Margaret Thatcher

Thatcher's Death Prompts Street Parties and Gleeful Tweets


Yesterday British police made arrests at two separate street parties celebrating the death of Margaret Thatcher. According to The Guardian officers were injured during clashes with protesters (or "partygoers" depending who you ask) in Bristol. In Brixton, a district of London, hundreds of people came together to celebrate Thatcher's death after plans for the celebratory event were announced on Facebook.

Celebrations also took place in northern England and Glasgow in Scotland. From The Guardian:

In Leeds, a group gathered to hand out "Thatcher's dead cake", singing and cheering at one of several street parties. In YouTube footage a man is seen chanting 'If you all hate Thatcher clap your hands' into a megaphone. While in Liverpool, where many reviled Thatcher for her role in the closure of the city's docks and her perceived role and views on the Hillsborough disaster, there was a gathering lit by red flares on the steps of Lime street station. Police said they had not been called to any disturbances in the city related to the former prime minister's death.

Around 300 people gathered in Glasgow's George Square which experienced highly charged poll tax protests in 1989, after the introduction of one of Thatcher's most divisive measures. Revellers wore party hats, and popped a bottle of champagne while streamers were thrown into the sky. Groups such as the Communist party, the Socialist party, the Anti-Bedroom Tax Federation and the International Socialist Group were joined by members of the public. Martin Chomsky, the lead singer of Chomsky Allstars, performed his song So Long Margaret Thatcher in George Square. "There are mixed emotions. I was never brought up to celebrate anyone's death but the pain she brought to Latin America, Europe and around the world should be remembered," he said.

Members of the public were not the only ones to express their delight over Thatcher's death. Renowned Member of Parliament George Galloway took to twitter to make his thoughts on Thatcher known:

and later:

Galloway wrote a blog post outlining his objections to Thatcher that concludes with the following:

I hated Margaret Thatcher for what seems like all my life. I hated her more than I hated anyone – until the mass murderer Tony Blair came along.

It would have been utter hypocrisy for me to have remained silent about her crimes today whilst the political class – including New Labour – poured honeyed words, lies actually, over her blood-spattered record.

I could not do it. I believe I spoke for millions. The wicked witch is dead. Tramp the dirt down.

Labour Councilor Tina Bourne tweeted a photo of a bottle of champagne with the text "Chin chin everyone." She later apologized.

Twitchy has put together a collection of some photos and tweets from gatherings celebrating Thatcher's death.

Read more from on Thatcher here.

Thatcher contributed to Reason Foundation's 2006 Annual Privatization Report, which can be read here


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  1. Isn’t Margaret Thatcher dead? I could have sworn I saw a blurb about it yesterday.

    1. No, it was Roger Ebert – you must have seen a rumor or somesuch.

    2. No, apparently it’s Cher. #Nowthatcherisdead

    3. No. Annette Funicello.

    4. It was Reveen

  2. There are some ugly people in this world… especially in the U.K. What’s amazing is that if this vitriol had been tweeted about a racial minority bobbies would have shown up at peoples’ doors in the U.K.

    I’m glad my ancestors left that place.

  3. This looks just like in Gaza when the towers came down.

  4. The death of every politician should be celebrated.

    1. She hasn’t been a politician in over 2 decades.

      It’s pretty warped for people to be celebrating the death of an old lady over things that upset them in the 80’s.

      This is just the depths of Team behavior, celebrating the deaths of people they’ve Othered.

      1. Exactly. It’s not as if they’ve been freed from Thatcher’s authoritarian rule.

        The world has not changed one bit with her death. The only reason to celebrate is to indulge in vulgar, tribal rituals.

      2. It’s pretty warped for people to be celebrating the death of an old lady over things that upset them in the 80’s.

        She revealed the british labor-state to be the utter failure it was, and established a counter narrative which remains to undermine them to this day.

        Without her, they believe, they’d have had their socialist utopia. Listening to Hitchens talk about English politics in the 80s was revealing… england’s left was determinedly and unapologetically Marxist, and Thatcher basically put them out of favor for the next 2 decades.

        not exactly the classiest lot

        1. They seriously think that regular strikes shutting down pretty much everything, nationalized coal mines, free milk and British Leyland would have given them a socialist utopia. Do they think?

          At this point, I’m pretty sure that Top Gear is the only worthwhile thing that comes from Britain.

          1. And a 14-year Oban malt

            1. OK, and lots of whisky, beer and cheese.

          2. There are some top notch busty ladies that come from Britain too.

            I know, I know, this is why we don’t have nice things.

        2. Every time I see a discourse of someone from Oxford, it seems as if students are fed with Communist rhetoric every single day. I wouldn’t doubt it if someone told me that the UK’s intellectuals are 100% socialist-ified.

      3. She’s dead, celebrate or cry — at this point, what difference does it make?

      4. Bush could die 50 years from now and the surviving libtards and their indoctrinated kids will be doing the same stuff. The Left never gets over anything.

  5. You have to respect Facebook’s and Twitters ability to get morons not only to announce themselves but meet up in one location to celebrate an old woman’s death. Stay Classy Brixton.

  6. plenty of FBers celebrating too – one blamed Maggie for the death of Bobby Sands. I had to check out the Wikipedia entry – IRA member in jail who starved himself to death. Damn Maggie for holding back his food!

    1. Ooh, I remember that. Parts of Belfast went nuts when Sands died. I was pretty much a socialist in those days & not a big fan of Thatcher (or Reagan) but I remember being nonplussed by people who supported the IRA.

  7. She later apologized.

    Gutless pussy.

  8. Funny how the same people who say believing in the after life is childish immediately talk of hell when a political opponent dies. And the same people who live and die by moral relativism call their opponents evil with such ease.

    1. Was that in this story somewhere or in another one?

      1. What are you even talking about? Your posts seem to be getting more and more erratic lately. Are you doing okay?

        1. You brought up nonreligious people talking about hell and moral relativists. I missed that in this article, I was wondering where you picked that up from.

          1. The fact that it was about British Left, a movement that is decidedly anti-religious? I don’t know what to tell you. I can’t explain the context of everything to you.

            1. So you made specific inferences based on some details in the story and made a comment that appeared to be completely unrelated. How hard was it to just say that?

              Seriously John, why do you turn into a raging douche when someone asks you a question?

              1. Seriously sparky,

                Can you not understand a comment that in any way generalizes or assumes the readers has any idea about the context? If you don’t understand something look it up yourself. George Galloway is pretty well known. The attitude of the British left visa vie atheism and such is also pretty well known.

                If you don’t understand the comment, shut the fuck up about it. If you think it is wrong and people like Gallaway are great believers in the afterlife, then post a link showing show and I will take it back.

                1. Holy fuck, way to go off the rails. Is it your time of the month? Are people not allowed to ask you questions ever?

                  How the fuck would it have been so hard for you to post “George Galloway is pretty well known. The attitude of the British left visa vie atheism and such is also pretty well known.” in response to my first question?

                  1. It was hard because I didn’t believe you didn’t know who George Gallaway was and figured you were being a pendent troll about it.

                    1. I don’t keep my head buried in English politics. You made the comment, I assumed you had a reason behind it.

                    2. Also, if the guy is a known atheist then I would agree that he’s a retard for making a comment about hellfire.

                    3. Goddammit! Don’t make me have to separate you two again. If I have to pull over, there’ll be hell to pay.

                    4. He started it!

                    5. I don’t care who started it. I’m going to finish it.

                    6. also, vis a vis, unless you’re towing the lion

  9. Lets not forget that George Galloway made millions lying for Saddam Huisain. If I were George, I wouldn’t exactly be happy over there being a hell.

    1. Precisely. Then again, Galloway is exactly the type to not just throw rocks but propel them from cannons, when he lives in a glass McMansion.

  10. File this under “be known by the enemies you make.”

  11. Of course, the elephant in the room is that Mandela was, by any definition, a terrorist who agitated for the use of violence to effect political goals.

    1. as long as we’re acknowledging that the founders, too, were terrorists, I’m fine with this.

      1. Well, “terror” would be the accurate description of the emotion Colonial militiamen sought when they dressed up like Native Americans and raided villages looking for Loyalists to scalp, yes.

  12. Yeah Nelson Mandela was a terrorist. I mean you can pick over whether Communist terrorists or apartheid fascism was worse, but you cannot pretend Mandela and the ANC fought a clean war.

    1. Sure you can pretend. Leftists do that all of the time. You just can’t honestly pretend.

      1. If they didn’t have their make believe world of eternal sunshine, with everyone living in gumdrop houses on lollipop lane and rainbow farting unicorns, they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.

        1. Riot themselves into a coma, most likely.

          1. Actually I would hope that a good number of them would just go ahead and open a veign, but I’m kind of an asshole that way.

            1. It’s not necessarily being an asshole to hope that bad people come to a quick end.

    2. There is no clean war.

      1. I don’t know… nuclear war is pretty clean. I mean sterile. That’s the same, right?

  13. Okay, I don’t follow British politics AT ALL. But reading the comments on CNN’s announcement of her death, I was astounded. Granted, I was I kid during her term in office, and didn’t pay much attention, but I always remembered her as a great woman and ally.

    The hatred being spilled on the comment board at CNN made me wonder if I’d missed something. What the fuck is happening in the world when people praise the memory of Hugo Chavez and dance on Margaret Thatcher’s grave?

    Time for Atlas to shrug and let it all fucking implode.

    1. Same thing that is happening here. Reagan and Thatcher fixed things. This allowed an entire generation to grow up with no idea how bad socialism is. That is the advantage leftists get because they own the education system. The awfulness of their ideas is quickly forgotten even after they are discredited.

      1. Anyone seen The Iron Lady who knows anything of British politics?

        I watched part of it last night on Showtime. Is it at all accurate?

        Side note: I’m guessing Showtime is fairly happy choosing to pick that up this month.

        1. Wait a minute, wait a minute… Showtime picks up The Iron Lady this month, and Margaret Thatcher just happens to die? And we’re supposed to believe this is just a coincidence? We’re through the looking glass people! /sarc

      2. Thatcher hardly fixed things, and certainly Reagan didn’t.

        You might call them a brief reprieve from the onward march of the state, but not much changed. Reagan sacrificed pretty much his entire domestic agenda in order to get enough unlimited defense spending to bankrupt Russia.

        Rhetoric wasn’t reality in the 80’s any more than it is today.

        1. Reagan sacrificed pretty much his entire domestic agenda

          Sure he did, as long as you don’t count enormous tax and regulatory reform. And sure they didn’t fix anything, as long as you don’t count, unemployment, growth, inflation and general quality of life.

          Yeah we get it. Reagan and Thatcher were not true Scotsman enough and therefore must be burned as heretics.

          1. I don’t want them burned as heretics.

            But it’s blatantly obviously they didn’t ride in on white horses and fix everything and set us straight, or we wouldn’t be so fucked up now.

            They didn’t defeat socialism, at best they perhaps stalled it a bit.

            1. I agree that the rhetoric didn’t match the reality completely, but especially in the UK, Thatcher did stop a lot of the real, no-fooling, government owned industries socialism. Of course it remained pretty socialist-lite with the NHS and all that, but de-nationalizing things probably kept them from being truly third world today.

              I wouldn’t support either Thatcher or Reagan, but they did do some good.

            2. They sure did take care of the Soviet Union and the Cold War, though.

          2. I’ll give you taxes. Overall, I think the amount of regulations is higher today than it was in 1980. Carter probably deregulated more than Reagan did. And if we look on the spending side of things, I’m not sure how he did anything to stop socialism. Not saying he didn’t do anything good or was a relatively bad president, but let’s not drift into the mythology of the laissez-faire Reagan years

      3. I would go further than that: even if you disagree with everything Reagan & Thatcher stood for, I still don’t see how a sane person can celebrate their deaths & eulogize Chavez.

        And wait until Castro dies.

    2. Nothing makes a Leftist more angry and hateful than a successful conservative. Not the execution of a million peasants. Nothing.

      1. To a leftist the execution of a million peasants is a good start. Especially if they’re all bitter clinger redneck peasants.

  14. The British. Pure class.

  15. Like I said, reminds me of the muslims in the ME dancing and cheering when the Twin Towers were brought down.

    1. or dancing at Times Square when OBL was “taken down”

      1. Times Square is in the Middle East?

  16. I envy the hate she inspired. If millions of socialist parasites danced in the streets on the day of my death that would be a sure sign of a life well lived.

    1. I’ll drink/smoke to that.

    2. Ditto that.

  17. WSJ has a nice opinion piece on her by Paul Johnson:

    The World-Changing Margaret Thatcher

  18. Now remember all those people who thought it was unseemly to celebrate in the streets when osama Bin Laden was killed?

    1. Wonder how much overlap there is between the two groups, because you just know there is some.

      Leftists, almost without exception, are the scum of the earth.

  19. I’m struggling to recall a moment when Team Red people danced in the streets over a leftist politician’s death. They danced in the streets when Bin Laden was killed and the left thought there was something uncivilized about that.

    1. I recall the left celebrating quite a bit, maybe not because of Osama bin Laden’s death as much as the glee that “their guy” was the one to off him.

      Either way, I thought it was uncivilized. Celebrating his death means we aren’t giving it the reflection it deserves. It is a vulgar tribal display — “yeah! we got the evil fucker!”, not “well let that be a lesson to us about involving ourselves in foreign wars (in the 1980’s against the soviet union…)”

  20. I’ve been trying to think about an example of behavior like this on the right when someone from the left died. Sure, a few articles on the persons legacy, but never a gathering on the street where they burned the person in effigy, or turned a music concert into a hate rally against them.

    Is it that the politics of the left are simply more personal? I honestly don’t know.

    1. Or perhaps the “party” of peace, love and tolerance is maybe not so much.

  21. Maybe Ted Kennedy, but it’s not even close. For one thing, a nasty online joke about Chappaquiddick is a far cry from actually celebrating in the streets. For another thing, Ted Kennedy’s actions actually did kill a woman at Chappaquiddick, so I’d say there’s some fair reasons for not mourning him.

    1. He was also documented by the late Michael Kelly to have been a rapist.

  22. I lived in the UK during all of Thatcher PM era, as well as, a number of years before.

    Those of you that are young or no little about Margret Thatcher, have a look at the inflation chart at the link below and see if you can figure out when Thatcher became Prime Minister.…..ical-chart

    Inflation is the cruelest of the set of regressive taxes as there is no way for a poor person to hide. Saving only increases ones loss and wages always significantly lag the inflation rate.

    1. Let me guess, it’s when inflation starts to go down?

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