Gun Control

Obama Slams Rejection of Gun Measure

He got the vote he was asking for. Why is he so mad?


President Barack Obama says the Senate's opposition to a bill that would have expanded background checks for gun buyers marks a "shameful day for Washington." He says a minority of senators decided "it wasn't worth it" to protect the nation's children.

Obama spoke in the Rose Garden shortly after the Senate vote. It marked a major blow to the gun control push Obama started in the wake of December's shooting at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school.


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  1. He says a minority of senators decided “it wasn’t worth it” to protect the nation’s children.

    you mean the vote was 54-46 FOR the bill?

    1. technically, I think, it was 54-46 to close discussion and proceed to the actual vote, and the filibuster rules require 60 votes in favor.

  2. I hardly see it as a bad thing when the man who extended our stay in Afghanistan and has executed American citizens without due process of law doesn’t get his way in the disarmament of the American people.

  3. “We had to REJECT the bill to learn what what was in it…”

    Good riddance. He’s a repugnant browbeating little rabble rouser. And his record in office has much more shameful content than this defeat of a constitutionally infringing measure propped up on the backs of dead children.

  4. Since he’s big on majority rules, I’m sure he’s OK with not doing the scary looking gun ban since it LOST 60-40.

    We’ll have to remember his attitude the next time an abortion restriction or voter ID proposal comes up.

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