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Two Men Arrested For Tweets After Murder of British Soldier



The murder of a British soldier on the streets of London on Wednesday prompted the depressingly predictable attacks on mosques as well as demonstrations by the nationalist group the English Defence League.

One of the suspected attackers, Michael Adebolajo, told a passerby that the attack was motivated by Britain's foreign policy:

We swear by Almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you. The only reasons we have done this is because Muslims are dying every day. This British soldier is an eye for an eye a tooth for tooth. We apologize that women had to see this today but in our lands our women have to see the same. You people will never be safe. Remove your government. They don't care about you.

Unsurprisingly, some people took to twitter to express their outrage. Two men in their early twenties were arrested for their tweets following the soldier's murder on suspicion of inciting racial or religious hatred. 

From The Independent:

Detective Inspector Ed Yaxley of Avon and Somerset police said: "On Wednesday evening, we were contacted by people concerned about comments made on social media accounts.

"We began inquiries into the comments and at around 3.20am two men, aged 23 and 22, were detained at two addresses in Bristol.

"The men were arrested under the Public Order Act on suspicion of inciting racial or religious hatred. Our inquiries into these comments continue.

"These comments were directed against a section of our community. Comments such as these are completely unacceptable and only cause more harm to our community in Bristol.

The two suspected attackers are being treated in separate hospitals after being shot by police at the scene. 

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  1. Every time I hear them sing rule Britannia, particularly that line about “Britons never being slaves” I laugh; Brtions are so degraded that that most of them cannot imagine anything other than a life of slavery.

    1. +1 subservience.

    2. I was thinking exactly this yesterday when looking at the Mail.

    3. George Washington had the right idea in making sure we didn’t stay British.

      1. Now, some of you may feel that the cormorant does not play an important part in the life of the school, but I would remind you that it was presented to us by the Corporation of the town of Sudbury to commemorate Empire Day, when we try to remember the names of all those from the Sudbury area who so gallantly gave their lives to keep China British.

  2. That sucks that there is no longer free speech allowed in Britain or Canada.

  3. Feeney, this is the America. You won’t get arrested for alt-text.

    1. Might get audited, though.

      1. Or droned.

  4. I’m certainly not for tarring a whole religion for the acts of some crazy people, but if anyone was inciting religious hatred here, I’d say it was the guys who murdered the soldier.

      1. -1 head

      2. +2

  5. Damn britts need to learn center of mass, and double tap

    1. They did the right thing, shooting to wound so that the suspects will be duly tried, convicted, and sent to the gibbet (the English still do that, right?).

      1. No, they appologuise for inconveniencing the offender. Unless it’s a speech violation by a law abiding subject

        1. Hell, they told British soldiers not to wear their uniforms. ON BRITISH SOIL. That is when you know your culture is dead.

          1. The decapitated soldier was *out of uniform*.

            Why do the Brits hate their soldiers?

  6. They ain’t got no Constitution.

    Nothing happens to Anjem Choudary, but they arrest two guys expressing their anger following a beheading of a British soldier in broad daylight.

    Fuck England is fucked up its tight pink arse.

  7. Nice that speech crimes in Britain call for 3am arrests, too. Can’t let that wait until the sun is up, they might say something else.

  8. Does anyone know what the offending tweets actually were?

    1. I can’t find what was actually said from any source. It’s apparently so offensive that it’s in top-secret mode.

      1. We probably read worse on Yahoo every day.

  9. Hilarious. Two twerps get arrested for expressing their feelings that can be construed as hating religion.

    This is the country and continent where members of Islam protest daily in the streets with signs that say “England go to hell”, “death to free speech”, “Islam with rule England”. How many arrests are made there?

    1. Well, the difference being all those kindly civil servant who started their careers as boys at Eton and went along to Oxford and Cambridge agree with the sentiments of the rioters.

      1. Hoowee, I pulled a Nikki there.

        1. What does that mean?!?

          1. A little Kinky Nikki spankity spank on the noun verb agreement, that’s all.

            1. Hehe, nice.

              1. Do I smell the genesis of a Nikki’z law?

    2. Protesting with a sign that says “death to free speech” seems terribly hypocritical.

      1. Free speech to them is not a universal ideal but is itself a partisan in the fight. Free speech is the weapon you use to abuse and oppress them with criticism of the immaculate Mohammed so it must die.

        1. I realize this, Killaz. I was mostly being an ass. It doesn’t surprise me in the least to find that a radically religious person is a hypocrite. I’m fairly certain that you MUST be a hypocrite to be as radical as these types are.

  10. The men were arrested under the Public Order Act on suspicion of inciting racial or religious hatred.

    “On suspicion of inciting hatred.”

    Yet another reason to never set foot in the UK.

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