What Worries Small Business: Uncertainty and ObamaCare


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Small business owners aren't exactly hopeful about the future of the economy. According to a survey published earlier this month by the Chamber of Commerce, 79 percent say the U.S. economy is on the wrong track. The small business owners surveyed have lots of worries: 77 percent think higher energy prices are an immediate threat to their business, 52 percent think the tax code should be less complex, and 78 percent say they are concerned about federal debt and deficits. At the top of the list for the last two years, though, have been generalized concerns about economic uncertainty. In April, however, that changed: the requirements posed by ObamaCare are now the biggest concern for small business.

That's hardly surprising given the tough choices many businesses will have to face. Starting next year, companies with more than 50 employees will have to either provide sufficient coverage to their employees or pay a per-employee fine.

Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal reported on several businesses choosing to pay the law's penalty for not offering insurance rather than comply with the law's health insurance requirements. In some cases, that means dropping insurance for employees who already have it. The Journal story profiled Rick Levi, an Iowa business owner who run a cafeteria management service with 102 employees. Currently, he spends about $140,000 each year insuring 25 of them in managerial positions. But once ObamaCare kicks in next year, he expects to drop coverage for those employees, and pay $144,000 in fines instead. The alternative—complying with the law's employer coverage requirement—would cost an estimated $500,000.

Levi isn't the only small business owner facing tough decisions under the law. Last month, The New York Times reported on a San Diego bakery struggling to decide how to meet the law's insurance requirements. Adding coverage for all of its workers would cost about half of its profits. Raising prices to cover the cost of insurance might make it uncompetitive with smaller bakeries not subject to the fine. That's why the bakeries owners indicated they were considering reducing their 95 employee firm down below the 50-person mark—firing some workers and converting others to private contractors.

Other firms, meanwhile, don't even know what sort of choices they face under the law. Last month The Washington Post profiled Virginia café owner Jody Manor, who employs 45 people—but still doesn't have clear information on how the law might affect him, especially if he decides to expand. As the Post reported

If he brings in just five more, his business would soon be subject to new minimum coverage standards under the 2010 law — and he does not know whether his current health plan would meet this threshold of coverage or how his premiums might be affected.

"These changes are less than a year away, and I still have no information about how much our premiums are going to cost," said Manor, owner of Bittersweet Catering, Cafe and Bakery. "It definitely gives me pause when thinking about adding another location."

Nearly three years after the health-care law was passed, federal regulators have only recently begun to define its terms. Major pieces of the overhaul, such as state-run exchanges that will serve as marketplaces for qualified health insurance plans, have yet to take shape, and several rules remain unwritten. Consequently, the picture remains anything but clear for small-business owners, some of whom have been warned that their premiums may spike and that their current coverage may fall short. 

For employers like Manor, worries about ObamaCare and worries about uncertainty are one in the same. 

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  1. Maybe they should have bought better lobbyists.

    1. they had their chance.

  2. This is impossible. Shrike assures me that Obama care is having no impact on small businesses and is simply a teapublican lie.

    1. My boss was asking me if I thought it was worthwhile to buy ObamaCare Survival Guide (as recommended by Dick Morris!) so that we’d know what changes would be coming down the pipe for our employee healthcare. He’s definitely concerned about the impact this is going to have.

      I told him I wasn’t sure that CA’s regs on implementation had even been clearly hashed out yet.

      1. Yeah, if I were you I wouldn’t buy anything recommended by Dick Morris, unless you’re looking for a good foot fetish whore maybe.

        1. Dick Morris’s Guide to Being An Attention Whore

          I hear it’s got lots of reliable info.

        2. I’ve got nothing against foot fetishists, but I have low foot-self-esteem, so it makes me uncomfortable when somebody pays much attention to them.

          Dick Morris can have all the foot fetish whores as far as I care.

      2. Not related to business, only to Obamneycare. But, for what it’s worth, there are 3 changes that I can assure you of, because I have witnessed it first hand, that are already happening. All to do with doctors.

        1. LOTS of doctors that have been in their practice for years are just saying screw it, I’m not dealing with this crap, and retiring early.

        2. Many doctors that are not retiring, are going into concierge services, where you have to pay $1500 or more membership fee per year, before they will even take you as a patient.

        3. Wait times for a new patient to see a doctor are averaging around 1 month already, in my area, and the wait times are going to increase, A LOT, once this monster is fully implemented and we have 30 million more patients in the system, a lot less doctors.

        And let me add a little prophecy to that.


        1. Racist.

        2. It doesn’t help that we’re about to officially roll over to ICD-10. Nobody wants to deal with that shit. I joked about it with my PC and he said he’d retire before he had to deal with a new coding system.

          Not to mention everyone else on earth is about to roll over to ICD-11. We’re about a decade behind on implementation, and instead of saying “screw it, we’ll just skip 10” we’ve decided to stay out of step.

          1. Fuck ICD 10 and 11. Both of those have so much overlap built in that they have destroyed much of the good the ICD codes were supposed to provide. You’re bleeding and you have a fever? Congratulations, you qualify for hemhorragic fever! Oh, the insurer doesn’t pay? Pick something else. [elided 10000 word rant] And in closing, once again, fuck the ICD system and the shit decisions they’ve made in building the last 2 versions.

            1. Tell us how you really feel Brett.

              Our EMR provider is doing test roll outs now. I think we’re required to use it for our Federal billing in July. Our billing department is getting antsy.

              1. Like I say, the good news is that there are even MORE codes that fit the diagnosis to play payment roulette with CMS and other major payors.

    2. Every business is like Google and it doesn’t cost employers anything to provide health insurance.


      1. That’s my favorite Shrikeism. If a company isn’t traded on the New York Stock Exchange, it is of no relevance.


        1. When you work for a boilerroom where Ben Affleck is your boss, you get a colored view of the world.

          1. Hey it was the only HIGH FINANCE job available for the lad. Frankly mom is just grateful he showers daily before going to the “call center”.

          2. Uh, pretty sure his ‘work’ in the boilerroom is after he cleans the rest rooms.

            1. I believe Shrike actually does do the financial stuff, trading in front companies like Technigen (my favorite front-company name).

    3. This owners are simply hurting their employees just to spite Obama because of their racism.

  3. Is this the only image that comes up on a Google search for “bakery”, or have you just written about Obamacare and bakeries a couple of times this week? This seems strangely… (Newman voice) familiar. (/Newman voice)

    1. It also appears to be a bakery that was abandoned some time during the dust bowl.

    2. or have you just written about Obamacare and bakeries a couple of times this week?

      I thought I was the only person here who asked such questions. :-p

  4. See, I think its not so much that they dislike small businesses, its just that they are so undtidy. Hundreds of businesses, all around the country, with each having their own calorie counts on food, different break schedules, different work hours, etc.

    Its so much easier when there is just one bakery. Well, obviously not one. One bakery for the proles. For the elites, the can be small businesses- because the elites are enlightened enough to make businesses selling things like gluten-free, vegan muffins.

  5. You realize, of course, shrike, tony and the rest of the Open-minded Liberal brigade won’t read pas Chamber of Commerce.

    1. But the article quotes those missalettes of the true faith, The New York Times and The Washington Post. Or have those publications now been denounced for their libertarian bias?

      1. Libertarian bias? You’re ascribing too many dimensions. Anything that disagrees with the orthodoxy is just right wing.

  6. Between the economy and more and more stifling regulations and laws (including ObamaCarousel), it’s no surprise that small businesses are closing their doors more and more. It’s actually a little scary to note all of the vacant commercial real estate these days.

    1. That vacant real estate represents recovery summer.

      1. This is the most recessionary recovery I can recall.

        1. It is depressing.

  7. … 52 percent think the tax code should be less complex…

    So the other 48% don’t pay taxes?

    1. The other 48% were ten year olds selling mom’s muffins out by the street.

    2. No, they work for PwC or Ernst & Young.

      1. Yeah. Of course those guys are on board with the status quo. A lot of liberals probably are simply because of who’s in charge. And because a more complex tax code means better redistribution of money… right?

        1. If it’s more complex, it must be better.

          aka The Rube Goldberg Accounting Principle

          1. You see, we lease this back from the company we sold it to – that way it comes under the monthly current budget and not the capital account.


  8. Only 52% think the tax code should be less complex? Maybe they should ask that question again when the owner’s CPA bills come in next month.

    1. And it’s some guy, by a nose!

      1. You are now my white whale.

      2. No fair! You changed the outcome by measuring it!

  9. Going out of business means plenty of time for Bioshock.

  10. Man, did John Brennan fuck us.

    1. What do you expect from a Pak Protector?

  11. We should make these employers pay for their employees’ auto and home insurance as well.

    1. We ultimately need single payer.

    2. If my employer is not paying for my dry-cleaning then I’m getting royally fucked by the system.

      1. My employer actually does offer dry cleaning through work. We should probably get some sort of Cadillac tax.

        1. Pays for it, or just arranges it? My office building arranges lots of services for all their tenants, but its a concierge service, not paid services.

          1. Some level is paid for. Like a suit a month or something. Above that you can pay for your own.

            1. Fuck that. You need full coverage from dollar one. Anything less is inhumane.

              1. I’m not sure if I’m oppressed by my employer by having a copay or evilly living it up with a gold-plated plan that should be taxed at Cadillac rates to bring it more in line with an acceptable plan.

                1. You’re oppressed. You’re always oppressed. Someone, somewhere, is making more money than you with more benefits. It’s not fair.

        2. Damn straight. All employers should have to do that. We need a law!

        3. I use child labor to dry-clean my clothes.

  12. “Other firms, meanwhile, don’t even know what sort of choices they face under the law. Last month The Washington Post profiled Virginia caf? owner Jody Manor, who employs 45 people?but still doesn’t have clear information on how the law might affect him…”

    One thing I learned working with institutional investors was how much more important ‘certainty’ was to decision makers than simply ‘higher costs’… a devil you know is fine and can be dealt with, planned for, absorbed, priced in. When the impact is unclear and open ended, the solutions unknown, the threats potentially significant…. people with money park it and wait for the beast to come out of the cave. They’re not going into the dark unarmed. This is the most horrible thing politicians do to monkey with the economy = constantly change the rules of the game, or make rules so difficult to understand that no one is sure what the real cost of compliance is. Sarbanes-Oxley had a lot of this (I surveyed 100 Nasdaq-company general council while the law was being developed, asking “what are you doing to prepare to comply?” = the answer was invariably “We don’t know what compliance *means* yet, so we’re avoiding doing anything new”)… Obamacare and Dodd-Frank are both more of the same = ‘solutions’ that create far more problems than they ameliorate (if any)

    1. Agreed. As someone relatively high up in a small startup, I can tell you that all this shit they fuck with effects so many things, from hiring temps instead of full time employees to insurance coverage to firing people and so on. It’s really amazing the hoops and bullshit you have to go through just to get going.

    2. The people coming up with this shit have no idea what you are talking about because they have never been in business in their lives. they have never done or accomplished any worthwhile thing, ever.

      The same holds true for the clueless fucks who elected them.

      1. Most of the successful politicians I have known have either been attorneys or failed businessmen. One is highly motivated to create a system where he is necessary, and the other couldn’t do anything else.

    3. One thing I’m completely certain of. Nothing recovers an economy faster than making it more difficult to conduct business.

  13. What Worries Hit & Run Commenters: Disappearing Bioshock Posts

    1. Yes, what’s up with that? Another valuable comment joins the aether.

      1. Like tears in rain.

      2. As long as it isn’t alt-text that disappears, I’m okay.

        1. I guess it’s gone, too.

          1. I’m as mad as I’ve ever been!

            1. It not only doesn’t exist; it never existed. It’s worse than a black hole.

              1. Now it’s personal.

              2. It’s like somebody went back in time and shot the alt-text’s grandfather.

                1. This is definitely the darkest timeline.

                2. I did do the nasty in the pasty.

      3. You’re supposed to use the ligature: ?ther.

        1. Yeah, I was in a hurry. Not sure why I went there, anyway, as I normally would type “ether.”

  14. Currently, he spends about $140,000 each year insuring 25 of them in managerial positions. But once ObamaCare kicks in next year, he expects to drop coverage for those employees, and pay $144,000 in fines instead.

    Another example of how the private sector is inefficient without the proper government regulations.

  15. “According to a survey published earlier this month by the Chamber of Commerce, 79 percent say the U.S. economy is on the wrong track.”

    Well, obviously, 79 percent of small business owners are racist.

    1. And 21 percent are hopelessly clueless.

      1. I suspect the business owners from that batch derive a lot of their revenue from the government.

        1. The government’s spending tons of money–oh yeah, things are goin’ great!

  16. “78 percent say they are concerned about federal debt and deficits.”

    That’s probably the same 79% of small business owners who are racist.

    1. Are you telling me that 158% of small business owners are racist?

      1. No, I’m saying that the 78 percent who are concerned about “federal debt and deficits” are probably the same racist 79 percent who say “the U.S. economy is on the wrong track”.

        They’re the same honkies!

        1. Now you’re telling me you can’t catch a joke?

          1. Racist.

          2. You can’t add either.

            1. Math is hard!

  17. Krugabe says there is no correlation between regulation and jobs.

    1. Krugabe says (insert random bullshit here)

  18. “Starting next year, companies with more than 50 employees will have to either provide sufficient coverage to their employees or pay a per-employee fine.”

    That provision discouraging small businesses from hiring unemployed people is the second dumbest thing about ObamaCare.

  19. Small Businesses are all greedy 1%ers.

  20. This needs to be mentioned here.

    The time Obama supporters called Papa John’s racist for firing people over Obamacare.

    1. Look at Peyton with his giant forehead. The entire thing is white!

      1. It’s called a fivehead, thank you very much.

    2. I’ve gotta say here that I don’t really give a damn what a bunch of people say on Twitter unless there’s some way of measuring how widespread it is.

      In other words, those people are idiots, but I’m never gonna care what @seXydivaNOT4U22 and 50 of her followers have to say about anything.

      1. It’s pretty damn widespread.

        Rasmussen had a poll about this.

        Eighty-eight percent (88%) of Republicans reject the notion that most of the opponents are racist. So do 78% of voters not affiliated with either major party. However, just 39% of Democrats share that view. Twenty-two percent (22%) of those in the president’s party say that most of the opposition to his plan comes from racists, and another 39% are not sure.

        That’s over a fifth of the Democratic party that believes opponents to Obamacare are racist. 61% think most Obamacare opposition is from racists, or aren’t sure if it’s from racists.

        1. I am still numbed by the kids that unfurled the banner at Howard University when Gillespie was about to speak. It read ” Howard University does not support White Supremacy”.

          I dont even know what the fuck they meant, or what we were supposed to get out of it. I suspect they dont either.

          I have the impression that there are lots of people out there who think, or wish themselves into believing, that race relations in this country are the same as they were around the turn of the century.

          I guess they really need it to be that way in order to have something worthy to fight for. It is a ghost, but it is all they have. Without it they would have to get off their asses and work at something productive instead of holding their hands out for free shit.

          Yeah, I know, I am a racist for saying that.

          1. You are talking about Howard. They had a camera on campus when the OJ verdict was announced and the students I saw cheered when an obvious murder was acquitted.

            You can nuke those scum from space and it wouldn’t be good enough.

    3. There are a number of good definitions for progressives flopping around out there; one of the better candidates should probably be: “People who are surprised by the easily predictable”.

      Fining businesses for having more than 50 employees will make them more reluctant to hire?

      Who knew?!

  21. converting others to private contractors.

    Just wait ’til the IRS sees that.

  22. But it’s all good. Because we NEED unintended consequences. How do you expect politicians to have anything to do, unless they are solving the unintended consequences of the other unintended consequences, that they just finished solving?

    1. Foreseeable consequences are not unintended. There’s a Boron Law about that or something.

  23. It’s actually a little scary to note all of the vacant commercial real estate these days.

    They just saw the error of their ways, and embraced the Body. It’s all going according to plan.

    1. Well, if that means I get Lawgiver robes, a hollow tube, and time off for Festival, that’s not so bad.

    2. Keep in mind that there was a LOT of excess capitalization in the CRE market. I keep wondering what the final utilization of your average strip mall is going to be. Churches? Private schools? Private medical facilities?

      1. One weird thing I’ve observed here in Tampa is the conversion of old Borders into clinics. What’s up with that?

        1. There’s been tremendous growth in the urgent care business. I think it’s because so many GP’s are getting out, and clinics have a lower overhead than hospitals.

          1. That bothers me for some reason.

            1. More responsive care than prospective care? I don’t know. What are you basing that on, Scruffy?

              1. I’m in the construction equipment rental business, so I see what kinds of projects are moving everyday. Dental offices and urgent care clinics are hot right now, restaurants are not. Small retail outfits are turning over constantly. And almost every large housing/apartment project I encounter seems to have HUD financing.

            2. Hmmm, that strikes me as a good thing. In the Internet era, you really don’t need an expert (which most doctors never were) to perform minor to moderate medical services anymore, just someone with a fair amount of training (nurse/phys asst).

              RNs tend not to have the infamous God complex that MDs develop, too.

              1. There’s been a move to more nurse practitioners, anyway, right?

        2. “One weird thing I’ve observed here in Tampa is the conversion of old Borders into clinics.”

          Former Borders’ are cheap PSF, I’m sure, and in Tampa, they probably anticipate a lot more older people moving there from the Northeast in the future.

          1. Tampa’s not actually that old. Pinellas County, where St. Pete, Clearwater, Scientology, etc. are is a different story.

        3. No shit – I’m in Tampa too.

          How about the conversion of old Eckerd Drug Stores into any random retail outlet under the sun.

          Reminds me of Pizza Hut architecture footprints…

          1. The one one Dale Mabry that’s some weird home d?or store?

            1. Yeah just passed it yesterday.
              Bathroom furnishings or something.


  24. I keep wondering what the final utilization of your average strip mall is going to be. Churches? Private schools? Private medical facilities?

    Shooting gallery (take your pick).

    1. Typical retail can’t be converted into medical offices. Medical offices require special infrastructure–especially plumbing.

      Churches are one of your lower uses. People are typically there en masse usually one day a week. You can’t generate much rent from a business like that, and the day they’re all there, their members use up all the parking that all your other tenants need for their customers.

      Schools might work. But you want to be a restaurant somehow if you can. The other thing you can sometimes count on is beauty and nail salons. They’re like auto repair places–they never go out of business.

      Women will go without food rather than go without makeup–that’s why cosmetics companies are in the consumer non-cyclical category with pharmaceuticals. As sure as you are to take your heart medication, that’s how women are with cosmetics. Anyway, beauty salons and nail salons have some of that effect. Even old women will go without food before they’ll go without having their hair done on a regular basis.

      1. Typical retail can’t be converted into medical offices. Medical offices require special infrastructure–especially plumbing.

        You’d be surprised. I’m in the equipment rental business and I do a fair business in concrete saws and jackhammers specifically for medical retrofits into retail buildings. And dental offices are springing up everywhere.

        1. I’m in the equipment rental business and I do a fair business

          My English teacher would be ashamed…. Preview is my friend.

        2. It can be done, but it’s expensive.

          Most developers won’t put the money into a spec project like that unless it’s across the street or right next to a hospital or something.

          If retail is especially cheap, I guess it makes sense for some people to tear everything up and redo the plumbing, but damn, that’s gotta be expensive!

          You got a doctor that’s hot to move into that neighborhood, I’m sure it makes sense.

          1. You’d be surprised what property owners are willing to do to get a reliable tenant in a commercial building right now. It’s a great market if you’re looking for space.

          2. Actually, I have a specific tool for lifting concrete slabs out of plumbing trenches that have been sawn in existing buildings. It’s in high demand.

            1. Here in OKC I have a friend who builds moveable medical partitions. They are loaded up with all of the required plumbing and electrical equipment but are not permanent. The company supplies people worldwide.

    2. Medicinal marijuana dispenseries, as far as the eye can see.

  25. clinics have a lower overhead than hospitals.

    This is why they should be regulated out of existence. And, if they cannot effectively treat any conceivable set of symptoms exhibited by the patient, they are of no utility at all. Banned!

  26. http://news.investors.com/ibd-…..ilures.htm

    This is only failing because of evil Republican’ desire to make it fail.

    1. “Sebelius complained that “no one fully anticipated” the difficulties involved in implementing ObamaCare, or how confusing it would be with the public.”

      Um…hasn’t Suderman been anticipating these difficulties and confusions right here at Hit & Run since…long before ObamaCare was passed?

      1. Pretty much everyone in the country who is not a paid Dem hack anticipated exactly what has happened.

      2. “Sebelius complained that “no one fully anticipated” the difficulties involved in implementing ObamaCare, or how confusing it would be with the public.”

        But they passed it anyhow and made glowing predictions concerning the benefits.
        So is she now admitting they’re a bunch of lying assholes?

        1. “So is she now admitting they’re a bunch of lying assholes?”

          She see’s the handwriting on the wall and it spells “Failure”. He career is over.

          She’s not about to admit that about herself, but she doesn’t want to be Barack Obama’s patsy either.

          Meanwhile, Barack Obama is about soon to be a lame duck. This just means that all the finger-pointing is about to begin.

          They’ll start with blaming Republicans. If that doesn’t work, they’ll start blaming each other.

          1. Sibelius is done. They can’t blame everything on the Republicans even though they will try. So Sibelius is in line to be the next victim of the old “we just didn’t have the right people in charge” excuse.

            1. That’s why Hillary got the fuck out of Dodge.

              1. She wants to be subjected to as little finger pointing as possible.

                They were already trying to get her to take the fall for Benghazi.

              2. I have noticed a lot of politicals doing that. Normally, the leave before the election or they stay for most of the second term. Under Obama they seem to be leaving the spring afterwards. It is really weird.

                1. They’re probably beating a trail to the publishers to write their tell-all books, too.

                  When the ride is over, we’re gonna get all the good stories. We don’t hear half of what’s going on, and Obama is as arrogant as he is stupid.

                  He’s like the George Steinbrenner of politics. Has know idea what he’s doing–but he’s absolutely sure he’s right.

                  1. How dare you compare that village idiot to Steinbrenner. Steinbrenner’s teams won six world titles. If Obama were an owner he would be Jeffery Laurie, crony capitalist crook.

                    1. Steinbrenner only won when he relinquished control of the team.

                      As recently as the ’90s, he was still the perfect poster boy for incompetent leadership.


                    2. He only relinquished control of the team for a couple of years in the early 1990s. He was in full control in the late 1990s. He is the one who hired Joe Torre. And I fail to see how two World Titles and four AL pennants in six years in the late 1970s is not “winning” and he was very much in charge then.

            2. John, you’ve been predicting that the Dems were about to turn on each other like a pack of wolves since 2009. Not. Gonna. Happen.

              They can and will blame everything on the GOP, and the MSM and the somnambulent public will lap it up.

              1. And Tulpa you have been saying the Dems will never be blamed for anything since 2009. Yet, the were destroyed in 2010 and probably will never own the House again for a decade and control fewer state governments than at any time since the civil war.

                The entire country is not California.

      3. Sebelius complained that “no one fully anticipated” the difficulties involved in implementing ObamaCare, or how confusing it would be with the public

        So many we should have found out what was in it before we passed it?

        1. Racist.

        2. Sebelius’ fellow Democrat, West Virginia Sen. Jay Rockefeller, had a more accurate take on the problem the administration faces: the law is “probably the most complicated piece of legislation ever passed by the United States Congress” and “if it isn’t done right the first time, it will just simply get worse.”

          Presumably, doing it right the first time means having the thing so overburden what remains of private practice and insurance that we’ve no choice but to embrace a single-payer system. Am I paranoid in thinking this wasn’t ever not the goal?

          1. “Am I paranoid in thinking this wasn’t ever not the goal?”

            As a general rule, I never attribute to malice what could just as easily be explained by stupidity and incompetence.

            It’s like at the end of “Dr. Strangelove”, when the former Nazi scientist starts saluting the president of the United States as “mein fuhrer”. The president wasn’t trying to wipe out everyone on earth except the white race–and give the scientist the opportunity to engineer a new Aryan nation. It just turned out that way through simple incompetence.

            I don’t think Sebelius or Obama are smart enough or stupid enough to destroy the medical system–as the only way to bring about single payer. They just have no idea what they’re doing.

            Obama came in with no idea what he was doing, and even if he did know that it was all going to fail at the time they were crafting the legislation, they couldn’t pull the plug on it because failure would have reflected badly on the president’s ability to lead–and it might have hurt his reelection chances.

            That’s all there is to it.

            1. Generally, I agree with you, and I find the conspiracy-theorist mentality irritating. But goddamn are these some remarkable blinders for ostensibly forward-thinking people to have on.

          2. Dweebston, that was the goal all along and obama said so.


            One of my liberal acquaintances insists that captain shitweasel actually wants private health care, just heavily regulated herpity derpity derp, in spite of having heard the words come out of his lying fucking mouth.

    2. “Maybe it’s because even Sebelius now admits that ObamaCare will force insurance claims up 32%.”

      but they were going to bend the cost curve.

      1. Did they ever say which way?

    3. “Sebelius complained that “no one fully anticipated” the difficulties involved in implementing ObamaCare, or how confusing it would be with the public.”

      Did she say that with a straight face?

      At this Harvard School of Public Health Forum, did anyone point out to her that actually they did? Or challenge this lying cunt in any way?

  27. Obamacare is just America’s EU. Completely stupid idea that out of touch ignorant elites shoved down the country’s throat in a completely undemocratic way that has ended in complete disaster with every single skeptics’ prediction coming true.

    1. America isn’t a democracy bro, and isn’t even much more democratic of a non-democracy than Europe. We do at least still have a lot of guns, so there’s that.

  28. “Ended in complete disaster with every single skeptics’ prediction coming true.”

    It’s a Festivus miracle!

    Being surprised by things that are easily predictable is a hallmark of progressives.

    Progressives treat simple economics the way fundamentalists treat evolution.

    1. Ken, I was about to chastise you for giving the benefit of doubt to the Dems by ascribing incompetence to them instead of malice. You are wrong about that, but I wont chastise.

      “Progressives treat simple economics the way fundamentalists treat evolution.”

      You nailed that one.

  29. Are you really a “Small business” if you hired 40-50 people and made enough money to pay for their health insurance? Smaller than Walmart and Google, I suppose.

    A true “mom and pop” store probably voted for Obama. What we’re hearing are complaints from businesses who were JUST successful enough to be ruined by a new government policy.

    I do believe the amount of independent contractors will rise in the future.

    1. With this kind of bullshit you get an hour glass shaped economy with big firms who can deal with the regulation, small firms who are not affected by it and very few firms in between.

    2. You’d be surprised.

      A single restaurant can easily have more than 50 employees.

    3. Under some definitions, small businesses are those with less than 500 employees, I think. Which isn’t what I think of when I hear “small business”.

    4. If you’re open 9am-9pm every day and have 25 employees working at any given time, there is no way you can avoid having more than 50 employees (and that’s assuming they are all full-time).

      That describes a ton of small businesses.

  30. “if it isn’t done right the first time, it will just simply get worse.”

    But go ahead, give the wheel a spin.

  31. THat dude seems to know which way is up.


  32. If only the government would listen to the 77 percent that expressed economic uncertainty. Businesses would have more opportunities to thrive instead of dwindle and limit their choices when the will of the people is heard and acted upon. Small businesses would have a better chance to grow as well. If only…

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