Criminal Charges Aside, the Air Force's Sexual Assault Prevention Program Advises Victims To Submit


 Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinski
Arlington Police Department

In a bit of news that brings to mind, "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" it seems that an Air Force brochure offering advice on "Sexual Assault Prevention & Response" offers nuggets of wisdom that are … umm … just a bit awkward, in light of the arrest, for sexual assault, of the guy in charge of the Air Force's sexual assault prevention program. Obtained and posted online by Wired, the brochure from Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina counsels victims that "it may be advisable to submit than to resist." Aside from the atrocious construction of that sentence, that's a hell of a bit of advice to have handed out by a program headed up by a guy who, assuming the charges prove well-founded, would probably very much like his victims on the submissive side.

According to U.S. News & World Report:

Arlington police have charged Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinski with sexual battery after a woman reported he grabbed her breasts and buttocks in a parking lot in the early morning hours of Sunday, May 5, before fighting him off.

Stars and Stripes reported Monday that Krusinski had been removed from his position as head of the Air Force's sexual assault prevention and response branch. He will be arraigned on Thursday, where an Arlington judge will determine under whose jurisdiction he will be tried. The Air Force has requested jurisdiction over the case.

Wired reports that the brochure was provided "by Protect Our Defenders, an advocacy group that raises awareness of sexual assault within the military."

The brochure is "an affront to victims", [Protect Our Defenders spokesman Brian] Purchia told Danger Room. "The Air Force should be passing out pamphlets to our men and women in uniform on how not to commit sexual assault. … This brochure is just the latest in a long history of failed programs and policies. The military's sexual assault prevention campaigns are rooted in a wrong headed 1950?s paradigm."

Actually, I see nothing wrong with instructing people on how to avoid dangerous situations and how to defend yourself if attacked. But, while the brochure (you can see the whole thing here) does advise "rolling under a car," screaming and being aware of surroundings, the closest it comes to defensive tips when under attack is to advise:

If an attacker does manage to get into your car do everything in your power to exit the car, if possible, do not let attacker take you to an isolated area. If you are behind the wheel, steer your car into any object that will create a minor accident in a public/populated area. Take advantage while your attacker's attention is momentarily diverted to run, yell or scream. Get away and attract attention …

This is advice to armed forces personnel? 1950s paradigm, indeed. Purcha tells Wired that "as a general rule research indicates and it's generally understood that fighting back often can fend off the attacker and usually does not lead to greater injury."

I don't really think that Krusinski was distributing seemingly archaic advice to soften up potential victims, even assuming that he's guilty of the charges he faces. But it does seem he was doing a truly terrible job of running an effective, modern sexual assault prevention program and preparing people to react to unpleasant incidents.

All the more reason to keep a skeptical eye on supposed authorities, keep a close eye on your appointed watchmen, and take as much responsibility as possible for your own safety.

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  1. Aside from the atrocious construction of that sentence…

    I was going to blame reason‘s notoriously bad transcribing for that.

    It does seem too often authority figures advise passivity for others. Don’t arm yourselves, don’t resist, wait for agents of the state to come to protect you. Hell with that.

    1. Seems like some of the progs are coming out of the gun control frothing and Boston with a new appreciation for passivity, helplessness, and being protected by the state, too.

      Not just authority figures, but random people on the street.

      1. It’s because those “random people on the street” are all part of the same collective entity of humanity. We’re all in this together, maaan, so we gotta trust each other (except with guns, because that’s bad for the collective)

    2. Assume the Party Escort Submission Position, or you will miss the party.

    3. Who do you blame for:

      Take advantage while yourtacker’s attention is monetarily diverted

      Do they really mean to offer a bribe to the tacker?

      1. Fixed now, I see, which means I guess it wasn’t in the original.

  2. All he knows is ball…and pamphlet…and rape.

    1. That’s two more words than Warty knows.

      1. “Ball” can be a very versatile word.

  3. Really OT, but interesting and no link:
    Get a phone call, guy with Indian accent claiming to represent MS. Accent makes it hard to understand (OK, realistic), choppy phone connection makes it even harder to understand (MS can’t afford a land-line?).
    ‘Your computer is not acce (buzz) est update (buzz, snap). It nee (snap,crackle). Are you near (buzz, click) can you please turn it on?’
    Hint: Hang up.

    1. Ars had a fun article on that last year: link

      1. From your link:
        “the very day that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced a major crackdown on such “boiler room” call center operations. The very day that six civil lawsuits were filed against the top practitioners. The very day on which I had just finished speaking with Ars IT reporter Jon Brodkin, who spent the morning on an FTC conference call about this exact issue”

        Yep, the gov’t fixed that just as well and medical care! I’m impressed!

        1. Ars goes pretty statist sometimes.

          The comment threads on any of the defense distributed articles can be fun for the pants-shitting that goes on.

    2. Some Mexican sounding guy called our house earlier this year saying that he was John Smith, a police officer from MA (we live in IL). He told my mom that she didn’t pay her taxes and that all our shit would get repossessed unless she gave him her info. When she asked for clarification, he called her a “fucking bitch” and hung up. Everyone figured it was some guy dicking around, but I still have the hanging suspicion that maybe some Boston cop let a little too much power get to his head.

    3. I got an intersting on during a hotel stay last month where a guy claiming to be at the front desk said their computers had crashed and they needed my credit card info so they could set their guest list back up and properly bill me. I immediately sensed a scam (he sounded nothing lile the guy at the front desk who I had talked to earlier) so I offered to just walk down to the desk because that would be a lot easier for him and I needed a walk anyway. He objected, saying it was much easier to do it over the phone. I didn’t want to drag it out so I hust insisted I’d walk to the desk.

      So I actually walked to the front desk, and the guy there had no clue why I was there. I told him what was going on and he said he had just forwarded a call in to my room. The caller had asked only to speak to Room such-and-such and happened to get me. I suppose it’s possible they were based in the area and were observing me but I think that’s very unlikely.

  4. “The military’s sexual assault prevention campaigns are rooted in a wrong headed 1950?s paradigm.”

    Help me out here…in the 1950s, women were advised to submit to sexual assault? I would like some evidence of this. Some non-air-force evidence, I should say.

    1. The decade was just used as a bogeyman. Don’t expect it to make sense.

      1. It was the Golden Age of American Civilization.

        1. Nuke heading your way. Duck and cover.

    2. Proglodytes are superficial and make stunningly wrong assumptions concerning human nature.

  5. The Air Force should be passing out pamphlets to our men and women in uniform on how not to commit sexual assault.

    Wow that is major league stupid. Do these people honestly think that rapists will not rape if only they are given a pamphlet telling them not to?

    1. “Oh, it says *don’t* harass! Damn, I’ve been doing it all wrong.”

    2. That’s probably my favorite part of prog-logic. They honestly think that our resources would be better used telling sociopathic rapists not to rape than telling women how to avoid bad situations. As if a rapist would be like ‘Man, I was going to drug this girl and have my way with her, but then I saw a sign saying “Real Men Don’t Rape!” Now I know what I was doing is wrong.’

      In fact, they argue that telling women to avoid bad situations is ‘blaming the victim.’ They’ve gone completely around the bend.

    3. Well, we do instruct people generally not to do bad things, don’t we? Or do you think this is one of those things that if you don’t learn by the age of 5, you never will? I.e. that we sort out early into evil-for-life and not-evil-for-life, or at least that there’s no way to move deliberately from one category to another? I’m serious about that question. It does seem there’s a lot of propaganda telling people at all ages that doing certain things is bad, unbecoming of them, etc.; maybe it’s ineffective, maybe not. Isn’t Google’s slogan “Don’t be evil.”? Would it make sense for them to have such a slogan if they didn’t think it would persuade any people?

      And it doesn’t have to be absolute, either. What about, “Don’t commit sexual assault this time.”? Does it not make sense to reduce how evil an individual might be?

      But what I fear here is that if they need instruction on how not to commit sexual assault, then it’s about some bogusly expanded idea of “assault” that someone might not ordinarily understand as assault.

      1. But what I fear here is that if they need instruction on how not to commit sexual assault, then it’s about some bogusly expanded idea of “assault” that someone might not ordinarily understand as assault.

        That is exactly what they want.

        1. They want a bogusly expanded idea of assault, or they want to instruct people on how not to inadvertently violate these expanded strictures, or they don’t want people to understand?

          1. They want a bogusly expanded idea of assault, or they want to instruct people on how not to inadvertently violate these expanded strictures

            The first two. Google “enthusiastic consent”.

      2. Come to think of it, isn’t most of what being a libertarian activist is about is persuading people to do less evil? Of course there are also matters of deploying our anti-evil resources most effectively, and, very importantly, fooling people into taking our side; but everyone seems to say that in the long run it’s about persuading more people to be less evil. And doesn’t that boil down in many cases to telling people, “I know you might derive some benefit, at least in the short term, from doing this,” for instance using state power to steal from others to give to you, “but could you please think of the people who would be hurt by it, and reconsider your support?”

      3. I’ve decided that in my efforts to eliminate sexual assault, I will henceforth deny women my essence.

  6. And ironically enough, the mad pervert up there was caught because the woman he tried to grope apparently kicked the shit out him judging from the mug shot.

    1. This is why us strong womyn don’t need guns! /feminist

    2. Maybe he tried to feel up a Marine…

  7. This is advice to armed forces personnel?

    Technically, yes. We could fix that if the government would adopt my advice and move the USAF to the DOT.

  8. The problem is that feminists live an fantasy world. In the real world a woman who goes out and gets drunk with five guys and makes out with two of them only to get cold feet has placed herself in a lot of danger. Doing that is stupid. But in feminist world, girls can do anything they want and are never in any danger.

    1. Yeah….I find it stupid and pathetic how feminists seem to think that telling someone that they may want to take reasonable steps to protect themselves is VICTIM BLAMING!!!!11!

      By trying to shut down people who give such advice they’re placing women at greater risk.

      1. Yeah….I find it stupid and pathetic how feminists seem to think that telling someone that they may want to take reasonable steps to protect themselves is VICTIM BLAMING!!!!11!

        Exactly. They don’t seem to understand that giving someone advice on how to keep themselves safe doesn’t mean you’re victim blaming.

        By that logic, if I give someone advice on gun safety, then I’m blaming them if they ever get shot. It’s a ridiculous argument.

        1. I’ve seen them pull out this argument when people argue that a gun is a great self defense tool for women.

          They say a woman shouldn’t need a gun, that we just need to educate men that rape is wrong. They’re living in a fantasy land where no one is truly evil, they’re just ignorant, and if you explain things the right way they will completely back down and agree with you. They don’t seem to realize that people who rape and murder generally know it’s wrong and simply don’t fuckin’ care.

          1. Yeah, they’re simply dumb. If telling people it’s wrong is all it takes then anyone about to be raped should be safe and not get raped by just telling the rapist to stop and that raping her is bad so he shouldn’t do it. I mean, that’s the direct immediate education that should work every time, right?!

            You know what actually works really well to stop a rapist? Shooting him in the dick.

      2. On the one hand I understand because there are people victim blaming out there. But come on. In college I always felt that educating women on using common sense both for themselves and their friends (and men too!) would be far more productive than the typical “look both directions, one of these men will rape you!” speeches. I can’t tell you how many times I saw people abandoned their wasted friends for their own gratification or when some seriously fishy shit was going down and people just figured it wasn’t their problem. Seriously, there was a time when my 5’11 125 lb bean pole self informed a big meathead that he should put the girl he was literally slinging over his shoulder like a caveman to put her down and that was all it took. The date rape guys are looking for easy marks, not some confrontation. Her girlfriends could have easily not let it even get that far. Unfortunately, these seemed to be lessons learned the hard way early in college and not passed down to the younger girls because nobody wants to be a victim blamer.

    2. Now, see, in the real world I don’t even consider that “a lot of danger”. If you make out with 2 guys, whatever they’d likely do to you after you get cold feet couldn’t be too bad, because apparently when your feet were still warm, you wanted it.

      1. ^This would be the kind of victim blaming that lets the fem crowd thinks everyone who disagrees with them is anti-woman^

        Disclaimer: I can’t tell if sarcasm.

  9. “This is advice to armed forces personnel?”

    1. Don’t confuse the majority of our armed forces for trained arse-kickers – yes we’re highly trained and disciplined but the vast majority of us are support and don’t get combat training. 21 years in the Navy and I probably shot fewer than 500 rounds total for training (pistol, rifle, and shotgun combined) and absolutely no HTH fighting training at all.

    2. This idea is right in line with how the armed forces want their personnel to respond to crimes – its far prefered that you be a victim than give the service a black-eye in the community by beating the shit out of a local. This particular case is just outside the normal expectations of the brass.

  10. Lauryn Hill jailed for tax evasion

    “I am a child of former slaves who had a system imposed on them,” Hill said in court. “I had an economic system imposed on me.”

    1. My ancestors were forced over here because all our potatoes rotted. Not only is that pretty awful, it’s kind of embarrassing too.

      You get no sympathy from me, Lauren.

      1. Yeah, but I have a hard time generating any sympathy for someone who fails to pay taxes on 1.8 million dollars of income because they wouldn’t have had enough left over to feed their family.

        You won’t pay because tax is theft, then fine, say so – Welsey Snipes is an idiot but he’s honest about his motivations.

      2. “There were veiled threats, there was blacklisting,” she said, without giving specifics. “I was told, ‘That’s how it goes, it comes with the territory.’ I came to be perceived as a cash cow and not a person. When people capitalize on a persona, they forget there is a person in there.”

        Sounds more like a dumbass than a principled voluntaryist.

    2. What I don’t get with people liker her is – she’s rich and famous, pretty much self-made and not from connections or cronyism, and yet she *still* thinks she’s a victim.

      And how do you bitch about the economic system that let you use your talents to get rich? If you don’t like capitalism you can always go try being a musician in the Congo.

    3. I read that this morning.
      Tax is theft, but drama-victimhood should be criminal. (only sort of joking)

    4. This is a really bad outcome. She’s a couple of years behind. This happens all the time. She just needed to hire an accountant and get on a payment plan. Why did she decide that incarceration is a better option?

    5. Were I President, I would give her a full pardon. Along with every other convicted tax evader.

      1. In fact, one of the planks in my platform would be that African-Americans would no longer have to file their income taxes with the IRS, ever. Corporations that are majority-owned by African-Americans would not have to file income taxes. That’s my “reparations” scheme.

        1. I suppose Barack Obama qualifies as a African-American – Beyonce Knowles, not so much.

          1. If they’re black, they’re African Americans. It’s a new rule, I think.

            1. Probably, but technically an African-American is one who can trace their bloodlines in America to a slave ancestor.

  11. Anyone want to see Ted Cruz shit on Harry Reid’s chest?

    Metaphorically of course. This is his response to Harry Reid calling him a bully the other day.

    1. I would have preferred a literal interpretation of shitting on Harry Reid, but beggars can’t be choosers.

  12. g back often can fend hermes belt off the attacker and usually does not lead to greater injury.”

    1. what else ya got?

      1. More BAFFLEGAB!

        1. I prefer ARGLE BARGLE myself.

    2. These memetic weapons spammers are using are kinda scary – even though that post didn’t make any sense I –

      1) still wasted time trying to parse it.

      2) Alllmoooost clicked on the link anyway.

      1. Hey, I got left-handed hammers, but you gotta meet me in a dark alley.

        1. no way. you’ll just take my money and hit me in the head with the hammer!

      2. I think its designer brand knock offs

        1. Yeah, just googled “hermes belt” and found out it’s a $200 piece of shit belt that won’t even hold a 9mm up.

          I thought it was some batman shit, dammit.

          1. Hermes sells $200 tshirts.

            If you buy a tshirt for $200 you’re an idiot. If you can sell a $200 tshirt you’re a genius.

            1. Does it really take a genius to get in to an idiot’s pocket?

          2. Oh, and my favorite hockey team almost cost me my flat screen tonight with their sloppy, lackadasical (sp? who cares) play. Goddamn beer can hit the wall though.

            what the fuck?

            1. MERDE!

              I did enjoy the Habs blowing it.

              1. Did you watch the last few pens games?

                Jesus man, they look like they don’t even care. Like they could give a shit if they lose or not.

                I wouldn’t mind seeing gonchar get another ring. He was always one of my favorite players. I know a dude that used to know gonchar casually when he lived in p-burgh and said he’s about the nicest person you’ll ever meet.

                1. something is really off.

                  1. This feels like last year vs philly all over again.

                    Coaching not adjusting, lazy/stupid play, too many turnovers, bad goal tending, dumb penalties, etc, etc.

                    So disappointing.

  13. The M?tley Cr?e concert just ended. That would explain the morons outside.

  14. “it may be advisable to submit than to resist.”

    Speaking clueless broken English with a thick accent is worth a try. When STEVE SMITH tried to rape me the other day I said “I order ze knockwurst not cocktail dog”.

    1. Is there a page set aside to explain obscure references and jokes?

      Who is STEVE SMITH, and why does my laptop automatically capitalize every letter in his name?

      1. Because he have only TTY in cave.

        1. All right, really, he’s a good natured guy who fell victim to a particular comment thread here caricaturing him as an indiscriminate cave dwelling rapist.

          1. True that, IIRC. The name ‘Steve Smith’ got legs from being a generic sounding name. There must be 1,000’s of Steve Smiths in every big city phone book, that and 20 or so people named Hitler.

  15. Meh. I don’t care about this article at all. I admit, I didn’t even read it.

    I just came here to tell you all, that I hate all of you, because I missed some good articles today, that I would have liked to join the conversation, but I couldn’t because I was in damn cursed meetings all day, and then had to do real work after. So go to hell, you bastards!

    1. Wait… that sounded sexit… So, in case any of our three… errr, two?… Umm, one? Wininz folk were here today, let me rephrase that.

      Go to hell bastards and bitchez!

    2. “…I was in damn cursed meetings all day…”

      I almost never get invited to meetings. Not at first, but years of consistently bad behavior have payed off.

      This is at least lucid:

    3. Meetings? In the day of “FaceTime” and “Skype”????

      1. Ever wonder why those services have to sell themselves so hard? It’s because they don’t really match the experiencence of a face to face meeting. They’ve been selling the “quit flying and driving to meetings/make your team globally effective” meme for so long now and with such vigor it should be positively ingrained in our culture–if it delivered on its promises.

  16. No Label’s Don Jalepeno has just the right amount of burn to keep you grabbing another one. Shit’s dangerous.

    1. Holy fuck the what!? Jalepno beer? That’s just wrong, in the right kind of way. Maybe I can just pour some juice from the jar of pickled jalapenos I have in my fridge, into my pale ale?

      1. It’s not the same; just like buying banana pepper rings from the grocery store never taste as good as the ones you get at Subway.

        1. I’m not understanding your use of “good” and “Subway” together

          1. Chicken Bacon Ranch, toasted, is awesome in my mouth.

            1. Subway Melt:

              Honey Oat bread
              double meat (ham, turkey, bacon)
              provolone cheese
              a little lettuce
              banana peppers
              jalape?o peppers (just a few)
              spicy mustard

              Garden Salsa chips
              Dr Pepper

              1. Club on Honey Oat
                Tomatoes (if looking good)
                Tons of olives
                Banana peppers

          2. Blasphemy!

            I won’t claim that Subay is awesome or anything, but they are open and serve lunch at 8.30am. Some days after bringing my son to school I’m hungry. And I hate eating breakfast out for the most part (though I am guilty of enjoying Waffle House on occasion). And when you want lunch for breakfast, anything you can get will be good.

              1. I watched the entire subway routine and thought it was okay.

                1. Have you seen his full “Mr Universe” special? He’s very funny. He was also the awkward new best friend on an episode of Flight of the Conchords

                  1. Never saw that one, but I’ve seen some other stuff that was good. Guy’s pretty funny.

                    The subway shit was spot-on; it’s like he used to worked there, or something.

                    1. I go to Subway from time to time, not a regular thing. One time I was there, and the staff was not English as a first language if you take my meaning.
                      There was an older couple ahead of me who didn’t understand how Subway worked.
                      Customer: “I want a sandwich”
                      Subway: “What kind?”
                      and on….

                      It was quite the ordeal.

                    2. That sounds like a Betty White level trolling effort by oldsters on the young and hip. Were there cameras?

                    1. He’s great.

                    2. That was hilarious, but the related videos led me down a rabbit hole of “The Antichrist is Barack Obama He’ll ride a donkey To Jerusalem In 2 weeks” videos that have nearly driven me insane.

                    3. Yeah, I noticed that.

                      Never go full rabbit hole on youtube.

      2. I guess it’s just Texas but everybody wants to try some kind of spiced beer. In my experience they rarely get the balance right. This one gives a nice aftertaste burn that is almost refreshing. It really is evil, you want another one to chill the burn and then another, etc.

  17. Redneck day: black people offended, Adam Kokesh exasperated.

    1. Sounds like an excuse to drink beer. How can this offend anyone?

      1. It was at some high school in AZ.

        Not that I didn’t have a couple(11) of beers to celebrate the good people of Arizona that day.

    2. The kind of shit that people are offended by these days . . .


    3. White people are not allowed cultural symbols. It’s racist.

      1. You know, this reminds me of a radio program I listened to years ago, that was discussing St. Patrick’s day and Irish music and such, and the narrator was discussing his Hispanic friend who just discovered said Irish music. She said something along the lines of, “I didn’t know white people had culture!”

        I’m sorry, what? You ever hear of the opera? Ballet? Shakespeare?

        Stop oppressing my culture, you ethnocentric bitch!

        1. +1 Sexy, shoeless god of war.

  18. There is a dude that knows what time it is . WOw.

  19. The Air Force should be passing out pamphlets to our men and women in uniform on how not to commit sexual assault

    Pretty short brochure:

    “How Not to Commit Sexual Assault

    Do not assaul anyone in a sexual manner.

    The End”

    1. More like thirty-eight pages of small type defining various common actions that can be construed as sexual assault in the fever swamps of PC land followed by a disclaimer that even if you don’t do any of those, you better watch your back.

  20. This is pure fucking gold.

  21. I was in the USAF for 7 years, 4 as a Judge Advocate. During that period, fighter pilots in TAC were treated as adolescents who needed to have their aggressive nature enhanced. Free wheeling sex, often started over too much inexpensive alcohol at the O’Club was, in fact encouraged.

    Anything short of viscous, injurious rape, was viewed as “boys will be boys.” An officer could get an Article 15 (career ending discipline) for failing to obey an order to “leave the complaining women alone” but not for the acts which lead to the complaints. Or one could be disciplined for taking a Sergeant’s wife as his mistress (the EM being in Vietnam at the time) in a very PUBLIC manner but not for adultery (an offense under the UCMJ, BTW).

    Apparently nothing has changed but the rhetoric. The AF needs a “Tailhook” incident. Maybe this will be it.

  22. Threading seems not to work now, so response here to Apatheist. Not sarcasm. To get cold feet means to change one’s mind. If you wanted a fuck a very short while ago and have just changed your mind, obviously you’re marginal about the decision, and only slightly prefer a non-fuck to a fuck from one of those 2 guys, so if you get what at that moment you don’t want (a fuck), how bad could it be? It’s like the waiter mixed up your order only slightly. The amount of harm seems very minimal, and blowing it up into a big (heh) fucking deal reinforces the idea of women as flighty — as having severe changes of mind in very short periods of time.

  23. As to Subway, they’re OK for some things, just not the ones that you’d ordinarily think of as what a deli is primarily for, i.e. cold cuts. They have a pre-sliced supply that’s dry — or worse — by the time they’re put on a sandwich. But their bread, vegetables, chicken, eggs, and tuna are fine. How much time they save by not slicing their meat & cheese right there, I can’t figure; I’ve heard they can’t trust their employees operating such equipment, don’t know if I believe that rumor.

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