Toddler Accidentally Shoots, Kills Deputy's Wife

Was showing off his guns at home


Authorities say a 4-year-old boy got ahold of a loaded gun at a family cookout and shot and killed the wife of a Tennessee sheriff's deputy.

Investigators say Wilson County Deputy Daniel Fanning on Saturday was showing his weapons to a relative in a bedroom of his Lebanon home when the toddler came in and picked up a gun off the bed. Sheriff Robert Bryan says the weapon discharged, hitting 48-year-old Josephine Fanning.

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  1. Guns are for everyone!

    1. Well, it seems to me if we had an instant background check system the database would have flagged that 4 year old as ineligible to own that super-duper deadly assault weapon with a cyclic rate of 4×10^16 armor piercing disposable magazine clips per minute.

      Or something.

  2. We need laws to remove guns from the homes of deputies! If only one wife can be saved…

  3. But remember, cops are totally more responsible than the rest of us….

    1. If only the cop had had 50,000 hours or more of prefessional instruction by expertologists of expertology of gunology, taught by a PHd instead of some sorry SOB with a mere master’s degree, this would NOT have happened!

  4. Sheriff Robert Bryan says the weapon discharged, hitting 48-year-old Josephine Fanning.

    Guns don’t “discharge”. Someone shoots them. Fucking AP and their passive voice bullshit.

    1. In grammatical terms this isn’t passive voice, just active voice with an inanimate subject.

  5. Four year olds can get away with anything. Imagine the possibilities.

    1. Is the kid named Bean?

  6. So while entertaining guests at a cookout, Daniel and Josephine Fanning were in their bedroom together. And Daniel was showing guns to an unnamed relative, either the 4 YO or someone else. So there are at least 3 people in the bedroom, the 4 YO, the Fannings, and the possible other unnamed relative. Someone is shot, and the 4 YO is blamed. This is a whole lot of people in the bedroom at a cookout. I bet the 4 YO is the unnamed relative.

    1. It’s like the hunting accidents where the dog gets blamed for pulling the trigger

  7. I know from personal experience that ANYONE who puts a loaded gun on the bed for folks to “look at” is asking for big trouble. A gun owner has a duty to never hand a loaded gun to anyone and to never show-off a loaded gun to anyone other than the person whose last sight it is meant to be.

    Why? If you have to ask, then you need more instruction before you own a gun.

  8. I missed the sheriff…instead I shot the de-pu-ty’s…….wife. The kid has a bright future in reggae.

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