DOJ Report Shows Gun-Related Crimes Dropping

Consistent with other studies


A Justice Department report slated for official release in July shows that firearm-related homicides have declined 39 percent since 1993, while nonfatal gun crimes dropped an even more impressive 69 percent. This unmistakably positive news could take some of the impetus out of a Democratic push for tougher federal gun restrictions.

The report, entitled "Firearm Violence, 1993-2011," and dated July 5, 2013, was made available online by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, an arm of the Justice Department. Neither agency explained the timing of the release.

The report does not address any implications it might have for the gun control debate. The findings are consistent with those of other recent studies. Surfacing less than a month after the Senate failed to pass President Obama's modest gun control initiative, however, the data could dilute the sense of urgency surrounding Democratic attempts to revive the curbs.