New Cab Company Allowed in Denver After Lengthy Court Battle

Victory for consumers, entrepreneurs and the Institute for Justice


DENVER — After a years-long legal battle, the Colorado Supreme Court unanimously ruled Monday in favor of a group of cab drivers who want to start a new taxi company in Denver. State regulators had blocked Mile High Cabs' plans to put 150 new taxis on the streets after existing cab companies protested.

"We have been fighting for more than 1,600 days just for the government's permission to start a business," said Mile High Treasurer Mekonnen Gizaw. "Today's victory is a long-awaited relief."

While the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) had determined Mile High Cab was financially fit and that its drivers were well qualified, the commissioners decided that Denver did not need a new taxi service. According to the ruling, however, the PUC must show how additional cabs would be "detrimental to the public interest" before rejecting an application.