G20 to Consider Cutting Public Debt to Below 90 Percent of GDP

A novel idea to some


(Reuters)—Financial leaders of the world's 20 biggest economies will consider next week in Washington a proposal to cut their public debt over the longer term to well below 90 percent of gross domestic product, a document prepared for the meeting showed.


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  1. Right:
    …”the Bank of Japan has launched the world’s most intense burst of monetary stimulus ever, pledging to inject about $1.4 trillion into the economy in less than two years.”
    I’m glad they’re “considering”, since they sure are doing anything about it.

    1. Japan is just doubling down on what they’ve been doing for decades.

  2. I find it fascinating that the goal is debt at ONLY 90% of GDP. If that’s where they are starting, they’ll be as successful as they were in meeting the targets from 2010.

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