Militarization of Police

Man Sues Over Injuries Sustained During Misfired SWAT Raid

Collateral damage in the war against the Constitution


Driving in the early morning hours to his job at a metal shop in Buda, Miguel Montanez at first thought the approaching lights were a school bus or a tow truck.

But Montanez says it was a Hays County SWAT truck that rammed his car head-on. As they collided, another police vehicle pinned him from behind, he says.

He heard a shot.

"I saw my windshield crack, and I ducked down as low as possible," Montanez said. "I really thought I was going to die."

Seconds later, he says, three deputies were pointing assault rifles at him. "That's when I heard one of the officers say, 'Oh, (expletive), we got the wrong guy,' " Montanez said.

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  1. From TFA: “Due to the urgency of these warrants and the hazards to neighbors and bystanders, tactics were employed in order to maximize safety to community and swift apprehension of the suspect”

    Does Mr. Montanez count as a member of the community? Safety for the community is the same justification given for shooting Jose Guerena, sending bullets into neighboring houses and making his son crawl over his dead fathers body while preventing paramedics outside.

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