Police Abuse

Court: Police Used Excessive Force in Killing Unarmed Student

Beat and smothered him to death


CINCINNATI—An appeals panel says three northeastern Ohio officers used excessive force in a deadly encounter with a naked and unarmed college student.

The Tuesday ruling from the three-judge panel of the 6th U.S. Court of Appeals in Cincinnati clears the way for a lawsuit filed by the mother of 19-year-old William Parker Martin.

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  1. From the article, “The officers had argued that they acted properly and should be immune from the lawsuit.”

    This story, among many others, makes me wonder what could possibly constitute improper actions by a cop. Cannibalism, maybe?

    The local taxpayers will certainly pay for the officers’ defense, pay damages if any are awarded, and most likely pony up for lifetime pensions for the cops whether they are exonerated or not.

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