Debt Ceiling

Wacko Bird Ted Cruz Goes After Angry Bird John McCain Over the Debt Ceiling


Good C-SPAN fun on an ongoing theme. First up, warhorse Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) accuses newbie liberty-movement Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) of not understanding the basic Senate rules about reconciliation, as applied to debate over raising the federal debt ceiling yet again:

Then freshman Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) rises to the Wacko Bird defense:

I have given a couple of talks this year on the Wacko/Angry civil war, which I claim is the most interesting action to be found in mainstream American politics. Here's one that got videotaped:

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  1. Rand Lee Cruz

    Republicans Liberty Caucus

    1. OT: You know what, the British serviceman didn’t fucking deserve it.

  2. I have given a couple of talks this year on the Wacko/Angry civil war

    OH! So this is all about you, Matt.


  3. And thanks to the IRS, DoJ and DoS, Democrats can’t even enjoy this.

  4. The faux praise of McCain’s knowledge of Senate process by Cruz is hilarious.

    1. You can just sense McCain’s fury building up off-screen.

      I sometimes think McCain must be in hell; a hotheaded brawling boozing ethically-challenged naval aviator trapped in a body that won’t support any of his depraved appetites for whoring, boozing, brawling and carrying on. It must be hell to be so full of hatred and rage knowing that your body would break if you tried to throw a punch, even on that didn’t connect.

      On the other hand, he deserves it. Fuck him.

      1. He hardly qualified as an aviator. As close to a nepotistic political appointment in that position as ever seen outside of the Texas National Guard. The closest thing to ‘whoring, boozing, brawling and carrying on’ that fool ever did was sit around a VFW hall and smugly throw back a couple of shots with like minded assholes as they boistered salutations to their imagined superiority to the rest of American society.

        1. Er…he was a carrier pilot who got shot down on his 23rd bombing mission…while politically he is scum, his naval aviator career was pretty normal for the time.

          His boozing, whoring and such was part of his reputation from flight school and early on, IIRC correctly.

          1. he was a carrier pilot who got shot down on his 23rd bombing mission

            Yep, he ignored his RWR’s alert of incoming missile fire while pressing home his attack on a concrete factory. It’s a typical example of his utterly poor judgement.

            1. I can’t believe you are defending his aviator record. Anyone else but an satrap’s son would have been sacked for his grotesque performance. This is McCain in his own words describing a third incident he caused:

              McCain fudges his Navy record


              In his autobiography, McCain recalls another mishap around December 1961 when “I knocked down some power lines while flying too low over southern Spain. My daredevil clowning had cut off electricity to a great many Spanish homes and created a small international incident.” He landed his Skyraider back on the USS Intrepid after the incident, which does not appear to have triggered a safety investigation.

            2. Meant to link up a thread, sorry tarran.

              1. No worries; I had forgotten about that incident.

                Having served on board a carrier, I encountered many naval aviators, during the period the Navy was trying to change the culture into a more professional one in the wake of Tailhook. The degenerates were more discreet in the face of the witchunts.

                Yet I saw enough of these guys to recognize that there was a subculture that was undisciplined, thrill seeking, and utterly ethically challenged. The Black Lions, in particular, were an appalling bunch (and unsurprisingly crashed so often that the were known informally as the “Sea Lions”). These people would break something and then if they could get away with it frame someone else to get into trouble.

                When McCain tried to frame a former aide for prescription drug fraud that was committed by his wife, setting the guy up for major jail time, and ruining him financially, I knew he was a member of this subculture.

                The big danger he posed was that so many people see the loser as some kind of hero.


                  The story on how McCain tried the frame a former employee to cover up Cindy’s drug addiction.

                  “hotheaded brawling boozing ethically-challenged naval aviator” isn’t the half of it.

                  McCain is a corrupt scoundrel of the first order. Though dimwitted, he is cunning in manipulating the media.

        2. ?!?!

          McCain was a naval academy grad who flew A-4’s in Vietnam.

          He was in the aircraft that was hit by the Zuni rocket that started the Forrestal fire.

          You might be confusing him with W.

      2. I sometimes think McCain must be in hell

        “Gnashing of teeth” is a pretty good description of his clenched jaw look.

    2. I especially liked the part where Cruz pointed out that the complexity of Senate rules was pretty much designed to obfuscate.

    3. I’m almost tempted to like Ted Cruz just based on the backhands he’s delivered to Harry Reid and John McCain.

  5. So which is worse: the post with three embedded YouTube videos or the one with the yardstick of bloviating POTUS-speak?

  6. Might as well dedicate this to Sen. McCain too.

  7. Let me speak for the American public just long enough to say we only care about results. We don’t care who says what, we only care about what happens at the end.*

    *I’m not really speaking for everyone as the majority most likely cares about neither the words nor the outcome.

  8. Senator McCain is either growing addled or isn’t very bright. You generally don’t want to pick an argument with Ted Cruz. The guy was a national champion debater. And the head of Supreme Court litigation for one of the country’s top firms.

    1. I think McCain was initially responding to Mike Lee.…

      1. And you don’t think McCain knew Cruz was backing Lee?

    2. Senator McCain is either growing addled or isn’t very bright.

      Why couldn’t it be both?

      You generally don’t want to pick an argument with Ted Cruz. The guy was a national champion debater.

      So you’re saying he’s a master debator?

      1. By the age of thirteen, who isn’t?

      2. Inclusive disjunction.

      3. So you’re saying he’s a master debator

        Yeah, but McCain can’t even get it up.

  9. Anyone who can bust out Gulliver’s Travels on demand is a good dude as far as I’m concerned.

    1. Let me guess, the scene were the Brobdignagnian women forced Gulliver to sit on their nipples turned you on.

      1. Ew. Are there no depths to Warty’s depravity? (He asked rhetorically).

      2. Nah, he liked the part about the Lilliputians better. Imagine the havoc he could wreak on such a tiny–but still adult–bodies.

        1. Your article and noun didn’t agree. 😛

          1. Nikki? I’d smack anybody that talked like to me right in his whore mouth.

            1. Well played.

        2. Are you kidding, it would be like a hot dog bun that fell apart. It takes more effort to just hold the thing together.

        3. You’re both wrong. I was way into the Houyhnhnms. Mmmmm, those long, silky, flowing manes…

          1. Is having sex with a sentient animal still bestiality?

            1. Ask Mr. Hands.

            2. Inquiring bronies would like to know, that’s for sure.

            3. Yes, but on the animal’s part.

    2. He went up in my estimations, too.

  10. McCain has put so much effort into reaching across the aisle to jerk off various Democrats he should just go sit with them.

    1. Can’t do that, or he would lose his “maverick” credit.

      1. Ghostrider to Maverick. Ghostrider to Maverick… Where the fuck is he?!?!

    2. Reach around the aisle?

  11. Why not instead of raising the debt ceiling don’t we base this years expenditures on last years actual revenue. Set priority funding and when the money is gone stop funding projects. At least that is how I do my home budget.

    1. That is just crazy talk.

      Plus I have been assured by many respected (sic) talking heads that the governments budget just doesn’t work like your typical home budget.

      1. Except, of course, it does.

        I number of states and municipalities use priority based budgeting. The problem is, if you put a priority on it, you cant claim that cuts will hurt the most important thing that there is.

        1. I heard a moron talk show host (but I repeat myself) on the radio yesterday explain that in most households, the ratio of income to debt is 1:3 to 1:4 because of their mortgage. So we should be happy with a national debt of three to four times GDP.

          I guess he wasn’t taking any callers who knew the word “collateral.”

  12. Ted Cruz is the real maverick. And he’s from Texas to boot.

  13. Wow. Ted motherfucking Cruz.

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