Death Penalty

Jodi Arias Eligible for Death Penalty

Murdered boyfriend


The same jury that convicted Jodi Arias of first-degree murder has decided she's eligible for the death penalty.

There was a rare show of emotion from Arias Wednesday as a medical examiner described the death of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander as "brutal and extremely painful."

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  1. Apparently the attack took place “after a day of sex at his home in June 2008.”

    “The victim suffered a total of nearly 30 knife wounds in what prosecutors described as an attack fueled by jealous rage after Alexander wanted to end his affair with Arias and prepared to take a trip to Mexico with another woman.”

    Put that way, it sounds like he boinked her all day, and then announced he was leaving. If that’s the way it went, I’m not sure I’m happy she got convicted.

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