views but self-labels as such.

      Words do have meaning.

  10. The New York Times uses Memorial Day to call for the re-institution of slavery:…..d=all&_r=0

    1. A lottery. Must have seen the Hunger Games.

    2. What I find funny is how several of the commenters seem to think that re-instituting compulsory service will make the American people’s “real” support or distaste for a conflict known.

      Nevermind that the Viet Nam war was pretty unpopular and yet the government still got plenty of bodies – not because these people volunteered but because they were threatened with imprisonment or death if they didn’t capitulate.

      1. Agammamon| 5.27.13 @ 9:26PM |#
        “What I find funny is how several of the commenters seem to think that re-instituting compulsory service will make the American people’s “real” support or distaste for a conflict known.”

        Yep, forcing someone to do something will always produce unforced opinions. Or…

  11. Oh, and that ignorant twit in the vid *almost* makes me wish for a law against 25-yo bozos having access to sound systems.
    OTOH, I hope the vid comes back to embarrass the asshole after he learns something.

    1. It won’t because he’ll never learn.

  12. “Criminal illegitimate Obama Administration”.

    That’s what he said.

    His list of grievances is different than mine, I’m sure, but I don’t really care how he came to that conclusion.

    Incidentally, the federal government does a really shitty job of just about everything it does–certainly everything that isn’t directly related to justice or national defense.

    …and on that list of things the federal government is shitty at, you can find things that maybe aren’t high on your average libertarian’s list, like addressing the legacy of racism; protecting the environment; protecting the food supply; etc., etc…

    This guy’s list of complaints is different than mine, but if it all points in the end to the fact that the Obama Administration is both “criminal” and “illegitimate”, then why nitpick for the next three years about his preferences vs. mine?

    If he’s dedicated to preachin’ the anti-Obama gospel to lefties, then God bless him, he’s doin’ the Lord’s work. …and by “the Lord’s work”, I mean Hayek’s.

    1. “Incidentally, the federal government does a really shitty job of just about everything it does–certainly everything that isn’t directly related to justice or national defense.”

      No, it does a pretty shitty job in the justice department also.

      See warrantless searches, Fast and Furious, Waco, etc.

      1. I was just allowing for the possibility that there might be good examples of the federal government defeating our foreign enemies or convicting murderers banging around in our history somewhere…

        But some of my fellow libertarians seem to have come to the conclusion that certain issues are so thoroughly identified with the left that real libertarians can’t be associated with them. For some of my fellow libertarians, environmental concerns seem to be one such issue.

        I don’t believe there are any such issues.

        There’s nothing wrong with individual citizens being against GMOs. There’s something terribly wrong with trying to use the government to forcibly inflict his opinion about GMOs on the rest of us, but insofar as he’s ranting against Obama for being so incompetent at addressing his GMO issue, he’s on the right track.

        There may or may not be better alternatives to government doing justice and national defense, but he and I both agree that whatever threat GMOs pose to American consumers (if they pose any threat at all), that threat will never be properly addressed by the “criminal” and “illegitimate” Obama Administration.

        The federal government is pathetic when it comes to trying to regulate Wall Street (one of my pet peeves), but it’s pathetic at addressing this guy’s pet peeves, too. I can admit that. Hopefully, someday, he’ll be able to see my issue as clearly as I see his.

        It’s the same issue.

        1. “The federal government is pathetic when it comes to trying to regulate Wall Street (one of my pet peeves),”

          Uh, care to expand on that?

          1. It seems self-explanatory and all inclusive to me!

            Everything they do to regulate Wall Street, they do a terrible job of and to the economy’s detriment.

            Only a few years ago, when borrowers across the country were starving for lack of refinancing options, the stupid fucking government stepped in and actually made it HARDER for homeowners to get new loans!

            You want to throw people on Wall Street in jail for fraud–when they commit it? That’s the government’s job, and I’m all for it!

            But I don’t need Wall Street regulated for anything. They’re not the ones responsible for using my future paychecks to reimburse their investors. Our politicians and their regulators are responsible for squandering my future paychecks to bail out Wall Street investors.

            Meanwhile, there isn’t anything any regulator has done to banish the economic cycle and make it so there won’t be another finance led downturn in the credit cycle. They might as well try to outlaw the next winter.

            In fact, all they’ve done is make it harder than it should have been to dig ourselves out of the bottom of this downturn–and if we don’t get rid of their stupid regulation, the next one will be a lot harder to dig out of than it should be, too.

  13. Don’t tell that dude that there are GMO flu vaccines.His head might explode.

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