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Germany, France Target Massive Unemployment Among Europe's Youth

Worries over restless kids


Germany and France are to tackle mass youth unemployment gripping southern Europe with a 'New Deal' aimed at curbing the mounting anger that is threatening to tear the eurozone apart.

The "New Deal for Europe" will free up EU resources to pay for language courses and fund jobseekers' flights around the continent in search of work.

Germany is increasingly concerned about the need to rescue the country's image, and show greater solidarity with southern Europeans suffering a prolonged economic crisis.

Nearly one in four young people in the eurozone is out of work – with that figure rising to more than half in Greece and Spain.

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  1. …”fund jobseekers’ flights around the continent in search of work.”
    Or the place that has the cheapest dope, one of the two.

  2. France leading on matters of economics?


    1. But don’t you love how the gov’ts are going to pay airfare for slackers to look for jobs somewhere else?
      I mean, does Micky Ds ever have enough help?

      1. Look for jobs, or go on vacations?

        Yeah, they’ll probably have to find someone to interview with, but if you’re young and unemployed, you want to travel, and you’ll take a free ticket from the government any day of the week.

        Even our politicians aren’t dumb enough for this one.

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