At Least 11 Students Injured in Texas College Stabbing

Attacks happened near the Health Science Center at Lone Star College Cy-Fair


Several students have injured—two reportedly in critical condition—from a stabbing fight the campus of Lone Star College Cy-Fair, according to KHOU-TV.

KHOU says as many as 12 people were injured, ABC News and Fox News put the number of injured at 14.

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  1. At least 14 students were injured Tuesday in a bizarre stabbing incident at Lone Star College CyFair in which a student apparently ran from building to building on the Houston-area campus cutting people with a sharp knife or pencil, authorities said.

    Why won’t the Randroid teathuglicans get out of the way and let us enact sensible knife control and pencil control? It’s for the children.

  2. Reports I have read indicated that the implement used was either an X-acto? knife or a scalpel. As the incident started in the health sciences building you have to wonder if this instrument of carnage may not have been provided by the school itself. If so, I think this is cause for a massive push for education control before any other innocents are victimized by the gross negligence of the Higher Education-Industrial Complex’s unmitigated pursuit of profit at the expense of students.

  3. Sadly, no one was legally allowed to bring a gun to a knife fight…

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