Boston Marathon Bombing

Explosions at Boston Marathon, Gold Is Down and Opium Is Up, Germany Mulls Robbing the Rich: P.M. Links


  • Gold performed terribly on the market, suffering its worst fall in decades. China's slower-than-expected growth is partly blamed.
  • German officials are pushing for a wealth tax to pay for bailouts for weaker members of the European Union.
  • The Supreme Court declined today to consider whether New York's restrictions on carrying guns in public violate the Second Amendment.
  • All our efforts in Afghanistan have resulted in an increase in opium production for the third year in a row.
  • The feds are now saying the information they received from the state of Missouri that listed all the state's concealed weapons permit holders was unreadable.
  • Rick Santorum fell ill and had to be hospitalized over the weekend. Did a gay wedding in the vicinity make him sick?

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