Police Abuse

Mississippi Cop Leaves K-9 Locked in Car Overnight, Dog Dies, Cop Reassigned to Other Duties


forgot by cop

A sheriff's deputy in Perry County Mississippi forgot he left a three-year-old Belgian Malinois police dog in his patrol vehicle and arrived the next morning to find it dead. Local TV station WLOX reports:

The cause of the death was never determined. Sheriff Jimmy Dale Smith said it could have been heat exhaustion or a heart attack. An official funeral was held for the animal.

"It's very unfortunate that a necropsy wasn't performed because that leaves everyone with the assumption that it was from heat exhaustion or heat stroke when in fact it may possibly be from something else."

After the incident Verret was reassigned to another position. Attempts to reach Sheriff Smith Friday for comment were unsuccessful.

A similar case in Georgia last October also remained unresolved. Laws in states like Texas and Florida make the killing of a police dog a felony, though Mississippi appears to have no such law on the book, though presumably there are laws against the destruction of government property. Animal rights activists want him fired.

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  1. Beautiful dog. I hope that fat lazy fuck gets locked in a closet and sweats to death.

      1. What we have here is a failure to communicate.

        1. “Why you take all the dirt outta Boss’ hole? You put that dirt back in….”

          1. Too slow! Shit.

        2. “Get your dirt outta my hole, boy.”

          “What’s your dirt doin’ on the Captain’s ground, boy?”

          I think I could do that to this guy and club him every time he was too slow in jumping to it.

          1. That movie is SO epic. But I can’t watch the end…it’s like Old Yeller, but with people…

            1. Grrr, fucking Dragline, I can’t forgive the dumb bastard.

            2. Oh, also, source of the theme song to ABC nightly news?

  2. “Laws in states like Texas and Florida make the killing of a police dog a felony”

    These don’t apply to the handlers.

    1. Where does the Texas law exempt the handler?

      1. Where the prosecutor files the paperwork.

        1. “It doesn’t” would’ve been less typing.

        2. Professional courtesy is a hell of a drug.

          1. That’s hella correct.

  3. Procedures were followed, dogs were killed, officers were reassigned, force continuums, furtive gestures, officer safety, have I left anything out?

    1. “have I left anything out?”

      Bigorati, powerlifting, surfing, Morgan Fairchild, groupies, and random acronyms?

      1. hth

        1. afatfppitc

  4. And if a peasant had caused the death of that dog in any way they’d be looking at jail time.

    1. Yeah, but if the cop had killed a peasent’s dog he would have gotten a medal for valor.

      1. Well, Officer Safety, duh!

  5. What? He locked all of his other penis substitutes in the car, and they still work fine. Why did they give him a defective probable-cause-generator?

    1. Keyboard…..you owe me one!

  6. My five dogs and I disapprove this message. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  7. Police gotta kill dogs. It’s what they do best.

  8. It’s true. A citizen would be prosecuted as citizens and DA’s would be looking for blood. A cop does it and….crickets. Reassignment.

    It is to laugh.

    1. The reassignment was pretty severe …..he didn’t get paid vacation administrative punishment.

  9. “An official funeral was held for the animal.”


  10. And it’s noteworthy that Reason dances oh so gently around the anti-cruelty laws which are also relevant here. AFAIK, there is no police exemption to those. It’s almost as if Reason would like to see him prosecuted for those, but doesn’t want to come out and say this because it might lead to an embarrassing discussion about Reason shilling for cruelty.

    1. Fire and prosecute him for negligent destruction of government property.

  11. What no citizen dogs to kills that day?

  12. I’m sorry, but if any act justifies termination without prior discipline (iow consistent with progressive discipline), it’s LEAVING YOUR POLICE DOG IN THE CAR OVERNIGHT BECAUSE YOU FORGOT!

    Period. AT A MINIMUM, he should be fired. He had a responsibility for a life. The K-9 officers I know love their dogs. They wouldn’t hesitate to shoot somebody threatening the dogs with deadly force. They are part of the family.

    There is no possible excuse this man could have.

    As for the laws, most of the laws referenced above have an intent aspect that wasn’t met here. I don’t think anybody’s arguing he did this INTENTIONALLY. There *may* be some sort of animal neglect charge that would apply in that state. I can’t speak for that, not knowing their penal code, but again, it seems that firing is entirely justifiable and should be the minimum penalty.

    I’ve had arguments before with people here who regard animals only as “property” and think animal cruelty laws etc. are not libertarian. They most definitely are. Animals should not be extended “rights”, but otoh people (the owners) should and do have an affirmative duty to do certain things (like feed the animal) and not do other things (like LEAVE THE FUCKING THING IN THE CAR OVERNIGHT BECAUSE YOU FORGOT).

    1. If that;s not kosher libertarian, to some people, I don’t fucking care. It’s basic human compassion. Humans have a duty not to treat their pets cruelly or neglect them. Perfectly legal in most states (and mine) for a pet owner to kill their pet if they so desire AS LONG AS it’s done in a non-cruel manner, btw.

      I just can’t grok how you can “forget” you left your dog in the car. That’s tantamount (almost) to forgetting you left your kid in the car. Maybe I love dogs more than some, but it seems pretty obvious to me.

      Of course, the trolls will of course wank and reference officer shooting dogs in warrants, the vast majority of which (from video evidence I have seen) are blatantly justified – and some aren’t, but this is wholly different.

      This man should be fired, given due process of course, and then fired.

      Oh, and a necropsy should have been done, too.

      1. Gotta agree with Dunphy.

  13. Laws in states like Texas and Florida make the killing of a police dog a felony, though Mississippi appears to have no such law on the book, though presumably there are laws against the destruction of government property.

    I’m also guessing that animal cruelty is against the law in MS too. Seriously though, how can you “forget” that you have a dog in the car? This dude’s stupidity level defies descrpition. “Mouth breathing retarded shitfucker” is about as close as I can come up with and that doesn’t quite seem to cut it.

    1. Many DAs around the country don’t even charge parents who LEAVE THEIR CHILDREN IN THE CAR UNTIL THEY DIE.

      1. They’re too busy prosecuting 6 year olds for chewing pop-tarts into guns.

        1. Are you pointing your pencil at me?

  14. send that negligent mofo to me. I know some dogs that would like to have a word with him.

  15. It is clear from the pic the dog is black and this should be tried as a hate crime

  16. Stupid P O S cop, off with his head NOW!


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