McCain: White House Has 'No Coherent Plan' For Closing Guantanamo

Lots of promising, not so much getting it done


There's "no coherent plan" for closing the U.S. military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Sen. John McCain said on Sunday.

"There has been no coherent plan presented to the Congress of the United States of, how we do [deal with] these individuals? And one of them is not to send them back into the fight where they can kill more Americans," the Arizona Republican said on Fox's "Fox News Sunday."

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  1. Not required. This is not a goal, it’s a campaign lie.

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  2. I thought the Obama administration did draw up a plan back in ’09 and asked for $100m for funding, which Congress refused to authorize?

    Someone please correct me if I’m mistaken.

    1. The Obama Administration plan was to move them all to a US SuperMax prison, where we would continue indefinite detention. Nobody in Congress liked it, including consistent liberals, since it wasn’t a coherent plan. It acted as though the only problem with Gitmo is the location, not the detention, the behavior, or anything else.

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  4. McCain has no place accusing anyone of incoherence. He has gone so far beyond incoherence to be guilty of treason, hanging is too good for him.

  5. The lack of a coherent plan sure as fuck didn’t prevent them from using it to house and torture every A-rab they could get their hands on.

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