Two Words: Beer Drones.


Yep. Beer drones will be delivering frosty brews to festival goers in South Africa this August:

During August's OppiKoppi Music Festival, attendees can order beers from their phones to be delivered the event's District 9 campsite. The beer-equipped drones will swoop down and deliver beer via parachute to the appropriate customer, as explained in the video above. The organizers say the beer drones are now hand-guided, but in the future they'll fly on a GPS grid.

Nit-pickers are worried about stuff like beaning would-be drinkers, parachute failure, and the targeting problems in a dense crowd. But you gotta start somewhere, right?

More food drone blogging from Reason: these short items about the Tacocopter and Burrito Bomber, both of which are pipe dreams until the Federal Aviation Administration starts issuing final regulations for commercial use of drones in U.S. airspace in 2015.

And then there are the drones that rain down death rather than deliciousness