Sequestration Blamed in Possible Delays for Osama's Brother-in-Law's Trial

Attorneys have to take furloughs


One of the nation's biggest terrorism trials is facing a months-long delay because of budget cuts in Washington.

A judge Monday proposed a September trial date for Osama Bin Laden's brother-in-law and mouthpiece Sulaiman Abu Ghaith.

But Ghaith's three federal public defenders said they can't begin until January 2014 because of the deeps cuts in the federal budget known as sequestration.

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  1. Osama Obama Osama Obama Osama Obama Osama Obama-Bin Biden says, we must ALL be wearin’ our burkhas now, or da Ho o’ da Yo o’ da Bro o’ da Mo is a gonna come by an’ whup some RESPECT outta us now! Meanwhile, we’re too short of MONEY in this here hood, yer gonna hafta rot in jail for 50,000 years before you have your shot at “justice”… HOW MUCH justice do you want? How much MONEY ya got, Bro?!?!!?

  2. If only they’d delay sessions of the House, the Senate, and State Legislatures! Perhaps the President could go on permanent vacation until the pain of sequestration is lifted. Who needs the Department of Education, Health and Human (dis)Services, and Transportation. Let’s let ’em all go for a couple of months, huh?

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