Cops Open Gate, Letting Dog Loose, Kill Dog, Cite Owner for Having Dog Loose, Lawsuit Alleges

In the village of Hazel Crest, a suburb of Chicago


shot by cops
Weaver Family

It all started with the escape of two inmates from a federal prison in downtown Chicago in December. A regional manhunt included police in the village of Hazel Crest, a Chicago suburb, where cops shot and killed a six-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. The dog's owner said the dog was in their yard, which was closed, while the police department said officers feared for their safety before shooting the dog three times.

Now the owner, Charlotte Weaver,  has filed a lawsuit, claiming that the police opened the gate to her yard, which allowed the dog to get free. The lawsuit further claims that when she went to the police department to file a complaint  about the opening of the gate and the shooting, she was given a citation for having a loose dog. More details about the lawsuit via Courthouse News. More puppycides stories from Reason here

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  1. Dunphy? Tulpa? One of you want to start us off here?

  2. Wait, let me see if I understand this. . . . I don’t understand this.

    1. Do you need me to copsplain it to you, civilian?

      1. No, no, I’ll quietly submit.

        1. That’s good, because my nightstick uses small words and doesn’t repeat itself.

          1. Forgive me, Officer, for I have sinned.

  3. Can the president order a drone strike on a U.S. dog on U.S. soil? And can the Chicago PD cite you for it afterwards?

    1. For littering.

  4. Just wait until Weaver gets the bill for the bullets.

    1. man, the government just won’t leave the Weaver’s alone, will they?

  5. I can only say to the cops this.

  6. The lawsuit further claims that when she went to the police department to file a complaint about the opening of the gate and the shooting, she was given a citation for having a loose dog.

    In Soviet Russia, cops cite you! Oh wait…

    1. Oh yeah, you wanna file a complaint lady? Sure, just a minute…Here, here is a “complaint” for ya (hands over citation, laughs nastily and goes back to desk).

      1. This is Chicago, it’s more like this:

        *hands citation*

        “I got yer complaint right here!”, while grabbing crotch.

        *Picks up donut and waddles back to desk where he sits like a fat fucking sloth until quitting time*

  7. Reminds me of something I read in the local paper’s advice column where some parent said that a cop stole her son’s backpack, and the columnist gave her instructions of how to complain to the police department.

    I’m thinking to myself “Are you daft? Complaining to the cops is great way to get charged with a crime. Don’t do it!”

    I wonder if after that parent was mocked and threatened with jail for whining about a thieving cop, if he/she became a libertarian.

  8. Procedures were followed. The proper internal investigation will be conducted. Oh, yeah, and because FYTW.

  9. Every time I start to doubt telling my kids to not ever trust cops, I’m reminded why.

  10. Eventually some cop is going to shoot the wrong dog and get himself killed by the owner. I’m somewhat dumbfounded that it hasn’t happened already, actually.

    1. Then his buddies will kill the dog owner. The end.


        1. Well, yeah. Final stage ends with a massive manhunt of the “deranged cop killer” and an overhead shot of someone’s house burning down after they accidentally set it on fire.

          I’m thinking that some people would be good enough to shoot whoever was at the scene, though. Not too hard to catch a couple of guys off guard while they’re gloating over the corpse of your dog. Most people’s first reaction when being shot at is to cringe, crouch, and look around wildly.

          I doubt anyone whose first instinct when confronted by a large dog is to shoot it is very cool under pressure.

          1. This is what happens when police are trained to shoot at anything that startles them with assurances that there will be no consequences no matter what.

      2. That’s OK, one less dog killing thug is still an improvement.

        Double bonus if the person realizes that they’re already dead (in a sense) and that the penalty/outcome for killing 1 cop is the same as killing 100 of them and tries to take out those responding.

    2. Uh it already did. The owner even had the same last name.

  11. Fuck fuckity fuck!!!!

    I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback/ Chocolate Lab mix. Friendliest dog I’ve ever seen (which is ironic considering I hate other people). He’ll run to greet anyone as if they’re his best friend, which really worries me that some day he may run towards a cop and get shot.

    At which point I’ll probably end up getting shot soon afterwards when I see red from pure rage and just sort of go off.

    1. Yeah… I always wonder what would happen with my roommates dogs. They love to bark at stuff when they are in the house, but outside, they just go and investigate. The lab mix is probably the absolute sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. If someone killed her, cop or not, I would probably explode.

      1. I have a pitbull mix and a rottweiler mix. Both are incredibly friendly and sweet but I do fear that some cop will come to my property and see them excitedly trying to get out to say hi and “fear for his life”

        I do have to say that if that happened, it wouldn’t end well for all involved.

        1. Some people are afraid of dogs right down to the core of their basal ganglia, and nothing’s going to change their minds.

          Lab/Bullmastiff mix here. Nicest dog I’ve ever had, but some people are terrified of him because he “looks scary,” notwithstanding the fact that he wags his tail and begs to be pet by everyone at first sight.

          1. yeah, my rottie mix is big and scary looking and my neighbor is terrified of him.

            My boys don’t beg to be pet by everyone on sight… They demand it. My rottie once busted THROUGH a wooden fence because there was some kids playing in the street, tossing a ball around. A few of them scattered, screaming. The littlest girl that was out there patted his head and walked him back to my door then proceeded to call her big brother a wuss. It was hilarious.

            1. The only reason why she called him a wuss is that Mama would have washed her mouth out with soap if she called him a pussy.

          2. Yep. My brother, despite that it is I, and not him, who got bit by dogs a few times growing up, is….well, he hides it very well, but he does not like dogs.

          3. Lab/Pit bull mix. Sweet to a fault but she also has jaws of steel. Rare that anything ends well when cops are involved. Add a beloved pet and it could get really ugly for all involved.

            1. The most dangerous thing about my pit is his tail. I now know why they’re normally cropped. That damn thing is a whip.

              Luckily, I have good solid gates that are bolted shut on my fence. The cops would have to jump a 6ft gate to get onto my property. Not that that would stop them from shooting the dogs through the fence. You know, just to be sure. Officer safety and all.

  12. Why were the cops trespassing in the first place?

    1. Because obviously the escaped criminals were in cahoots with this dangerous dog. Yep, that dog was trained to attack police but be friendly to any escaped criminal. That must be it.

      Otherwise you’d just have to say “BFY,TW”.

    2. Who do you call when the cops are trespassing? The cops? FYTW

    3. Because FUCK YOU! That’s why.

  13. Its stupid, loser PUNK cops like this I jsut LOVE to hear about in the news that get clipped in the line of duty!


  14. This peasant bitch obviously failed to pay the luxury tax for owning a pet. Because the dog wasn’t trained to violate the Fourth Amendment, the cops had no use for it and put the bourgeosie animal down.

  15. Something retarded like 75% of my family are cop apologists, just because two of my cousins are police officers. When I post a story like this or something else disparaging cops online, they go apeshit and act like I’m accusing my two cousins of these crimes.

    I’m always wondering if I even want to associate with people who so blindly defend the “boys in blue” just because of the badge, blood relations or not. I’m thoroughly disgusted by them having that trait.

    1. The rapid defense of cops the majority of the people have is due, I think, to the fact that the people know that cops get the benefit of the doubt, and are entrusted with enormous power. Thus, it is far too scary to see them for what they really are, thus the retreat into a pleasant fantasy where every shooting is justified and every complaint of police brutality is waved aside.

      Plus TV and pop culture has had a pernicious influence. A steady flood of hero cop shows over the last 50 years is a powerful propaganda tool.

    2. I always ask people like this whether, when they see a cop, do they feel safe and relieved? Or do they feel nervous? Even the most law abiding, if they are truthful, admit that it makes them nervous to see a cop.

  16. So how much was the dog worth? I’m often told here that The Libertarian(tm) Position is that animals are property, nothing more. So how much was this property worth? Must have been expensive to generate that much outrage, eh?

    Yes, I’m being an asshole here, but you people can’t have it both ways. Either stop shilling for animal cruelty and admit that animals are more than mere property, or stop playing the moral outrage card over animals being shot. Not both.

    1. Eh, I’m not a lawyer, but can’t destroyed property in a civil suit be worth more if you can demonstrate emotional attachment.

      Like, if an arsonist burned my toolshed, then the value of the tools is the value of the tools. But if he burned my box of family photo albums dating back over a century, couldn’t I be awarded compensation for the emotional pain and suffering, and not just the value of the albums and the prints?

    2. It’s a big L libertarian position that dogs are only worth the cost to purchase them?

      Fuck that. My dog is a living creature with a personality, and he’s part of my family.

      1. Also, who here is shilling for animal cruelty?

    3. I’m pretty sure we get outraged over the state confiscating people’s property ’round here, so I’m not seeing why we would get outraged over the state killing someone’s property.

  17. My question “what was the dog worth” meant the owner’s valuation which might be different than the open-market value of a similar dog. However, my point still stands.

    1. Who is trying to have it both ways? Wouldn’t you be pissed if a couple of cops broke into your garage and destroyed your car?

      The difference between inanimate property and living property is that one can be replaced with an exact duplicate.

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